New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Review (iPad Pro vs Fire HD) + GIVEAWAY!

I have found an AMAZING deal on the Amazon Fire HD 10! In this video I compare the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet vs iPad Pro and let you know which I think is best for the average consumer
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Brand New Fire HD 10 With Alexa:

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In this video The Deal Guy has found an amazing deal on the New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet. I compare the Amazon Fire HD 10 vs iPad Pro in an interesting comparison.

This Amazon Fire Tablet review shows you what the laptop does and how the amazon fire tablet can work in your studio or household. I also am doing a fire tablet giveaway!


The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.


Ben B says:

Nice comparison Matt!

capital0v says:

well I’m sold

Shadowremi2 says:


Kyle Barruga says:

That’s amazing!!

Lucia B. says:


Stephanie Bluffestone says:

Would you recommend this for a classroom instead of an ipad?

Ce Kay says:

This tablet is awesome.

Alpha Gaming says:

sorry i have to unsubscribe 🙁 a lot of these deals are pretty open and not to secret, thanks anyways, maybe spice the channel up a bit? For us longer fans it gets old kinda fast, and after a few videos repetition sets in pretty hard, maybe do a bonus thing with something different idk… good luck thoe!

rgagne1000 says:

yes please

Wonder Neo says:

Awesome video!

Will look into buying the fire!

shadlemon says:

So cool thank you for all the info it really helps me

Therese Pilzner says:

iPad Pro for me!

Dennis Ibarra says:

Love them!!

Char Anderson says:

Woo hoo to Connor……lucky dog! Thanks, Matt!

D.J. Park says:

Thank you….The screen not cracking is enough for me to buy this. Alexa is a huge bonus.

Blaine LeMasters says:

Pick me

dawn wesley-ventura says:

Love Alexa!

Nick Alexander says:

Since you wanted an idea of what you could get me, that Amazon fire tablet would’ve been a prefect Christmas great gift for me matt,

Camden Smith says:

I really want the drone but it all looks so cool

Josh Burkhart says:

So awesome!!!

Luv Sky says:

Maybe now I can convince my partner ipads are not always better hahahaha

Joe Scot Schroeder says:

Great demonstration comparing the two tablets. I couldn’t believe how much you pounded the HD 10 and it STILL didn’t break…absolutely amazing!
I just remembered that I still have the Amazon Fire 8 HD that I won about a year ago. And it’s still working like a champ. So, these devices really hold up!
Congratulations Connor for winning!
Well, that completes my catching up on your videos. (On Christmas eve, no less.). My friend, have a very Merry & Blessed Christmas. 🙂

Josh RN says:

It’s difficult to find tablets today that are decent. Many companies are even halting sales of tablets. I need to test one of these out. Maybe another launcher would make it seem less an Amazon marketing tool.

Kevin` Nelson says:

Tablets for people with anger management issues, lol. Take it easy on that table deal guy!

Robin Eckersley says:

Thanks Matt

tvtimemomx2 says:

wish the tracking software was better… Son has had 2 kindles stolen out of his backpack on the train… maybe you should checkout the theft proof backpacks. we looked at some and they just don’t hold everything and still close for what he lugs around

Al Ray says:

probably won’t ever win a give-away. not even going to try…

Nando Martinez says:

Is there not going to be anymore TV deals for this year??

Miker Phone says:

Hey Matt…..What about mirror cams? Can you check some out?

R Berry says:

Fire tablets are better than most any, comparable.

TukkToT says:

Thanks for doing this for us!!



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