Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Best Android Tablet But Nothing More!

My review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Is this the best Android Tablet? I compare it to the iPad Pro and whether you can replace your laptop with it. Watch for the full review!

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ImJacobL15 says:

Great review Matt! Keep it up. : )

Dionisius Kusuma says:

can you review galaxy book 12? i think it is the best samsung tablet (ever)

Pranav Madhu says:

You are few subs away from 100K mark. Good luck:)


share the wallpaper link?

ArchangelExile says:

Mmmm, 5 megapickles.

Rich Brown says:

being somewhat of a techie, I actually have the tab S3 plus a Chromebook– Samsung’s own Chromebook Plus. I kind of agree with you, these new Chromebooks, especially the ones with Android apps, probably better represent the future and a way to have a true laptop experience plus tablet experience. However, I needed the tab S3 because honestly, it is easier to write notes on than even the pen that comes with the Chromebook Plus.

Amit Bhandari says:

Solid review – I REEEAALLLY wish we were at a stage where I could get everything done on a tablet like this…

Ζαχαρίας Κοσσίδας says:

Greetings From Greece Matthew! I love your reviews! You are on my top 3 youtube reviewers. You are doing a great job and I believe that you try your best to be objective and honest on all the products you review. Keep up the good work!

Liel Bouskila says:

3:24 Don’t take a picture on a tablet. NEVER!

Fabi says:

it’s not a solid option to watch content on. it has 4:3 aspect ratio.

DerTommynator says:

I’m watching this on my Tab S3 and I really like it. I’m currently on Vacation in Canada and I use the tab a lot to plan my trip and watch Yt and Netflix. And if the display is oversaturated for you, you can change it in the settings to a more natural look 😉

Ravi Rajyaguru says:

I want a really good tablet for overall best functionality with enough horses to do every possible computing tasks while on the go. Searched many tablets, even bought Ipad pro 9.7 wit apple pencil (worst decision ever!, sold it right away due to restrictive ios). Then Microsoft surface pro 4 caught my attention. Its the best tablet you can get and unlike ipad pro, it CAN be a true PC replacement as it runs full desktop OS! I am waiting for surface pro 5.

Shaarujon Vijayakumar says:

great Review Matthew

Lester Dimaoala says:

Matthew, could you do a review on Samsung Flow? Haven’t seen any recent or quality videos, love how you go in depth on your videos. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Chris Toft says:

man i misser your videos, but as always crazy good video, ceep up the good work.
All love from your number one fan

Tahsin Faiyaz says:

Dude stfu abt ipads n chromebooks, windows tablets like the Lenovo miix, hp x2 etc etc. r the only tablets to get

Emantalks says:

great video really needed this thanks Matthew moniz

Suhail Khan says:

The solution to these problems has already SURFACED

Omar says:

Excellent video. I have the S2 and iPad Pro and they are both gathering dust. Tablets are a dying platform with the rise of bigger phones. On a side note Matt is of my favorite tech reviewers along with Dave 2D. Very informative and nicely edited.
Could be because Im Canadian as well.

Clorex Bleach says:

So in short, gorgeous hardware, if not the best you can get combined with Google’s lackluster software. Samsung tried to fix it but failed anyways. In short, Android isn’t meant for this as of yet.

Payhole Everdouche says:

I need some Magic Moniz Mojo…down in my shorts.

young mouss says:

I’m an android fan but for tablet i will go with ipad all day,the apps optimization alone is enough for me to choose ipad over any android tablet but for cell phone i go with android

Sunny Liu says:

“blown up note 7” lmao

Bogdan Zurac says:

Still rocking those retarded capacitive buttons… Samsung never learns…

Discover Tech says:

Amazing! You are the reason I started doing YouTube videos!

scariot says:

Hey Matthew really love your videos. I wanted to ask for your opinion on a more budget tablet such as the Asus zenpad 3s 10.

Viet Ho says:

it would be nice if samsung uses the 16:10 ratio like the tab s 10.5. 4:3 on android is kinda suck.
btw, really love your video though.

Mo Dabbas says:

I wish samsung brought a 9:16 aspect ratio on this one. I had the Tab S 10.1 and was using it for content and games. It was perfect for movies and netflix. I switched to a Tab S2 just because the Tab S had 16Gb and I filled it up with apps fast. The S2 is alright but the wide screen is nice to have for movies.

Khaldoun Al-nuaimi says:

I just wanna know the time it took you to clean the back of this phone! Really amazing video quality as always matthew! And i know i am a bit too early on this one, but you have only 2000 left to reach 100k. Congrats on 100K !

JD-STARZ-X says:

£599 in the uk matt . fuck Samsung

Cpenguiner says:

Over-priced as fuck.

Randy D says:

Had a tab s2, broke down after 1 yr 2 months
Bought the tab s3…disappointed.
The usb connection was not very durable, already felt loose.
The speakers would be louder one side the the other and sometimes go back and forth…left to right and back again.
I like the tab s 2 better but they were just about the same price so…
I bought the new iPad which was cheaper, seems to work just as good and better in some cases.
First apple product in 15 yrs.

Arman Gaming says:

I’m watching on a iPad Pro 9.7 XD

Jerad Johnson says:

I’m an iPad mini 4 kind of guy. For now at least :p

Ryan Barclay says:

thank you for the review, always reliable source

tablet apps need more support and fine tuning
at least an S pen is available for use

NothingButTech88 says:

Dope thumbnail

Phabian soto says:

…. nvidia shield tablet.

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