Review: Simbans PicassoTab – Budget Tablet for Digital Sketching

Simbans PicassoTab is a 10.1-inch Android tablet that comes with a pressure sensitive stylus. Find out if it’s any good at drawing in this review.

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marquezm1867 says:

Can you upload photos onto the tablet to edit or draw? If not do most tablets do?

regularjay says:

Hi, thank you for the review got my 12 year daughter this tablet when we go on trips and my boys are using the computer and she can’t use her Star 06 XP-Pen, she loves it and she’s drawing more than ever, because she’s always showing me her art.
Just one question sir
Can you please recommend another pen for this tablet so she can learn to draw with a variety of pens. Thank you
Have a blessed day

Emma says:

Is this tablet able to connect to the computer and essentially be a second monitor? If so, would programs such as Photoshop be a better option than Artflow?

cybrough says:

I would like to see you review the Samsung Chrombook Pro for art, it has a builtin pen and WACOM drivers.

roodley poodley doodley says:

Seems nice since the tablet is built into the screen, but I’ve been happy with my android yoga book for the past few months and it’s specs are a bit beefier. Cool to see more options popping up though


i want to try this product !

Gema Candela says:

Hi Theo, I would like to ask you if you know what can I do because my Simbans Picasso Tab doesn’t reconise the pen. I replaced the battery but still no works. Thank you in advance for any info that you could give me.

Caseko CSK says:

And as usual, the cheap good stuff from non-major brands like this can’t be found in my country… and forget about importing it, heavy import tariff and shipping fee, not to mention difficulty of having costumer service from another country.
Is there SIM slot on this tablet? For making call and 3G/4G?

Debbie Riley says:

Thanks for another helpful review. I cannot afford an iPad right now, so this might be a good option. I have used Sketchbook Pro on my Kindle for several years but not pressure sensitive.

Uhfgood says:

If they can do pressure sensitivity then why can’t they make where it only accepts response from the stylus tip?

rage says:

looks like the digitizer from the chuwi hi 13(not n-trig)

Javier Ulloa says:

Hey Teoh, I really like your videos.. Good work!

1. Do you continue using it? It is true the screen tablet gets really damaged while drawing? (I see this in other video)
2. You mention in text review replacement tips can be achieved by the simbans webpage. I review web page and its not possible to buy a new pen …. Can you confirm its possible to buy a new pen or replacements tips? where?

Thanks you very much for your effort making this great, usefull and very accurate videos

Big Nine Art says:

I bought this tablet, because of your review. So far so good! I took your advice and changed the drawing app. The Artflow Studio app was a better choice. Thank you!

Simbans Limited says:

Hi – This is Alex from Simbans. I just wanted to provide some additional information on the weight of PicassoTab. The actual weight is 570 gm or 1.25 pound ( compare it with 1.5 pound for Original ipad 10 inch and 1 pound for ipad Air)

IcyRice says:

The buttons on the pen don’t work

Nicholas Berardo says:

Aloha. Thanks for posting this helpful video. I have some noob questions I was wondering if you would answer. First, my understanding is that this tablet works without a separate computer. I know there are other brands that also work without a separate computer, like iPad Pro and Surface Book, both much more expensive. Are there any other drawing tablets that work without a separate computer that I could research? Also, it is my understanding that drawing tablets made by Artisul, Parblo, Pnboo and XP-Pen do require a separate computer to run. Is that so? If you have the time to respond, thank you.

mixed emotion says:

i loved your review
some questions
# does the drawings saved in vector format
#palm marks can be deleted later?
#in how many format the drawings can be saved eg. jpeg /png/pdf/and other high resolution vector formats.
#can we make good webcomic stuff with it.
#can a hand drawn pic can be inserted in the file to be traced with quick lines and confidence. and then remove the back pic.
#any other brand stylus can be used? if not how can we get the other.
#does the actual tip spot differences with the line generated makes it difficult for good drawing?
#somewhere i heard that the stylus gives a scratchy thing to the screen. is that true?
#do u suggest it for beginners?

enderman_xion says:

Give it to me now

Thomas Tom says:

Hello! I have a quick question, once the battery is in the pen should you recharge it or is it there forever? Thank you in advance for your answer 🙂 .

Eric Poaps says:

Nice review! I’m interested in making digital comics. Would you recommend this device for that? Also, how does it stack up against the slightly more expensive xp pen 13.3? Please reply, thank you.

Brian Eun says:

You didn’t even find out some basic shit about the damn pen. Wacom AES? MPP/NTrig? Synaptic? You’re killing me…

Nerdy Skater6969 says:

Would this be good for drawing comics?

the alaskan says:

Can you take pic of a pencil drawing and digitally ink/color of pic?

Benjamin A says:

There’s another Samsung out there, the Tab A with S-Pen version. There’s a version with and without the pen. The Tab A is the same size, bit faster, better screen and of course the better pen. Disadvantage ….unavailable in a lot of countries.

Pedrinho Paquiderme says:

Teoh, you really make good reviews. But, honestly, why don’t you just turn the “pen only” feature that is available on sketchbook and other drawing apps? It makes life easier, making brushes and eraser only activated by the pen, while still leting the user to pinch-zoom and pam with his fingers! Or, if the app doesnt have this feature, you could just use a three-finger glove!

M F says:

@Teoh Yi Chie Which would you prefer, Piccaso or galaxy tab s3?

Shamema Mannan says:

I like’s the way that you do.

Pedrinho Paquiderme says:

I have watching your reviews for some time, and to be honest, I am quite annoyed by the fact that you never considered using a glove to draw. Man, it’s agonizing to watch you trying to draw with your hand in the air!!! OK, as a reviewer, you need to test palm-rejection, but after testing it, you should use a glove!!!!! We must know when a line is bad because of the hardware or because of your skills (don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about other’s skills, but I DO care about how capable the tablet’s is of registering the user’s strokes and sketches).
Other than that, I am a huge fan of your reviews, because they have what I need: an artist point of view about penable devices (although I am not an artist, I am just an amateur cartoonist / illustrator).

snoozleblob says:

I really like the price point considering its performance. Keen to hear the followup about replacement nibs!

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