Parblo Mast 22 Display Tablet Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Parblo Mast 22 display tablet with a 21.5 inch screen. This Cintiq alternative has a metal bezel-free design with a paper-like anti-glare film.

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(DISCLAIMER: This review is sponsored by Parblo, however the opinions in this video are my own.) #spon

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Bill Overbeck says:

If you open the task manager there’s an autostart tab there that you could use to stop the ui from appearing on startup and if that doesn’t work you could make a simple bat script that kills the ui and make that run on startup to instantly close the tablets ui for you

Melih Yigit says:

Thanks for the review. I’m very sceptic againts wacom alternatives, and such realistic reviews are great.

TheLateLateLateShow says:

Mr. Rutten, you may have just saved me from buying an Xp-Pen 22 Pro (had just returned a Huion Pro 20 due to dead pixels and cursor accuracy issues)… Do you suspect Parblo can fix the line jitter with future driver updates?

Parallax is a huge issue for me, would this beat out Huion and Xp-Pen in terms of “Reduced parallax/screen bonding”?

Haydden Lykins says:

I’m so glad your reviewing other than Wacom cause Wacom to pricey I don’t really need another tablet my huion does fine but just in case I ever need another one

Nick Wilson says:

I thought you didn’t like alternative? UGEE Basically sucks

David Lopes says:

another great review

Michael Worthington says:

That’s a nice looking unit for a stone cold beginner.

J- Arts says:

Great review, Fair and Balanced!! Did you mention how long it takes the pen to charge or how long the pen holds a charge?

6 Foxes says:

How much does it cost? You didn’t say in the vid

cartoonblock says:

good review. thx aaron

ramiz should says:


Sergey Pupko says:

Cintiq is still the way to go I guess.

3polygons says:

Just one more comment to emphasize that these reviews of alternatives are welcome by a bunch of artists. Specially as I don’t notice any intent to over-praise the device (unlike happens with some reviewers for obvious reasons); it is of high importance to see balanced reviews, which go deep about both pros and cons of a piece of hardware for drawing and painting. It is more than expected that in comparison with Wacom, these are of lower quality in several areas, just as when comparing an Audi of high gamma and a cheapo second hand car. Still, tons of people can only afford the latter, so, that’s where these reviews come useful (maybe bad example, as, er, no, I wouldn’t buy a second hand car based on reviews 😉 ). The wise buyer know it’s not an Audi…. but how the device can be put to make good work.

3polygons says:

Maybe the wobbly lines…. could be compensated with line smoothing/stabilizing ? I see in a previous screen that you are using 10% smoothing in the top bar setting, in Photoshop (indeed, as is the default for many brushes, if I remember well). That’s actually introducing a sort of line averaging. Being much more aggressive at 20. Maybe Krita’s brushes hadn’t that activated ? Krita’s stabilizer is really good, actually. Not as good as Clip Studio Paint’s, which I think is the best in the market, but Krita’s is among the best for that feature. For me, is a bit like in color + hardware calibration. If the smoothing can compensate the default wobbly lines, by software, then all could be fine, workable. Unless the needed setting is too aggressive. Is not needed / a concern for digital painting, though. (can even be bad to add line smoothing for digital painting).

AveryPlayz says:

Why do you have so many subs, but not many views?

LagiNaLangAko23 says:

This makes me want to break my cheap screenless tab.

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