Tablet Review (Huion Kamvas GT-221 Pro)

me unbox and review the Huion Kamvas GT-221 Pro.
think of this as a little bonus video in between the usual CARTOONS

they said pretty please put this link in the description


EliteMation says:

Give me

Sweet Loaf Of Bread says:

When you really hate ketchup

Loaf says:

Fallout 76 IRL

Chocla says:

This was a funny skit but not a legitimate review.

Dr. Jetki says:

Now I’m confuzzled about how to say huion

Your Pokemon Lapras says:

0:29 *T H E M I C R O P H O N E*

Dumont daridis says:

2:58 the snake actor for the up coming metal gear movie

Roman Garcia says:

You’re hot

Family Guy Fan Channel says:

I wish I got free stuff like you!

Mr.foster says:

Your the peanut butter

BlackBerry TV says:

This is by far the most random video I’ve seen in a long time. I love it!

MaLisa Wilkins says:


me bandae says:

Ay rigamorlee its not called selling out unless your a gamer

Marco Alexis says:

2:55 New Metal Gear character?

CriticalFlashy says:

2:50 So that how it’s done….

Your Pokemon Lapras says:

That tablet is weapon to surpass Metal Gear

Marth says:

This real life animation is amazing. Great job as always

you're pretty good. says:

Beep beep lettuce haha

James Nelson says:

Ew a human face!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Senior Fighter says:

How I reacted to trap porn: 3:30

Gruelty says:

why cant these tablet companies just call themselves something that isn’t difficult to pronounce??

Lintang88 ! says:

Im here like: Whats the review?

BigBird93 says:

Lol warm tip

John Romero says:

God damn you’re handsome…

No homo

Bitcat9 says:

Looks good but is poor

Carbon Mechagen says:

Money money…
Mmm… Yeah…

Joseph Pattison says:

what are you

Captain Novic says:

no more face reveals please XD

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