New Fire HD 10 Tablet Review (2017) $149 with Alexa Hands-Free Voice Commands

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Amazon’s new 10.1 inch tablet packs in a 1080p IPS display for $149. It also supports Alexa voice commands with an always listening function. See more tablets: and subscribe!

00:16 – Pricing
00:39 – Amazon offers / ads
01:04 – Configuration options and prices
01:17 – Display quality
01:40 – Video playback: Amazon Video / Netflix, etc
01:57 – Weight
02:17 – Warranty
02:24 – Processor and RAM
02:47 – Speakers and ports
03:15 – Battery life
03:45 – SD card slot
04:13 – No Google Play Store
05:17 – Amazon’s YouTube “app”
05:39 – Cameras
06:07 – Hands free Alexa voice support
06:38 – Tablet can disable other nearby Echos from responding
07:08 – Displaying Alexa queries from other Echo devices
08:06 – Performance: Web browsing
08:43 – Narrow screen for reading
09:10 – Reading in direct sunlight
09:27 – Gaming: Minecraft
10:08 – Gaming: Goat Simulator
10:39 – 3DMark Slingshot Benchmark Test
11:23 – Cord cutting viewer with HDHomerun tuner
12:17 – Conclusion and final thoughts

All in this is a great value. It performs well for the price and it has a superb display that’s good for video watching and web browsing. Most of the major services are available through the Amazon app store. Fans of YouTube will need to do a little more work to bring the official Android app over to this device.

The tablet integrates Alexa voice commands without the need to push a button. It is essentially a portable Amazon Echo. It also smartly works with other echo devices nearby to determine which of the devices executes the command to avoid duplication.

For the price I can’t find much to complain about here.

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Roni Alush says:

Can this be an Echo Show alternative?

ukripper says:

How about just change the name on both devices like one can have default Alexa and other could be John Connor?

Ricky Gonzalez says:

So if you have this tablet and a Echo Dot would it be like having a Echo Show?

Branden Plumley says:

I might be getting me a 64GB capacity of the Fire HD 10″ for media consumption..

upx63 says:

I have a first gen Amazon FireTV Stick. Great price (~$27), but being restricted from ALL the apps (Kodi, etc) on the Google Playstore Really sucks! Sideloading is a pain too.

David K says:

Android 5.1 in 2017??

Sean Mason says:

Lon…Does the MicroSD card stick out or is it install flushed? We have a 4 year and wouldn’t want it to be broken off in there. Also. Do you have a recommendations of tablets that do the interlacing correctly?

Jim O'Rourke says:

Just got my 64 Gb version on Oct 11 I like it ,I put the play store on it no trouble at all just
Like I did on the fire HD8 !

Draco 10 says:

No Google Playstore, no “official” YouTube app = no purchase. Shame cause looks like a good product, for the price.

louie Looop says:

Fresh cut

ohdogwow2 says:

Hey Lon,

Ask Alexa to create a Scherlock Holmes villain that can defeat Commander Data.

Mickey says:

I’m going to get this tablet for Netflix and stuff it will be my first Amazon Tablet I currently have the NVIDIA Shield Tablet but it isn’t made anymore and if It breaks I can’t get a new one and I like want one to use for Media comic books, Netflix, Youtube, Browsing.

charlesplane says:

Interesting… thanks!

Nameless King says:

Just get an NVIDIA Shield Tablet people.

Drakomus says:


Team Blue says:

Nice haircut

ziggy8757 says:

shitty tablet…why waste 180 bucks on this if you can buy an ipad for 300…thats a real tablet

antonio canty says:

What kind of smart watch do you have on ?

gese74 says:

I have the Fire HD eight and the battery is pretty solid for a low end tablet I like it the ads are not too bothersome and I’ve been debating on whether or not to upgrade to the 10, this review is pretty insightful. in your opinion do you think the Fire HD 10 is worth upgrading from the eight model?

Stephanie McKeon says:

Another excellent review. Always wondered how good those Amazon tablets are. As a heavy iPad user I prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio better for web browsing, reading, and other uses. The lack of a YouTube app is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Also 0:34, is that a white/red nabi wall charger in the background?

Hernán Ramírez says:

Please, add more coverage of Alexa’s capabilities on this device. Specially the use of its screen.

young mouss says:

You’re the man,i was waiting for this review

Carmen Nooner says:

I just gifted the 2017 HD8 and after viewing your video, I’m glad I didn’t wait for this to become available. She is an avid reader so I could tell from the shots of the screen when you pulled up an article that I made the right selection for her. It is also equipped with Alexa, which she has been enjoying. Thank you for putting this up. It’s always nice to find out I did something right (for a change!).

NathanBrutal says:

Not bad!!!

MyCatFooed says:

Great review Lon!!!

mjs28s says:

while I love my Kindle, I won’t ever buy another one and I would recommend that others do not either. There is simply no benefit to the kindle. On any Android device you can simply download the Kindle app and there are all your kindle books. Kindles lock you out of the google app store and the google apps are much better and there are many more of them.

The only people that should buy a kindle are those that want the lower cost ones that can deal with adds but that will also never want to leave the Kindle / amazon world for android. If you want all the apps that you see people talking about, go with an open android device and eat up the google play store. While the ‘fix’ isn’t that complex, most people need things to run out of the box.

John Galedez says:


BillyLapTop says:

Great review Lon! It tracks with everything I have discovered so far on my new HD 10 and I learned a few things too, like the micro SD size and function. Thanks for your review and of course, it is the best one I have seen on this tablet.

joe husosky says:

Nice haircut, can you do echo video calls like the show, also drop in’s?

RockstarBruski says:

Great review! I love Amazon bc They have one of or maybe the best customer service! I hope they always keep such great customer service. This tablet looks like a nice inexpensive option. What is the best tablet for watching LonTV while sitting in s comfy chair in a room without a TV or computer?

Jesse Massaro says:

Love the moCA commercial with Lon Seidman before the video.

j k says:

Will it run Kodi like my firestick?

Enrique Chacon says:

Did you get a haircut? Lol

awsomeman 338 says:


Mann SE says:

thanks for the review.. really informative

Alex Guy says:

Why don’t they put hold buttons on tablets? (like old iPods and portable CD players) My kids use Netflix on our Fires and every 5 minutes they touch the screen and mess up their video, then hand it to me to fix.

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