reMarkable Paper Tablet reVisited – Long Term Review

I have been using my reMarkable for a while now, so I decided to tell you about my experiences with it.

First of all, one of my original conclusions was that this reMarkable Paper tablet was very much on the expensive side. You would really have to need this kind of device to justify the €699 it cost at that time.

The good news is that the price – for a limited amount of time – is reduced to €499 / $499
This makes it almost worth the money

Yes – I said almost.
I’ll tell you why in the video.

Buy the reMarkable Paper Tablet here

Intro Sequence inspired by Peter McKinnon

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fsxlove says:

Thank you for your unboxing and review. reMarkable price was reduced only for few time because now the price is €629 again :-(((

PCUser1024 says:

Speed at 1.5x.

system2 says:

The reMarkable replaces e-book readers and tablets like a camper van replaces the functionality of a car and a van. So close to buying one, but there’s not enough room on the driveway, i.e. my bag.

Medicine Medicine says:

I like your style of presentation. subscribed.

James Cady says:

Funny intro! Great review…best one yet. Subscribed. I look forward to more thorough reviews like this! (Annoying music in the background, though, makes it hard to hear you. Music is unnecessary, IMHO.)

Johan Forsberg says:

For those (me included) that for various reasons uses a notebook on a daily basis, this product is great and worth its price. But if you just think the tech is cool and are trying to motivate a purchase, I would advise against, considering the price and features.

I work in a shop where we deal with around 300 distributors, around 350 000 articles. Customers that come in, and want to redo their house (bathroom, windows, you name it). Im often on the phone scribbling down purchase prices, writing down contact information, or just sketching someones measurements for their home. Remarkable is invaluable to me. Wouldnt want to go back to all those notebooks (some which I still keep btw, because customers from way back sometimes appears out of nowhere and ask to make an order based on the notes I took from our last meeting 4 months ago).
It is a sweet product, but the price and features makes it a good purchase only for us that uses it professionally on a daily basis.

panjavarnam e says:

Very Creative !

Ann Powell Groner says:

Agree with your recommendation of the sleeve as the insurance against losing the stylus. So true!

I use mine a lot, mostly for work and I’m ok with the PDF format. It supplements my workflow of drawing on a whiteboard then taking a photo to email it to myself. It’s great for illustrating ideas during 1:1 meetings and note taking.

Took some getting use to that it isn’t illuminated in the dark like my phone or iPad.

My biggest peeve is like you said not being able to move or copy pages between notebooks. I take maybe 30 pages of notes, or meeting but want to save maybe 4. Haven’t found a good way to deal with that yet.

Thanks for your review.

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