Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review in 2019 – Still the Best Android Tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review in 2019 – Still the Best Android Tablet? The first 500 people to click my link will get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE!
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Boujema مغامر says:

And how wonderful I wish I were alone

Bl Chitu says:

Love Samsung

Frizt Zt says:

Camera on the back is unusable for android tablet would better trade with fingerprint scanner or bigger battery .

techline - Linus says:

Do you agree with me this is the best Android tablet the money can buy at the moment? List your top 3 alternatives! The first 500 people to click my link will get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE!
Buy Galaxy Tab S4 on Amazon US:

The TechVengers says:

We were thoroughly impressed when we picked up the tab S4 and it is a solid piece of tech! Only problem we had was with the speaker when we did our review but we discovered later the device was faulty. Other than that nothing but praise for this device! Fantastic review for anyone looking for this in 2019!

Vishal Giri says:

definitely a performance beast and a great tablet for creators, great review Linus!!

Daniel Esimu says:

Great as always man.

John Spirou says:

the problem with android tablets are the apps…they are still crap!

AusDaes - Overwatch says:

Even as an Android lover, I still haven’t found any tablet that has made me want to switch from my iPad, it’s the device I uses the most and with a reason, media on this is awesome

Jermaine bynum says:

I like tab S4 but I wish Samsung put more effort in ram, the lastest chip not the last generation, it seem Android is handcuff in tablet market. Apple iPad pro is a beast but way to expensive.

usman abdulkadir says:


Supa Breezer says:

Cool!!! I guess

القرأن حياتي says:

عفوا أيهما اكثر وضوحا تحت أشعة الشمس samsung galaxy tab s4 ام samsung galaxy tab S3 و شكرا جزيلا

High End Cheap Tech says:

Great review on a great product. A bit overpriced considering the display is the only real standout feature. Keep up the great info!

Nancy Femmer says:

Great Tablet, is this a 10″Tablet?
I have a 8″ Samsung T320 Tablet, it’s older but I still love it.
Great review…

D- Sean says:

Crazy how Samsung always gives us more for our money and ppl still complain that its “too expensive” smh

Razvan says:

We are still doing the “first” thing?

donxalamar says:

I wish Samsung had also released a 8.4 inch tablet. Writing this on my tab S8.4 which is still rocking hard. Anyway I’m planning to get the S4 later in the year. One question, can you also send text msgs with it?

iGMX says:

Samsung makes the worst Android tablets. The Mi Pad 4 trounces this in every way, especially price.

Einstein Essibu says:

Still cheaper and more productive than the iPad pro.

Wide Awake Music !!! says:

Nice review. I just bought the Tab S4 for 37.50 a month for 20 months. At&t . But there was a processing error so I had to redo it and it won’t be in my hands till Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Can’t wait !!! But seriously irritating

Lany Tuts says:

Yes it is great tablet,great review…

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