Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) Review | the best 10″ budget tablet

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)
Tab A 10.1 2016:

00:59 Design
02:12 Display
03:22 Sound
04:26 Performance
07:08 Battery
08:19 Software
10:10 Conclusion

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Michael Spears says:

can this run instensive games well? for example asphalt 8 and gta sa?

Do R/C! says:

pls is going to look like ips they are very similar tech.

Rolando Cruz says:

Which do you suggest, Asus Zenpad 3s 10, or this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1? Thanks

PavtubeStudio says:

Copy Blu-ray/DVD Movies to Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)

ReturnoftheBrotha says:

I was not crazy about the screen quality.

We are Sisters says:

im watching this video on my tab a6 10.1 lol

Cian O' Mahony says:

Very helpful review. Nicely detailing the product and its abilities with straight to the point accurate commentary.

SidNightWalker says:

It is definitely worth noting that with the software updates that have been released that the performance has improved greatly, especially with the most recent update which is an upgrade to Android 7.

Daniel Schlegel says:

im thinking about getting this for uni, to write down notes and overwrite pdf’s.. but i dont know how this works with styluses..

Jack Bradfield says:

Does it have openGL es 3.0?

YourScreamsAreInVain says:

I’m grateful for the timestamps 😀

Simon says:

This or Xiaomi Pad 3??

Jayden Fickabaugh says:

The only thing I miss about apple is the screenshot…

Sean Patterson says:

The reason you can get away with 2GB on there is because they’ve sacrificed multitasking performance. As mentioned apps in the background (Instagram) are regularly closed. This is to keep the limited memory free.

Mike Marvel says:

I was happy to see the speakers on the side. This is an upgrade for audio. When my backfire speakers have a case around them the sound is cut down by 20 percent. Side speaker good. But this is my opinion. Other people could feel different.

thedemoninmybrain says:

Bought one today because of your review. Thank you.

Esper220 says:

I just bought this due to this old review. Thanks got for 155 so good price.

Lajos Vas says:

Tablet in Thailand is 12900 THB . 339 Euro.. imagine. some buy this tablet for 169 Euro in Germany. how comes it is so expensive in Thailand ??i want to buy one for 169 E . is it possible to buy in Germany and shipping it to Thailand ??

UnlimitedProduction1 says:

Great review. I’m looking to upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. Its been a great tablet for over 3 years now but I want to upgrade since I love tech

This tablet looks really good. I love that it keeps the aspect ratio and isn’t like the S3 tablet. I can’t stand watching videos with the black bars and I also always hold my tablets in landscape no matter the ratio.

If the battery life is as good as reviews says I might get it. I get 9 hours of daily use with my current tablet and I use it ALL the time so a good battery life is very important to me

maxtheknife says:

What brainiac decided to put the speakers on the bottom of the tablet?

Nizar Shaikh says:

I buy this tablet almost 6 months.its awesome tablet.i already upgraded with Nougat

wilwad says:

If I close my eyes…. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Anderhils says:

Is it still worth a buy in early 2018?

Hussain Ali says:

Damir thanks for review. I have been using Samsung T230 tablet for a few years and it was good. Now I want to upgrade. Should I buy Samsung T560 or should I buy this T580? I feel T560 have same specs as my current T230 (8gb rom, 1.5 ram), while T580 offers double rom and little better ram (16gb, 2gb ram). Although I want to keep it as cheap as possibly but let me know which one you suggest for next 4/5 years of use. Thanks

stavags says:

Huawei m2 10 or this tablet

Prince Idubor says:

I enjoyed anytime you are on YouTube
Good job …

Ramin Rad says:

Thank you so much, have 2questions,?1.about mobile networks, is there( LTE only )option in this tablet or LTE/3g/2g auto option??!!!!!!!!!and about main Internet browser that is there th capability of open multiple webpages from up or not???? Please help me

Ken Topham says:

Excellent, articulate and informative review. Thank you.

Suomi80 Finnish says:

Wallpaper link pls 3:16

Morquesa Demona says:

I want to move from Asus transformer tf300t which after 5 years it’s painfully slow (factory reset works for 1 day tops or less ) to this tablet. Thank you for this review it really helped to see what this tablet offers.

Shady Lonewolf says:

For months I have been debating whether or not I should get this myself and this wasn’t even the size I wanted, but after watching countless of views and after consistent debating back and forth I’m proud to say that as of December 28th, 2017 I’m officially getting mines in the mail; I can’t wait.

Zainuddin evo says:

good review buddy keep it up

elvenpath7 says:

Nice review. Still good in the end of 2017 ?

Herrick says:

Can you please tell me if there is much pixelation on text when reading? Especially if you zoom in?

ILOVE MJ says:

You voice is like a indain guy

Captain Zeppos says:

Subscribed halfway through the video because this guy seems to be doing amazing and to-the-point reviews. Great job. Just ordered this tablet for me mum, hope it’ll do its job.

Leonardo Brown says:

Huawei m2 10.1 vs Samsung Tab a 10.1 with S-Pen? I´m about to buy either one but I can´t decide what do you think?

Thefastlane425 says:

This guy does the best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression ever

James T. says:

Is there any way to use S Pen Tab S3 with this tablet?? Would be perfect for my needs, thanks.

Vumble B says:

I got convinced at this point 6:04. And now I am using it and to~~tally to~~~~~tally fine. More than fine actually.

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