Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Hands-On: Android Tablet for Multitaskers

Good Android tablets are increasingly hard to find, maybe because so few people actually buy them anymore. But for those who are looking for one, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line remains one of the best in the category. It’s nice to see, then, that the company has continued to update the device, launching today the Galaxy Tab S4. The new tablet focuses on improving productivity and entertainment, with multitasking DeX software built in and a refined stylus. It’s slightly prettier than before, but unfortunately, it’s also $50 more expensive than its already pricey predecessor.

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Lee Squires says:

Absolutely guaranteed to slow down pretty quickly. Samsung are truly an awful company.

WaterLily says:

Is this tablet landscape mode or portrait mode?

Sam Tube says:

Useless product.

Purwanto says:


FAI SAL says:

I pad prooooooo

S Saini says:


Abdul Ahad says:

Tablet Is Sem Sumsung Galaxy S9 Bro

Helmut Christian Tomas says:

I hear: “Multitasking runs much better than on any other non-Windows tab” ??
So he tells me that Windows Tablets are better choice.
Well, Windows 10 is not stable so I am more confused than ever.

D Rex says:

They should have put the SD845 in it… They skimped and I skipped

Paul says:

Doesn’t go edge to edge. Doesn’t work with Linux. Samsung TVs phones spy using bloatware. This piece of shit sucks

Mike says:

open up a 700 mb excel file and create some filters and pivot tables … then we can talk

jeffrey apau says:

Another useless Samsung tablet to kill your pockets. I bought the galaxy note pro 12.5 tablet 3 yrs ago and had only one major update. no security patches etc and it was $500 plus. I’m just waiting for NVIDIA SHIELD TABLET second generation. i still use that tablet and it has never lagged even with 3 major updates

Partha Sarma says:

I am a Samsung fanboy.

But that lag tho!

Asraf Latif says:

Tq very informative. The surrounding noice is destracting though.

NophKH says:

It has keybord within the box, doesn’t it?

Sayantan Nandi says:

This is going to be an ipad pro and surface pro killer

Nielle Serolf says:

As much as I hate to admit, iPad is still better than Android tablets.

Usman Ladan says:

Good effort Samsung. But give us 6gb ram, and bring down the keyboard price to $99. says:

thank you for this video. very helpful 🙂

IVNCBR Media says:

If google could make a similar DeX interface and a more powerful chipset and apps for video editing like powerdirector that is optimized for that as well as office and others then it will be great.

riley busse says:

7300 milliamp hours I have 7340 milliamp hours on my iPad Pro right now 9.7 in which I’m able to get at least 12 hours the old tab S3 was only able to get like 7 or 8 so hopefully they upgraded that and this tablet looks pretty good I might end up buying it to compare Siri and Bixby if the tablet as Bixby on it instead of getting a Bixby speaker

PythonWarrior says:

I have an impression that since Apple started doing their products poor quality, Android gadgets makers like Samsung decided to raise the bar on prices ! Samsung phones and tablets ain’t going cheaper ! I think with time Samsung will be expensive as Apple until Apple realises that the only way to make customers come back is to break prices and innovate ! But at that time Samsung will be the leading company. Unless as predicted Apple will come out with implants and VR light glasses or contact lenses that will revolutionize everything. Imagine a virtual phone and virtual laptop etc …

Tyrel Hiebert says:

First time I’ve heard that Samsung software is the stand-out feature of a product. But hey, it actually looks great.

Reno Alkonga says:

The background noise was really making it hard to concentrate

qboycorvi says:

Are you bros with John V. from PhoneArena?

mr. rodrighes says:

Looks like a cool product, but it’s expensive. Its price might go down after a few weeks though

Alexander Harper says:

Pressure teenage teacher drain extend romantic slide analysis vulnerable cooking.

Enter Tain says:

Very nice upgrade from previous

fxris xmxli says:

The S9+ could have run better…


Release date? Lte??

roblex63 says:

With laptops where they are now, and the great price of chromebooks for casual browsing , and kids using there phones……. Tablets are kinda dying … and who’s gonna pay this price in the normal market ? no one with any sense…..

Blaž Bohinc says:

“speakers suck”

sits in a room with noise floor of 60db. GOOD JOB. GOOOOOD JOOOOOB.

Supreme_Black_Soldier says:

DO NOT BUY THIS SHIT PEOPLE! Wtf samsung! this has the same specs as the original samsung tab s from 2014 and twice the price. THIS IS A SCAM!

riley busse says:

But 650 bucks isn’t bad because the iPad is $500 the iPad Pro 9.7 in and I have that one because I upgraded from an old tab 4 from 2014 and my iPad Pro 9.7 in since I bought it and it’s easier to download music to it how do you download music to the tablet and very easily and does it have Bixby that’s my question if it does I’ll probably only buy it for $400 at its lowest price whatever that is for I think 16 gigs or whatever the lowest is I would only pay $400 for this tablet it’s not worth almost seven or eight hundred dollars

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