RCA Galileo Pro 11.5″ 2-in-1 32GB Tablet Review!

To purchase: Walmart – http://bit.ly/wRCA-G11hdt
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2eOIUp3
My favorite Case for this: http://amzn.to/2lHf6N9

What Happened to the Galileo? Update – https://youtu.be/Zw869GEoLJM

Above are affiliate links to purchase the tablet. This is called the RCA Galileo Pro 11.5″ 32GB Tablet with Keyboard Case Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) going for $98 at Walmart. The links above are affiliate links that take you to the product. Some may just call this the 11 Galileo Pro and this is my full review on it.
The Model number is RCT6513W87DK
RCA Viking Pro: https://youtu.be/aIM7Cej3MnQ

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SRB 717 says:

im watching this on mine

jose delacruz says:

Why is it that cheap

Chris C says:

I love this 2-in-1 so far. Portable and speedy. An IPS display and 2 GB of RAM would make this tablet perfect. For what it is, you can’t go wrong with the price.


It does have IPS now, right? Thanks!

00justincredible00 says:

i guess putting kodi on this for chromcast is ok?

synapticflow says:

I can’t believe the lousy screen. I was about to buy one. 🙁

Bobby Henry says:

does anyone know why qhen you right click on a link on facebookor any site the galileo just exits the program and there is many times I need to save a link and yes I reset the tablet anyone have any idea’s?

Underground Tech says:

Here’s Some FAQ’s:
Galileo Pro Update, What Happened? – https://youtu.be/Zw869GEoLJM
Where To Buy:
Walmart – http://bit.ly/wRCA-G11hdt
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2eOIUp3

My Favorite Case: http://amzn.to/2lHf6N9

Aaron Woody says:

do you now how to turn on notifications on a rca tablet on youtube

Noel says:

which do you think is better for someone who plans to mostly use it for browsing and watching movies. Galileo pro or Viking pro?

BestGamer Eforever says:

is the screen plastic or glass

9000112 says:

lol know whats funny? im watching this on a galileo pro LOL im looking for how to play / jump in rolox with this… when i press space it doesn’t and if im iron man are superman it says double click space annndd I CANT its so anoying 🙁 but the galileo pro is AMAZING!

Savage Boss21 says:

My tablet works just fine the resolution is great because I was watching Netflix and I was watching with 4 people screen was big and bright and amazing

dr vmware says:

Nice review. I got my daughter an expensive Lenovo tablet. My son one of these. The daughter wants to use the RCA all the time, instead of her the pricey Lenovo. It’s not a super awesome tablet, but for the price it’s great, and my kids haven’t destroyed it yet. I give it 3 thumbs up!

Lil Tae Tae says:

hi~ which is better for watching videos/movies? RCA viking pro 10.1″ or RCA Galileo Pro 11.5″? i’m trying to decide which one to get, it would mean alot if you could reply with your opinion (´。• ᵕ •。`), thank you~

Sarahi Romo says:

can you give me the link in ebay for hdmi .. im confunsed it look regular hdmi … but in the instructions it says minihdmi help me please

Mark Chase says:

I just bought one…how to enable the bookmarks bar to always show on Google? also, can I update media formats so I can play videos on webpages that are primarily windows formatted? thanks good review by the way.

yarelin plata says:

how can you do a factory reset on these I cant figure it out. I’ve presed the reset button on back but that really doesn’t do anything.

imi De fimi says:

how do I take a screen shot on it???

N.O.V.A Bass says:

just purchased this off your recommendation. I figure it will be great for casual YouTube watching and viewing music tabs! loved the review!! you earned a sub

Security Officer says:

love your review even laughed some great video man you just earned a sub!

Alex Mendoza says:

cuanta rammmm??

A0X player :D says:

my tablet is bad and its little dusty from the in side and the key board buttons break while I dont use it

Da H says:

How would the screen work for scrolling lyrics and tabs while playing guitar.  As I get older I want this bigger screen but not if it is faint or blurry looking.  It seems everyone wants to say how it looks on videos and games.  How does just plain old txt look while scrolling

LIN yenjung says:

DOES THIS HAVE Chinese language(中文)?

Chris C says:

Is this worth it? Need something light to help me learn Python?

Underground Tech says:

For those asking for a Case, here’s my favorite one on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2lHf6N9

Alex Mendoza says:

Really nice.

Sarahi Romo says:

witch HDMI to tv fits in … ?

SkullofPain says:

I had the Viking Pro 10, and the thing that holds the tablet and keyboard broke over time, and I just got it on christmas 2016. It broke three months after that one christmas.

Fabby Kat says:

Thanks for making this video because i bought one just yesterday and asking myself if it was woth my $120 (cost was $75 and insurance $36 and tax idk)and i made sure to drop a like and subscribe thanks once again.

King Kali says:

Mine is coming today

cbfwebs says:

ok but what about plugging it in to a computer to transfer files??? you didn’t even mention that.

gunner 3840 awn says:

does this tablet supports micro USB otg

sanduga says:

I ordered mine today and I can’t wait to play with it!

Tyler Baylock says:

can you stream twitch from here

Laulewasika Bendolph says:

Is Microsoft pre-installed on this tablet? Or do you have to buy it?

JW Axsom says:

Can you watch mp4 videos from a usb hdd with this tablet?

PunkRockZombie205 says:

Just bought it off wal marts website for $78. thanks for the in depth review

TJar Gaming says:

Is there even a clipboard?

Eli Royall says:

I imagine it would be fine but how does it work with Adobe Reader or other PDF readers?

Sherri Lynn Williams says:

I forgot my password and would like to know How do I do a factory reset on my Galileo Pro RCT6513W87 Tablet

Beverly Bush says:

Great Review you talked about the pros and cons concerning the tablet. I hope people tune in to this video for honest views and not to only criticize yours.

dbassing says:

would this work for video editing?

Gerard Bailey says:

Can you download games that you can only have on computer

Trinity Morgan says:

I have the same one

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