Sony Digital Paper tablet Review

Sony’s Digital Paper tablets, the 13.3-inch DPT-RP1 and 10.3-inch DPT-CP1, aim to do one thing and do it very well: be paper. More specifically, these tablets aim to be your almost infinite notebook and ultimate PDF reader/editor…

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Karan Harsh Wardhan says:

you should introduce yourself dude, who are you? your name isn’t even in the description

Stefoddy S says:

Only can write over Pdf file? For a $600? Funny

Kakureru D says:

When this product fails (and it will due to lack of sales,) sony will blame the consumer for not wanting it and not the exorbitant price tag and obvious lack of obvious features.

Ahmed Sherif says:

Useless, doesn’t even deserve 6$.

MozkoŽrout says:

use of E-ink display is somewhat limited so when it costs this much i would at least expect that it uses it to its full potential but it does not. I would totally expect that it can open also other file types and work as ebook reader because why not but this is very limiting for that price

jackoscar11 says:

but can it run doom?

Pooh Bear says:

Wth is a hamburger menu

Chounoki says:

Useless graffiti crap board.

Joe_Daddy_1975 says:

No usb-c what?

Pablo Canales says:

Hamburger menu

Setio Darmadi says:

Can this sony paper read epub file?

Uchenna Osuala says:

Really MiCrO uSb? It’s 2018 and we’re on USB C

Rozae Pareza says:

It would be great for school if it was integrated with other systems so that the teacher could hand out assignments onto it, you could complete them and turn them in all from the device. Not to mention having all your books on it.

KKB1976 says:


Mardini7v Gaming says:

can i rest my palm on the screen while writing? idk what Sony is thinking the price is really bad for one function device though

wrenne grant says:

That price tag is dog shit for what it is ☹️… $100 max

WaifuRacer says:

The os is pretty bad… Price is also a little… Crazy

陈俊炜 says:

It’s so great!! I will chose an ipad.

nr3rful says:

Well I was interested until you said $600. Had a hard time to stop laughing. Sony won’t sell many of these.

MrMaus says:

wtf the delay of the pencil and what you see only cause of that i wouldnt buy it ignoring the price

Thomas Estes says:

$600? No… No…

Dnyanesh Bodhe says:

I want.

Mr Chicken says:

Tablets are dead

Dagenis Fernandez says:

thats okay.. ill just buy an iPad that could do the same exact thing + TONS more for half the price.

Mystic Brush says:

bruh why is that price the same as an ipad?

Jorge Possante says:

Sony is drunk!!!

Jukebox300 says:

In the settings, can you switch to hot dog menus? Hamburgers don’t sit well with me.

Kenji Gunawan says:

How many paper sheets can you buy for $600? 240 rims or 120,000 pages. Verdict: Not worth it.

richy r says:

Who ever in that board meeting said $600 bucks. Someone should just get up walk to him and smack the shit out of him..

No Love for Paul says:

I was really interested until I looked up the price and saw that it is 700 bucks. That is a straight ripoff

Sage Wysocki says:

Yeahhhh I’ll just go with an iPad.

Khue Dang says:

If it 1/3 the price I’d get it right away.

Anh Nguyen says:

wy so xpensiv

zztoluca says:

Price killed the product, damn Sony you for real?

Gabriel says:

one day these kind of tablet will be perfect, today its kind lazy yeat

T3G Media says:

I’m 100% percent behind compartmentalizing things. I have different computers and devices for different purposes. But the price is preeeeeetty steep.

blakspyder says:

$600 for a paper tab? -.-

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