Parblo Coast 13 Tablet Review + face reveal (sorta)

The Tablet




Tobu- Candyland
Daniel Crawford – Taste This

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Chez_ Sam says:

The face of Tammy in this video is my face in life
And now I have a dispute with a friend, what do you have for the phone that you could hold in your mouth.

dinonuggle says:

your reaction to the stickers thooo

MyMy The Unicorn says:

Tablet review +plus Tam suffering.

PickleGerard says:


Oda1526 says:


Nita says:

Holy crap ur pretty! Also I am looking at ur face and the one u drew in ur sketchbook and u got it spot on, good job!

Haileys Coment says:

Do you NEED a laptop?

Jewels Beckley says:

This video was very professional 11/10

MyMy The Unicorn says:

*wipes tablet screen even more*

The little abandoned doll says:

I love your channel your awesome

I know you probably won’t see th I s but I just wanted you to know
( * ^ *”)

starry khall says:


Braeden Silliman says:

But can it dO THIS!?

jada malfoy says:

This was very useful thx

Toffeeluvscoffee says:

YOU’RE ADORABLE! Also you’re art style is amazing

wonderBLX says:

*399 !!!!*

dalton Pressey says:

You’re art is so inspirational and seeing how it all comes together is so satisfying. Do you have any tips or methods you use when doing full body poses? I’m trying to expand from my normal portraits to full body and it’s pain incarnate

Kylee Jade says:

Gah my hearts skips when I see your face! It’s so beautiful hehe~ <3

Hope my art is just as good as yours one day lol


ÔwÔ……*smudges tablet* i reget nothing

K says:

How cool! I’m sure that you’ll be able to use it very well, you deserve it after all! (*╹▽╹*)

CrayCrayAura says:

Chillest face revel I’ve seen till date lol

Emma Encinas says:

Tam why are you so funny D:

EcstasyArt says:

I love you so much Tammy 😀

alpas animations says:

Tammy “399 for a tablet! what a good price” pewdipie ” she stole my thing”

EmaTheStrange says:

You’re so precious!

Taco Chalupa says:


you_saw_nothing ! says:

Oh my gaw u look like my friend morgan , I LOVE UR CHANNEL SO MUCH !!!!!!! Watching ur videos helped me form my art style and maybe other YouTube’s like elemental Fa and glammist but I love your videos all the same (don’t get mad at me I probably spelled their names wrong) and one day when I’m older (I know u don’t put ur age on the web and its bad but I am going to do it cus I’m stupid! H u R r ) (that was a noise sowy I’m just silly a lot) but any who I’m 13 this year meaning 2018 I will be 14 ! So yeah and I started off on the arts and OCS amino and I follow you on amino ! But one day when I’m older I wanna make an art channel and try to do speed paint I dunno I’m pretty bad as of right now ! I love your videos so much u helped me become a better artist !
P.s do u have any pets ? And do u have a pet bird because you seem like a type of person that would have a bird pls tell me in your next vlog or sketch book tour ?

-your fateful (idk fan *looks at cycling fan* hmm) Radom person off YouTube’s that comments on one of your videos ! I hope you get this comment and read if you don’t oh well that’s my luck anyways lol !

MyMy The Unicorn says:

100% quality unboxing.

Tsunayoshi Sawada says:

I love how people tend to look like their drawings….

이성우 says:

yeah! new videos!

Majixium says:

Oh my gosh you are the most adorable artist on YouTube!

SourLemon says:

4:10 Best face reveal from any YouTube, 10/10
I feel like all of us fans are just bullying Tam at this point

bunnlee 101 says:

who was laughing when tammy was figuring out how to do the camera placement settings thingy thing thing

Neko says:

I love the just casual face reveal through the mirror. Literally just turned and said hi.

ShaiWarma says:

aaahahhahahahahahhhhhhh face reveal

Birdiplier Mate says:

What do you do with all the other tablets

Spark13 says:

Hi tam! I love your channel

Kaii says:

4:49 that’s just sasd, I can relate it happens to me all the time…

LiL TrIcKsTeR says:

Ur gorgeous and I love your drawings! u r my favorite artist c:

Faife says:


Keep doing that 😛

Emily Loraine says:

You’re so pretty!!! Ackkkkk I love your hair tooooo! The video was so dark though ;-;

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