Review: XP Pen Artist 12 Drawing Tablet

XP-Pen Artist 12 – $250 on Amazon (affiliate link)
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The folks over at XP-Pen sent me the new Artist 12 to review. I was really impressed with the pen quality.

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monobär says:

Dont forget XP-Pen has a experimental Linux Driver which work with the 13.3V2 so i think it works with this too but there is no lefthand option on linux.

Red Cucumber says:

Brad said it best, this tablet is worth your money if you’re looking for something affordable. I just bought this one too and quite honestly, I was hesitant in picking this up because of the non matte screen protector on it, surprisingly you still get your control when drawing on it and it is by no means slippery, every pros and cons are all mentioned by Brad, great review. You guys better pick this up while it has a discount, it’ll expire by the end of the month, so instead of 250, you guys can buy it for around 210. No brainer of a purchase!

tinebp says:

love the comic animations!

Mike Davies says:

Sweet! Affordable and useful!

Ana Sorn says:

Are there matte screen protectors available for this product?

jimez86 says:

This is a great review. I’m looking for a small affordable display tablet and this one is checking a lot of boxes. I see a single cable plugged in there, is that a breakout to HDMI+USB or is it USB C?

Atalix says:

Now that’s some quality affordable tablet! Is it capable to be used flipped for left handed peeps?

Benen says:

Amazing Review!!!

jose rodriguez says:

uff just 1 button on the pen, that’s a insta nope for me :/

Hasan Sabah says:

Best notification

Organic Goatmeal says:

the default mapping for the scroll pad would be normal for us lefties

OptimusRiv says:

Maan, I just bought my artist 13.3… why you gotta do this to me Xp-pen?

Art With Kishlay says:

I am buying it !!!!

Mexus says:

3:38 “It’s your standard stand, Stan. Understand man?”

Too Long Didn't Watch says:

Boy, I’m expect my XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro via mail today. If it’s not good and when it comes without it’s matte screen protector coating, I’m not going to hold Xp-Pen but you accountable Brad!!

My timeline:
Sep 16th: See good offer on the 22E Pro on China store. Purchase.
Sep 28th: They still did not ship after instant payment. Cancel. Abort. Slow E-Mail support. They won’t pay me back ( I still lack those 440€ to this date)
Sep 28th: Buy used XP-Pen 22E FHD (Old model) on eBay. It doesn’t have a foil / matte screen protector. Sell it at a profit.
Oct 2nd: Buy new Artist Pro 22 off XP-Pen directly. No protector. Glossy screen. Faulty USB port that disconnects at the slightest contact with the screen (think: as little as pen touching surface).
Oct 6th: Return and buy new Artist Pro 22E which hopefully comes with pre-applied Protector as promised.

If this one doesn’t work out I’ma just off myself man.

bossman dude says:

Earliest I have ever been on a vid

Slakish says:

Is it true that the tablet layed?

J.Coole James says:

This is pretty neat. Glad to see a review on this model. Is a good low cost travel option. Xp PEN is doing quite well at the moment. Across the board. From the 12 all the way to the 22 E PRO i reviewed.

Tom Landry says:

I ordered a Kamvas Pro 13 yesterday and now I am not sure if I should return it for this…. The small size of the Artist 12 seems like it might be an issue but I am not sure as this will be my first tablet with a screen. Does the Artist 12 have pen tilt support? I may have missed it if you talked about it in the video. What do you all recommend between the Kamvas Pro 13 and the Artist 12?

Edreen Pasang says:

I am so late .


Were is the finished art challenge?

King Kartoon says:


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