Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Review | Best Android Tablet?

The new Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is the World’s Thinnest & Lightest tablet!

Combining a 8″ high-resolution sAMOLED display with an unbelievably small and compact form factor – the S2 8.0 is one of the nicest looking tablets I’ve ever used.

It’s not perfect – it doesn’t have the latest Android 6 software, nor the most powerful hardware inside and the battery life is disappointing. However, find out why I still think the S2 is the best Android tablet on the market right now.

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Gus Belanger says:

I wonder if the reviewer thought that this tablet was small, light and thin…

Saif Aidah says:


Edward Tan says:

Should I get this in 2016? I’m coming from an Ipad air 1, and I’m worried about device support longevity and battery life.

Lukáš Kos says:

Does this tablet supports pressure recognision stylus, cuz I would like to use it like Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in never version.

Mehdi Jnegi says:

omg your eyes never let me see the tablet you are so handsome wow

Vince Friel says:


Bhargav Mehta says:

Hi. Good review. You have not mentioned whether the wifi version have gps or only 4g version has gps.? Please reply

Klaus Baudelaire says:

First of all, Brilliant review.. But I do have some questions, that would be very nice of you, to answer.. Between Air 2,Tab S 8.4, Tab S2 8.0, Tab S2 9.7, Which one do you suggest? (For someone who watches youtube videos, reads articles and books with kindle and pocket, and plays games sometimes.. I’m horribly confused.. some say I should buy the Air 2, because of the optimized OS and the vast number of optimized apps, But some claim, Android has got to a very good place in terms of optimization, speed, apps, etc. You seam to be using this, Do you by any chance have any opinion about Google Play and Tablified Market HD’s collection of optimized apps (for tablets) for the usage that I mentioned above?) Also, would appreciate it If you could tell me which one is the best for reading (the bigger size or the 8.0)

val down says:

Amazing that u guys an girls give your time and knowledge here..thank u soooo much

Felix Daimel says:

Does it support USB OTG and MHL/HDMI? Thanks

Ali Soufi says:

I have the tab s2 with android nougat

nishurocks2010 says:

Hi Tech Chap.I just bought Tab S2 8″ Black colour today. While i saw this video of yours i was quiet satisfied with my decision.Although your were critical at times at certain areas i feel to take your suggestion.Was it a good decision on my part to buy this Tab S2?..Do i need to put SCREEN GAURD on it.No earphones that was a big let down.

kaprikorn55 says:

not sure if you mentioned, is it thin and light?

Freak Zoid says:

Tab S3 is out. Time to look for a Tab S2 for a bargain.

Latios Exing says:

I own and love this tablet. but, my emulators lag.. particularly the n64 and up

Storm Veradea says:

I’ve had this tablet for a few months and I love it.

Steve Tan says:

which version do you prefer ? the newer version (T719) that come with octa-core snapdragon 652 and 6.0.1 marshmallow or the older version (T715) that come with octa-core Exynos 5433 and lollipop ? Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated ^v^

drsnowmon says:

I thought it was Jim Parsons doing a review

Steve Perryman says:

The screen is nice, The tablet works well for the most part. I cannot get samsung to reliably sync so many apps will not work, for example gmail must be manually checked in the browser, the app is useless. Also the fingerprint scanner is worthless and the battery life is poor…..


Like this or Shield K1 better?

Gold Simpson says:

In 2016 samsung galaxy tab s2 have android 6

Merion Burns says:

Sorry I gave you a thumbs down because you talk too fast. I couldn’t get anything out of the video.

The SpooKa says:

Where is a good place to get on of these? I’ve looked around on eBay and their prices range from anywhere between 200-350 pounds. Brand new they go for £299 from Currys.

WiseGuy02 says:

why do Samsung persist with the camera lump? tablets and phones.

Bassamation S says:

not responsive .. slow

dado dado says:

is it good for watching movies with vlc or bs player?

James Sweeney says:

I have this tablet. absolutely love it. currently on 6.0 but is set for the 7.0 update. just think it’ll be a while.

Gold Simpson says:

In 2016 samsung galaxy tab s2 have android 6

RY3T says:

If it had s-pen support it’d be so perfect 🙁

Gwt Poe says:

Sorry sir. how can i check real or fake one? My phone camera is so bad in quality.

Bob Lumley says:

Hi I’m interested in purchasing one of these but does it have OTG capabilities as I’m looking for something of this size which when loaded with the right app will make it capable of remotely operating a DSLR camera

hitlar rajbhandari says:

I have one and it’s so amazing. I love it.

post3144 says:

Too overly in love with apple. Samsung crushes apple… (except note 7) That phone is dangerous. Prolly still better though. At least it has a headphone jack…

KDS1000 says:

I just bought the white color with the snapdragon processor and a very nice capacitive pen and really like this tablet. I’m amazed at how fast it actually is.l, with being a snapdragon processor.

Wanda Black says:

Can this tablet be used for college work: excel, power point or word and how long is the battery life? Thank you

Ezra Rubenstein says:

It’ been over a year since this review.. Is this tablet still a competitive model given its current price?

Jericho Pedronio says:

Samsung Tab S2 or Huawei MediaPad M3?

Sandeep Dhonsi says:

This video is almost one year old, has it been updated since? I only want it for watching films.

MrPierdziel says:

I’m wondering… Should I go for Tab A 10.1 LTE or S2 8.0 (WiFi)? They cost the same here and I can’t make decission. One is faster, one has LTE and has bigger screen.

Frederickdawg says:

I thought all the tabs2 were 8″ and none 8.4 let alone a PPI difference. I seem model SM-T710 and SM-T713 , 2015 and 2016 version respectively sharing same PPI and screen size. 320ppi and 8″ screen. Perhaps there was another model before that.

fala7 gamer says:

URGENT! is samsung gonna make new tablet with usb type c ??

Felix Daimel says:

Is there any samsung tab that are similar with s2 8.0 but come together with the pen?

shelia drake-williams says:

Can you tell me how to use it as a e reader?

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