Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 brings some nice updates over last year’s Tab A 9.7. Check out the full review!

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EunSang Lee says:

nice and neat review
gonna buy this one w/ s-pen next month.

reshu sharma says:

no sim card slot in it??? so how to call? with it

Rodrigo Ferraz says:

Does the no spen tab version work if I buy a spen to it? I need it and it´s hard to find any information about this.

Shadman Mobin says:

Great Video

Until The Last Rebel says:

You deserve more subs

Joseph Arenas says:

I’m torn between this and the s2 8.0. I like the screen size and the screen ratio of tab A 10.1 but s2 8.0 gets amoled display and an overall faster hardware. I’m mostly worried about the display quality difference between these two.

Martin Shiel says:

Lol my laptpps screens not much bigger than this 🙂 …..great video, mines is coming in 2-4 days £20 for the bloody express delivery thought….

Zainudin Hassan says:

hi nick, i’m from singapore, how many internal memory and is it good for gaming?

Pete7647 says:

Thanks for review, how big a Memory card can i put in please?

cesar dee says:

I just got mine today from my local costco as an early bday gift. It was the last day of the add. It was on special for $199.99 and came with 32gb sd card cant wait to use it. This is the first tablet I have ever owned hopefully I like it.

TheLostUmbreon says:

what does the 10.1 mean?

Guilherme Schumacher says:

Hi, nice review! ty! What about the pen that comes with it? It works fine?

Alex says:

best review ever!

RodBendingTechnology says:

if you decide to sell the tablet let me know since im only 20 mins away from carol stream

Abu Yazid says:

do fast charge apps are helpful ?

Gandy69 says:

Does this item include headphone?

Dhiar Syahputra says:

Hey, when you see the tablet sideview does the screen slitghtly curved and pointed in the middle? I know this is a weord question to ask, but when i rub the edge of the screen, the plastic seems at level with the screen in the middle than it does on the bottom and upper part of the device, make a slightly curved screen when you really look at it. i want to know is it normal or not. Please reply

FlamedShadows says:

how do you get this tablet to connect to your TV?

Chiava2001 says:

I’ll buy this tablet at the finish of the school this year, if I don’t have bad marks!

Bdog6752 says:

The one that comes with the S Pen is almost 100 dollars more. If I buy the Tablet without the Pen, then buy the Pen separate, would it be the same as buying the one that comes with the tablet? Or does the expensive one come with a special software for the S Pen?

Michael Thomsen says:

Great review! Convinced me to order it on Amazon.

TheLostUmbreon says:

what does the 10.1 mean?

Ryan Harkness says:

Really good review, Nick. Think you’ve made my mind up for me 🙂

Francesca Diani says:

I’m looking for a new tablet for university, since the one I have now keeps freezing while I’m taking notes with word. Will I encounter the same problem with this Samsung Tab A?

Grace Roden says:

Why is your tablet alot of money, I got mine for £100/$

Robbert van Loon says:

I’ve read that this tablet sometimes shuts off or freezes out of nowhere. Have you had this happen when you used it?

Hans Meiser says:

in 3:11 ist this 1920 Pixel width?

Arman Grigoryan says:

hello, I like this Samsung Tab A 10.1 and I have a question. Just I am a curious, I know there are tabs that apply sim card for call as with smartphone but there are without sim card so this is I understand is without sim card for call that is good because I don’t like it if to be sincer that there is call option but I wanted to know it applies sim card for just have internet outdoor?

Graham Bell-Palmer says:

Thank you, a good clear and helpful review

Dan Shalev says:

Excellent review, Nick. Thank you very much! Made my decision pretty simple! Also thanks for the 60FPS. Super.

Markinpuff says:

Just picked one up for 229 {price match} at Best Buy , new still in the box.. I went there to get the tab 3 or tab 2, but after playing with them, I couldn’t believe how nice the ‘tab a’ was for the price and specs. With expandable capabilities and marshmallow, you can’t go wrong here.. I’m going test it out with usual apps. Let’s see how it compares to my tablet collection lol…

Steven Zhunio-Hoffman says:

Hi there,

Would this tablet handle playing high end games or 3D video games?


GodofThunder66 says:

finally got 7.0 nougat for the galaxy tab a 10.1 today

karlmalone11 says:

Wow professionally done, how do you have only have 6.7K subscribers?? GET THIS MAN SOME MORE!

John Wilson says:

great review. ive ordered one from amazon . paid 186 pounds (uk)

xithbaby says:

I was looking for a tablet to replace my ipad pro 9.7 because the apple is way too expensive when it comes to apps. I enjoy playing hidden object adventure games and the same games that only cost me $1.99 on Google play were $6.99-$10.00 for my ipad. So over the long run it would cost me way more money to keep it. The only real thing I enjoy about the ipad is the photo/video feature and that’s not really a reason to keep it. Thanks for this review, it made me a less nervous about my purchase.

Lilac Petals says:

I just need a cheap tablet I can use for drawing… any recommendations?

Erik Sandberg says:

Best review I’ve seen in ages

Jo Wright says:

Exactly what i wanted thanks for a clear, concise review of this product!

Leonida Monaco says:

is it possible to connect a keyboard?

Abu Yazid says:

battery charging time is 5 hour’s it’s that OK for this model ?

15_of _me says:

its agood tablet. i punched it 10 times at the mostand no damage

10708 10708 says:

What sucks is the speaker is on the back, you put this down you cant hear music or other sound.

Maryann Nwaokoro says:

decision made… I am getting this ,nice review

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