Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

Lisa Gade reviews Samsung’s 2017 Android flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen. The tablet runs Android 7.0 Nougat with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on the 2.15 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The Tab S3 has a 9.7” Super AMOLED display with a 4:3 aspect ratio and 2048 x 1536 resolution.

– The general review is covered in the first 10 minutes. Watch that then skip to the end if you’re not interested in the S Pen features.
– 10:28 begins S Pen review for note taking and with art programs for artists.

The S Pen is included in the box- a Wacom EMR pen with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. An optional keyboard case is available for $130. The Tab S3 has a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and a GPS. At launch there’s no model with cellular, but that will likely come in the future. It sells for $599.


ArchangelExile says:

Which would be a better buy, Samsung Chromebook Pro or the Galaxy Tab S3?

I’m interested in both but would only want one. From what I understand, they’re similar in price. I would mainly use these things for drawing, YouTube, Netflix, games, internet, and every now and then, actual work and research. So, I’d mainly be using it for entertainment.

I haven’t owned a laptop in over 15 years and have never owned a tablet. The closest thing I have is a Galaxy Note 2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated guys!

Heidi Song says:

Lisa you are a pro! I don’t normally comment on tech reviews but this must be one of the best I’ve seen- so informative and fun to watch. Whatever floats your boat ..haha!

David Abreu says:


Couchaphant says:

My friend accidentally caused my 10.1 2014 note to smash into a tiled floor causing a smashed screen which hurts too look at and affected performance. Now I’m trying to see whether it is worth getting the S3, getting it fixed or finding a replacement 2014 edition. Definitely not into the idea of the iPad Pro.

I’m really not sold on the 4:3 aspect ratio (I use the tablet for note writing and like the near A4 experience with 16:9). I like the bigger pen and possible performance increase. I also love AMOLED displays and the improved resolution.

Idk, just doesn’t seem quite worth it?

The First Shall Be Last says:

What do they do with all the open-box reviewed tech? Do they have to return them, or do they give them away to staff?

Vince Friel says:

Why does she Undermine the S-pen so much? She makes it seem like its a piece of trash. Why the hell would you wear a gove when its not neccesary? Of course it has tilt function, do you people not know how a paint brush works?

Sal Castillo says:

I need something for side business, college and editing, would you say galaxy book? surface 2017 ? any other? and m3 or i5

Alvin .Johnson says:

I was just wondering about giving up my 12.2 Galaxy Note, me myself dig the glass back, gotta get to Best Buy to give it a try. Thanks so much for the vid, you are absolutely the best at this. I’m wondering if all the split screen/four windows open like my 12.2, and I don’t know if you went over it, Trump on the tele and can’t find the remote; but what about the warmness while you’re pushing the device. Thanks again for your videos.

GY jung says:

이모님 한손으로 든거 힘들어보이시는데 ㅋㅋㅋ

Victor L says:

The price fucked it up. Android on tablets unfortunately hasn’t evolved nearly as much as iOS, and most of the audience that goes for android tablets instead of the iPad do it for the price. The price just doomed this device. Samsung, sell it for 399 and then you might make this successful.

Ssangg 77 says:

What is the name of the video editing application in the video here? About 9 minutes and 37 seconds

Vineet Chadha says:

Lisa your reviews are amazing. So detailed and thought for…Thank you.

Sjaak Schulteis says:

I like my Galaxy Tab A with S pen, which has a bigger screen and costs a lot less and you still can connect a regular headphone.

BobbyBooShay says:

can this play flash videos?

you2449 says:

Great Drawing App for the Android = MediBang.
Not as good as Procreate, but very good.

TB TB says:

Can you compare Chromebook plus (or pro) to Tab S3 with the pen?

Erfan Nazarian says:

does translate features with spen work in all kind of pdf files??

Michael Bryant says:

What game is that at 10:08?

Matt Dyer says:

It’s like a Note 7 just blown up, oh wait.

Darkside Hero says:

Harmon bought AKG and Samsung bought Harmon lol

Paul Enriquez-Goehring says:

I personally like 4:3 aspect ratio screens because of the fact that it’s better for everything besides movies and I like to read a lot of things on the Web, Play Books and Amazon

Joshua Lopez says:

Love your vids!!!

Rebecca Blada says:

The “P” word? I will definitely be hiding my puppy pictures in the secure folder.

Bateluer says:

Feels like this tablet was an afterthought for Samsung. Outdated and weaker CPU, worse off 4:3 aspect ratio, massive bezels, no 8in version, etc. I could be motivated to upgrade from my older Tab S 8.4, but there’s nothing out there that really provides a clear improvement.

jetski Dex says:

Love hearing Lisa’s voice before I go to sleep, so soothing ahh

Vince Friel says:

I wonder if this person actually used the S-pen before reviewing it. I mean…just what?

JZ says:

Samsung: How can we make this more expensive with useless features? Lets add a glass back panel!

BlackWing IsComing says:

So we can use Wacom bamboo with this tablet, right? 😀

Rondox says:

Little tip: It’s called the S Pencil, not S Pen.

Marlon M says:

Lisa you are a world class tech reviewer! Very easy to follow , very thorough, and informative. I find your reviews delightful and pleasing.
Appreciate the great work . The Tab3 seems very nice . S Pen is great

Edo Ahmad says:

Any comparison between two devices that run completely different operating systems will not persuade the majority of consumers. It will come down to the OS personal preference.

jaboody singh says:

are they planning on bringing out a LTE version of this tablet??

miles lenehan says:

does anyone know how much available storage there is?

Cymro1970 says:

How does the tablet compete with the ipad pro 2017 for note taking, doing homework, at college & letter writing? are there apps for this tablet that make all the tasks I asked for easier to do? how easy is it to do real actual work on it? Would it be possible to make a video on this subject please Lisa? Many thanks

Mr. Carroll Ware says:

to bad only 32 gig should of been 64. no not everything will go on SD card and internal memory is faster.

Inocente Sandoval says:

8:24 Samsung S8, not S7

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