ReMarkable E Ink Paper Tablet – Full Review

This video shows the new reMarkable ereader and digital notepad in action. It has a 10.3″ E Ink screen and supports PDF and ePub format, with tons of options for note-taking and sketching. See full written review for more details and updates:

ReMarkable website:


John Manley says:

FYI Your lighting makes it tough to see at times in the video

Armadillo says:

This tablet looks amazing. Too bad it isn’t backlit.

Gloria Perez-Stewart says:

I am waiting on the October shipment and have been liking the reviews—however, I was a little taken aback at the 8GB comment you made. Really, that’s it???

Andreas Demetriou says:

Umh..nothing colours right?:/

Raxly Kruger says:

Let’s admit one thing!

Tianyi Zhang says:

Still waiting for them to ship the second batch… hopefully in the next few days.

Don Bond says:

Can you watch porn in remarkable? No porn no buy

Scolopente says:

when using the stylus, does it have palm rejection?

Gustonegro says:

Wish you had discussed file compatibility and transfer software… :-/ says:

No search, no ToC – no buy ! I hope that is going to be added in the future.

Brian Cilenti says:

Are there any rumors of Amazon working on a similar device?

I really want this, but I’m going to wait for at least one more generation/iteration. It doesn’t have far to go before it’ll be amazing essential.

Paul Chong says:

Too expensive for simple device. They should sell it for around $300.

DrFlox says:

I preordered it, but after seing this video, I don’t want it anymore… :(( but its already paid 🙁

y625801 says:

no backlight = bad reader,
B/W only = no colors for notes taking. for the price range – get a more universal device such as surface pro, which is the way more functional

Lee Hayes says:

No light and that price. Me no thinkso….next…

Gun_Damn_IT says:

A note taking and drawing tablet that costs 879 bucks has bare minimum features than a full powerhouse iPads and other brand tablets is unacceptable!!! I can draw pictures in full color on my iPad Pro that costs less of a fraction than this monstrosity!!!

Nguyên says:

I hope it will get cheaper, around $300 is perfect.

DiemPraeclarum says:

Any word on Dropbox support? I’d really like to use this for reading and annotating scientific papers in pdf format. So far, the reader features seem pretty lackluster. I was hoping this device would be the best for my purposes, but perhaps not.

What To Do? R says:

Wow! This a modern tablet. This tablet could definitely run gta5


Berhnardt Do says:

If i receive an pdf file over email and want to write on it, how can i transfer it to the tablet? Sorry if i missed that in the video.

Konstadinos Panagasidis says:

Thank you for the review. One question can you surf the web with this kind of tablets? I just need something e-ink for newspapers cause with normal tablets I have eye strain problems headaches. I have a kobo glo hd but can’t read newspapers there. Can you suggest something ? Thanks


This looks like the type of product that everyone gets excited about on the internet and then it turns out to be a big flop in sales. Sure you can make notes like it was paper, but how many people really need this? Less than 0.10% of the population. It’s a luxury that nobody really needs.

Joe Gill says:

If it works and does not feel cheap, it’s a winner in my books…!

CabinDoor says:

What, why would I need to replace the tips? And every few weeks!? What?

Titan L says:

Why it doesn’t have colors

Castorp Z. says:

Best purchase ever

panteltje says:

Price way to high, I will keep with pencil eraser and paper and take a picture and email or publish that
works every time
50$ is the limit for a toy like that, not even color.

Coper Nicus says:

Got the Onyx and very happy with it!


Thank you for the video!!
I ordered remarkable in February however I discovered just on Saturday that the tips erase very quickly and on remarkable website this was not explained…. I would like to know if there is a stylus pen which can be used with remarkable and that does not have this problem and, if so, where it can be bought. In addition could you please make a video where you explain the differences between active pen and stylus passive pen for e-ink displays?
thanks in advance

Tony Shepherd says:

Totally unrelated but the glue compressor sounds great! Have used it on many projects. Thanks for the review

Joe G says:

like this device but not at that prize I’d rather get an iPad pro

Abc 123 says:

Can this use kindle books and download from the kindle store?
Does it have e ink , and no backlighting and no front lighting ? Completely natural reading as off of paper?
Can it increase font size?

Nathan Fischer says:

Great, well balanced review. Thanks for making it. I would like to have known how the stylus feels on the screen. On their website, one of the selling points is that they claim that it “feels” like writing on paper. Is that true?

kev v says:

For $599, I’ll just get an ipad pro


Any music writing paper?

Dezqo says:

Wow are you reading the Ableton Live 9 manual or something like that?

I really like this channel, thank you so much for buying and testing all these devices!

davidb416x says:

Thanks – I’ve been looking forward to an in-depth review of this device.

Hermawan Sutanto says:

120Hz display?

Dan K says:

Boring. Why do we not yet have color e-ink tablets??

Kiko Aquino says:

Can you switch the options to the other side, for left handed use?

Marianne Meyer Nielssen says:

I’ve seen one and tried writing on it. I’d like to have one, as I enjoy writing by hand, and it seems very practical, but the price needs to drop at least 50% before I can afford it.

mynameis bob says:

What is the point of this? Can’t you just get an app for your tablet that makes the screen colorless?

Jr Beans says:

The writing looks fast at least. And that’s the main reason for it

Eduardo Hernandez says:

If he said anything about how to get books into it or how to get your drawings out of it , i totally missed it

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