Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review: More Nightmare than Dream

You might be wondering: Who even buys Android tablets anymore? The answer, Samsung seems to think, is people who want not just an excellent canvas for multimedia, but also the multitasking prowess of a laptop without the extra heft. The Galaxy Tab S4 was designed to be a workhorse, featuring a desktop-like mode called DeX that sits on top of Android. It’s supposed to provide a more familiar interface for being productive, while maintaining the great entertainment experience Samsung’s premium slates are known for. The tablet also comes with an S Pen so you can mark up notes or sketch caricatures on the go. But really, the main purpose of the Tab S4 is to help you get work done. The trouble is, that is the one situation where you just can’t rely on it.

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Birb Activist says:

First of all stop roasting the poor tablet It can’t speak back. Second Im just going to buy it because it is from samsung and anything by samsung it good and if you respond negatively you are a Apple person.

Joal Blo says:


If Google is ending support for Android tablets, why would Samsung even make another one?

In this market with such affordable premium alternatives, why would they price it so high?

Maybe they have money to waste on a product no one will buy.


*She Is Just Bashing the Device And Telling The Things which aren’t worth it like she says “ That Would We A terrible Idea to buy Samsung”

Like wtf

Xavier Foucha says:

Horrible please get rid of her lol

Michael Adrian says:

What an absolute garbage review.

ZhaVioRxGFX says:

I think shes up to something/ lots of haters here lol

Landry Sibomana says:

That lady is full of negativity . TOTAL DISLIKE !

Erkele says:

that woman is more nightmare than that tablet. ballhead.

tu papa simone says:

Pinche gorda

Teck ErZ says:

“Who even buys Android Tablets anymore?” Ummm… A good majority of us that came looking for a review on this tablet. This was not a review, this was someone complaining about a small piece of what it can do. She is clearly someone that prefers simple and easy rather than having the options to do more.

Anju Drew says:

Fucked by tim cook. Apple sponsored.

LS713 LS says:

Weak and confusing review….who is that for?…..

Mohd parvez nasir khan says:


Laurence Chaffey says:

Also when you’re introducing DeX mode, you’re swapping from that mode back to standard tablet mode? Jesus I need to apply for Engadget. This reviewer seems like a classic example of pushing a female into a job she can’t do for the sake of equality.

aa says:

I like your review, witty smart.
Focusing on what’s wrong or how stupid one product is, is usually a better review than the ones who just re-reading specs (we can do it by ourselves), or re-praising it (company’s ads already done it)

kuna D says:


Refa Griyanda says:

Hahaha… a NIGHTMARE! This is seems like a complaint video from Apple fan who doesn’t know how to use and probably even HATE Android… gosh! very biased and unprofessional reviewer.. This is the first time I ever watch a review like this and.. wow.. I won’t trust her at all..

Feste Platte says:

The teenager wobble shitty music, it’s really necessary?

Aries Setyawan says:

Nice drawing

Randy3197 CBR says:

Is it a review or a “what don’t I like” video?

Cosmin Caprar says:

Why do I feel the need to just kick her in the vagina?

Rahil Pillay says:

I’ll get high blood pressure looking at her face as she poops with her mouth!

Chris Lee says:

Nabei she suggested using an apple keyboard with a Samsung tablet. And her ears have problems that even akg tuned dolbly Atmos quad speakers cannot heal.

Hamad Al Matrooshi says:

Her watch……… Explains it all

filozof71 says:

Fuc…ing Apple fan girl. BTW I do not like yout face mimics- do nat make vlogs!!! Of course iPad keyboard is better, every Appla fan knows it. I will buy it for LTE and Netflix – check mate. Show me best tablet with lte and screen than Galaxy Tab S4!!! Funny that you start with criticizing Dex while it is addition, no a core functionality.

East DallasKick's says:

Lmao this bitch getting the negativity she deserves, negativity only gets negativity.

Nine6ix says:

Worst review… You’re the type of person that would say the iPad is better suited for office tasks than the samsung tabs4

Jamie Fox says:

Wonder how much apple paid her

Tommy Vercetti Walktroughs says:

Oh… Screw you, Samsung is way better than Apple.

Lilboots says:

“Who still buys android tablets” what a way to show your incompetence in the first 10 seconds

Jamie Fox says:

I got galaxy s3 and I luv it!!

Lance Domhoff says:

Great thing I didn’t listen to this review lol I love mine

TFS says:

does the s pen have palm rejection?

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