Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

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Does Samsung’s latest high-end tablet have what it takes to warrant the steep price tag? Find out in our full Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review!

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Kevincrazy 1902 says:

bruh..i like ur vids..but ur android authority why are u comparing it so much to the ipad

ahmed sultan says:

can you make video about android application vs ipad app . this will give clear answers to many questions,

Marcus Foo says:

You should have compared it against the pixel and not the iPad. People which watch the review of this tablet probably didn’t want an IOS tablet but an android based tablet despite its shortcomings of Non optimised apps and you also forgot that Samsung Phone users can get better user integration with this tablet like Sidesync which is something only possible on this tablet, not apple’s iPad that’s why people with Ipads tend to have iPhone with it’s seamless continuity features

IGA says:

Please get this annoying guy off. Tired of disliking every video featuring him.

siopaomaster says:

You mentioned that there are better alternatives to the tab s3, can you name a few? Android or Windows is not a problem to me. I’m looking for a good tablet for multimedia consumption

rgpfighter says:

I use a Samsung tablet still with a keyboard and it’s great for a lot of things. I have an iPad too for my parents and literally, every single thing was limited by Apple’s software to the point where they could only use it for YouTube and Facetime (which is only on iPads and the reason we needed to buy it in the first place). Other than coding (which is possible on Android, but not optimized) I am almost able to replace my laptop with the dual screen and functionality. It’s light and although my tablet is outdated, it still does everything the newer Android’s do. This video was heavily biased towards the iPad while not mentioning any of the things Apple is doing better. Other than a premium price for every part of the iPad’s workflow, there is nothing that differentiates it from Android. Samsung is pretty expensive too, but there are much more generic brand products that could be used with Android that would never work with Apple’s OS or their restricting security and limited memory. I enjoy Android better than IOS, but making up things such as Instagram not working in landscape and poorly researched opinions doesn’t make up a good review. Also, if you’re reviewing a Samsung tablet, actually talk about the Samsung tablet and not other products until maybe the end when you’re comparing the features. This video was not insightful at all.

William Shao says:

John V you r weird

Kyle Giffen says:

You do know Instagram will not go landscape mode on any tablet. iOS or android. Come on man. It feels like your reaching for negativities here with out any real research to make the review appear more credible.

Rodriguez Hudson says:

the audio is real horrible

Collin The Viking says:

I personally like samsung tablets. I’m watching this on the galaxy tab S1 and it is awesome! my first tablet, which is over seven years old, still works and it is the first tablet from samsung. I like them a lot and saying that the ipad pro is better is weird to me because the ipads are basically getting bigger with only software changes, but the difference between the galaxy tab and galaxy tab S are huge in both hardware and software. just my opinion tho.

Bob Le says:

Ewwww what’s this guy doing on Android authority? Go back to phone arena

herminio perez says:

palm rejection? whoever draws we know we use sketchbook pro and or painter n those apps have the only pen mode and pinch to zoom so no problem with the palm.

IncaStud says:

I definitely prefer Android over IOS, so might be a little biased here, but this reviewer sucks!
Im not saying that because im upset he didnt say this is the “best tablet ever” but because its a REALLY great tablet, but instead of pointing out the good features, he seems to actually downplay them.

He needs his own Apple authority channel because really likes Apple products more than Android.

These are his points comparing it to the Ipad pro:
-For the price, a little more and you can buy a windows tablet.
This point applies to the Ipad as well
– Apps like instagram are not optimized and dont go into portrait mode.
Instagram for the ipad does the same s**t! (this particular point really upset me, reviewers are supposed to be unbiased and he comes up with this crap!)
-He said there was no palm detection which is not true at all!

He should have said that this tablet has supperior display than the ipad, not only sharper but with HDR. Or how the pen thats INCLUDED is more comfortable to use than the $100 apple pencil. How compared to the ipad this has an expansion port to add more storage incapacity. He also said this tablet has “most features” that we had already seen in the Note 7, like if it was a bad thing, a tablet is an oversized phone in a sense so that was stupid to say, an ipad is an oversized iphone after all!

Also there’s cheap android tablets out there, true, but you get what you pay for. They don’t have a screen that’s not only great at displaying content but also is optimized with pressure points to work with the pen. Those cheap tablets are slow, and doing things like having 2 apps open at the same time is laggy. And thats an Android issue, thats not being fair to this particular tablet, is it the best Android tablet in the market? Yes it is, so review it as such!

This guy is terrible! He needs to go!

Phil Levy says:

Incorrect info in this review – it is possibly to use Instagram (or any application) in landscape using set orientation app.

nepaliman says:

why people are so hostile to him ?

Tony Westaway says:

Does anyone know what the usable space on this device is with all of the preinstalled bloatware etc? I’m really looking forward to a possible purchase of this tablet but… I am concerned about the storage space.

saAS AS says:

Copied tablet nothing new still being loyal with Microsoft and apple

John Binns says:

I have the Tab S3 and it does support palm rejection when using the stylus (it incorrectly states that it does not). The aspect ratio also means that apps render well whether or not designed specifically for tablets. There does seem to be a theme in tech journalism that all android tablets are poor this is simply not the case for the two more premium android tablets that I have owned.

masoud ghasemi says:

You say it doesn’t support palm rejection, but every site beside android authority have confirmed palm rejection on Tab S3, an the most funny part is in your own video you’re resting your hand on the tablet while writing with the pen…
If you wanna bash a product, at least do it more carefully…:|

DukaCola says:

Wait but other places say that the s pen has palm rejection. Then it shows him taking notes and there is palm rejection. But he still says it lacks palm rejection…

kaihtheloner says:

Johnnnn Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv xD Why doesn’t he do that anymore? 🙁 Btw let me run Instagram, Whatsapp on my iPad Air 2 in Landscape, oh that’s right, I can’t, cause there’s no Whatsapp for iPads yet and there isn’t instagram for the iPad as well. But Samsung Tab S3 not running these apps in landscape, oh no, that’s a negative point right there. God. I’m happy there’s so many biased reviewers who needlessly praise my iPad while shitting on Samsung. That was sarcasm in case you didn’t understand. I’ve been happily using both the iPad Air 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for a while now and no complaints from my side. They’re both fabulous tablets who do what I need them to.

Carlos Garcia says:

Why would you recommend anything Windows?? Windows sucks!!

Ruphioh says:

Great review, I really appreciate your perspective on this. Top quality video! I must say towards Samsung though… only a Snapdragon 820!? Come on…. our Cell phones from last year are running 2.34, 821s. I also thought we would be moving past 4gig ram for this yrs tablet too. OnePlus hurry and start making stylis tablets pleeeeease!

Marco Tana says:

great review: i would choose tab s3

Adam Foster says:

can i point out that the ipad does not do instagram well, there are giant black bezels on the side of the app, unlike my tab s2

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