Nook Tablet 7″ Review – $50 Can Buy A Fantastic Tablet

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Peter Boulding says:

how much storage is free out of the 8GB, can it play 720p on you tube and Netflix?

lee sze yong says:

Can it play youtube videos and play pokemon go properly?

Rohit Dhyani says:

Heard first time

1hiassen1 says:

The storage space on the NOOK 7 fills up quickly. Updates will be hindered if you download too many apps.


purchased this a month ago. at first, it let me install my kindle app, and use it. all of a sudden, I had problems, had to re install Kindle. over the past 5 days, have re installed Kindle app, downloaded my book, then all of a sudden the whole app disappears. any thoughts ?

Patrick O'Rourke says:

can it get instagram

GD Zipp'N says:

Easily break the screen by dropping an object from 1′ above it. And it’s classified a good cheap tablet?

Monica Lucero says:

can I use youtube kids? on this tablet?

iBrenDank says:

The first time I used this, it worked fine. Then, when I turned it off for the first time, whenever i booted it up, the screen will go black, and only will display the back button, and wont render any touches, help?

Jason Matthews says:

I have a Samsung tablet 7″ it works good but looking for something little bigger any suggestions I like your review on this

Explainus says:

Is this a decent tablet for running apps and games?

Thomas Wainwright says:

They will waste your time. When you have a substantial number of books on their site, they will put your account on hold, and will never answer your questions as to why. They will pull your books off and put their friends’ books up in place of it. Believe me, I have had this happen to me, and to two other friends. I know what I am talking about. Of all the company profiles out there, NOOK is the worst by far. Do NOT trust them. Do NOT waste your time.

thesmart1 says:

the intro’s sound is waaaaay louder than the rest of the video..

The Olfactive says:

GREAT tablet I have it but you must tweek it a bit, open developer mood and turn on the open GL support and the enhanced audio.

Melissa Williams says:

Thanks for the review. Do you know if the SD card can be made internal storage? I read that is possible with Marshmallow.

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