NuVision $79 Windows 10 Tablet Review – TM800W610L Signature Edition

Buy one at Microsoft: (affiliate link) – $79 can buy you a fully functional Windows PC tablet with a 1920×1200 8″ IPS display and Atom X5-z8300 processor. See more tablets: and subscribe! index below:

00:36 – Hardware overview
00:45 – Build quality
00:51 – Display quality
01:10 – Screen bleed through
01:31 – Processor, RAM and Storage
02:30 – MicroSD card slot
03:10 – Ports and connectors
04:19 – Weight
04:24 – Battery life
04:40 – Cameras
05:08 – Performance: YouTube / Netflix video playback
05:57 – Performance: Web Browsing
06:28 – WiFi issues
07:06 – speedometer test
07:36 – Performance: Microsoft Word / Office
08:00 – Logitech Keyboard rec: (affiliate link)
08:37 – Gaming: Minecraft
09:15 – Gaming: Rocket League
09:46 – Gaming recommendations
10:37 – Gaming: 3DMark Cloudgate Test
11:01 – Kodi and Blu Ray MKV playback
11:57 – Conclusion and final thoughts

See my video on Edge vs. Chrome here:

It’s nice to see there are still Windows tablets that are functional coming in at under $100. I’m also pleased that this one has a 1 year warranty. Many cheap tablets come from no-name manufacturers or offer shorter warranties like Amazon does with its 90 day Fire tablet.

It’s not perfect of course. The Wifi was a little problematic for me and the camera system is total garbage. But they put in quality where it really counts, namely in its display: 1920 x 1200 at this price point is a really decent value.

Performance otherwise is good and in line with other Atom Cherry Trail based devices.

If you’re looking for a cheap Windows device to play around with you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Rich Grega says:

The trouble with these 32 gig drives is the ability to upgrade Windows. It’s tough having 6-8 gig of space available for the upgrade – you have to delete a lot of software loaded onto these to do the upgrade and then reload the deleted software!

michael sansfaçon says:

I was wondering, for the kodi test were you reading the files directly from the external hard drive? Because it is a USB 2.0 port so that may be why you had problem with your 4K test file!

Unde cillion says:

You are wrong! Apple still keeps their headphone jack in their iPad.

Ricardo Cameron says:

4:40 was absolutely hilarious. Omg. What a bag camera. A permanent frost cam.

Jilly L says:

Can I connect my IPAD to this to update my IPAD software? I see Amazon is selling it for 80- including an adaptor.

Michael Webber says:

I recommend an SD card with the new A1 rating, aimed at adoptable storage for Android. Sandisk is the only one I could find so far.

Shawn Pepin says:

i love how windows tablets are now cheaper than a windows licence

Toby Cowles says:

can you try to intall linux (ubuntu or such) on it

Mr. Some Gamer Dude says:

i have the same tablet (same model number), for me on solving the only micro usb that is used not only for charging but for data. i manage to get it to be charge and still used full sized usb. using a micro usb to full usb hub. adapter (that come with power adapter cable, the ones that are design for giving the hub with extra power from an outlet if the usb port isn’t providing enough juice).

the one im using is Mateck All in one Card reader + 3 port hub. feels cheap but it works.The only advice i would give about this hub (might want to see if this work on the cable you have Lon) if you want to charge and use the full usb port. Is plug in the hub to the tablet first, then the provided power adapter to usb wall wort (recommend 5V-2A or higher on volt with low Amp, found out at least for me, the 1Amp doesn’t allow to do both) then whatever usb powered device into it (sometimes (but not always) the hub wont give charging power to the tablet if plugged to wall then tablet). And also get a usb cable extender (female full usb to female full usb) cause its cable it provides for extra power is really short.

sorry for the long comment

Lukas G says:

Is it aluminum?

Luis Placeres says:

Lon, perhaps you should look into making your videos sound a little louder, phone viewers will surely appreciate that.

MrBrymstond says:

The Microsoft Store says it’s a 32GB SSD so if we can get the back off I wonder if it’s upgradable?

davis icon says:

Hello line I love you reuse and I bought my Acer computer after seeing your review I’ve had it 6 months and it’s working beautifully anyway I looked through your videos and I can’t find a review for the brand new 2017 Fire HD 8 from Amazon the one with Alexa on it can you please review this product or if you already have provided link thank you I look forward to your response

Tom Perconti says:

32GB storage? That’s the killer. 🙁 I’ve owned too many 32GB Windows 10 devices to know that after all the updates, there will be approx. 7 GB free. With only 2GB RAM that means that there will be additional space taken up for swap. What a shame because it otherwise looks like a terrific device for the price.

thezak says:

Can someome please make a video about playing Minecraft Windows 10 edition on this tablet?

Davin Peterson says:

It has slow wi-fi as it uses only 2.4 Ghz and not 5 Ghz

Darkion says:

Does it have bluetooth?

AD15 says:

He try’s to roast Apple with their headphone jacks yet only the iPhone 7 is the only one without one. Otherwise all other apple products do. Failed roast by Lon.TV to Apple xD

TotoFrancey says:

I think this device would do better if it was running Windows 10 S.

DarkHalmut says:

Wish this came with the 8500 like the Kangaroo PC.

MrBrymstond says:

Even though you install a program to your sd card, it will still load a good chunk of the program in your C Drive built in

Juan Novoa says:

Hey Lon, how is running mame and emulation???

Juan Salazar says:

I bought the last gen version for $50, sadly it’s a bit slower but coming from an RCA Cambio 10 I love this one much better despite loosing the keyboard.

meehhhe Of You says:

I feel like these little tablets are more of a supplement to a gaming rig than they are as a dedicated tablet. I think Lon should add a Steam inhome streaming test to his testing for budget systems. Plug it into 1080P tv or monitor.. use steam inhome streaming from a gaming rig host machine from across the house and test gaming to the little tablet or laptops using an Xbox one S controller (Bluetooth enabled).. I feel like that is a more relevant test since that’s how I use my Atom based lappy. Use it for projects then plug it into TV and power grab Xbox one S controller and fire up steam.

It is a good test in other ways too.. it tests it’s consistency with WiFi connection and Bluetooth, it tests it’s capabilities to decide different bit rates and complexities of onscreen things before it falls apart visually. You maybe surprised that sometimes laptops and tablets with exact same chipset and CPU that preform fairly similarly in productivity can perform wildly differently in inhome streaming. Plus it’s a new twist.

Chuck G says:

4 hours battery life at best while surfing, emails, etc. No where close to the 7 mentioned by Lon. Instead of guessing, wish actual battery life testing could be done. Wouldn’t seem all that hard.

flapjacksmike says:

Does some of the performance aspects run a little better after drivers updates from the manufacturer site? I can’t trust Windows updates to do the job these days with installing graphics drivers, etc.

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