Nabi 2 Kids Tablet – REVIEWED

A look at the Nabi 2 tablet for kids. Reviewed and tested
Its a REALLY good tablet for kids. I’d recommend it.

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Cut and Run by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



Nyrice Watkins says:

it has Google play now you got 2 update it

Nabi Duhoki says:


serah the wolf says:

I got that

Jeffery Brannon says:

You don’t know how to pronounce the word “Nabi” or the word “volume”… awesome

Cindy Herrera says:

Just wanted to give my input on this product. I both this for both of my children. It worked will for s few months then both tablets had charging problems. I sent it back since it had warranty & I even got confirmation emails for both nabis. unfortunately, I have had no luck getting in contact to get both new ones. So if you’re thinking about buying this for your kids please looking into iPads instead. You’ll be wasting your money and time on this product. Also a little FYI all calls made to this company are an average of an hour and a half. So beware of this product. Go get iPads, my kids liked them more.

amber ramsey says:

What kind of YouTube

stance girls says:

I so want one

AgentBubbles says:

The tablet is only modified for a kids level hook it up to your computer and take all the data outta it and put it in the folder and then after that just go into that folder and then everything will be there the parent pass and then your child will realize that your stalking them and looking at everything they do

JM Smith says:

And great review Jim!

Patrick Arguello says:

You did an amazing job reviewing this. Thank you very much!

JM Smith says:

I want to purchase this tablet for my 2 yo. Does it have cartoons and games on it?

Pedro Orta says:

I got one to years ago and now it doesn’t want to charge someone help me

Joe Feac says:

This Nabi should get shanked and get raped by a boner pussy ass motherfucking hoe

Rachunda Jackson says:

Can you download apps like Disney jr.. Netflix and Hulu.. Sprout? For kids shows

Jodie Renczkowski says:

Can you add videos to this like you can with an iPad?

Bluetexas2016 says:

Don’t buy many issues

isaac B says:

I like nabi 2 kids tablet

Angela Duke says:

Without WiFi the Nabi is worthless… or maybe someone has a suggestion for this? When we go on family trips, we dont have WiFi, so the tablet doesnt allow my child to experience all the apps.

Omar Alvarado says:

can we downloand the app netflix or vudu?

DerRick Marrero says:


Rj_that_one _gamer says:

I got one

nesha50421 says:

Great review & lovely voice

coolkid kevin says:

I lost my Nabi at Walmart I think about five or six years ago as far as I remember because that’s what my dad said.

AgentBubbles says:

I might even make a video on how to turn off kids mode through the child mode

PrOs Adapt says:

The fuck

Govinda GovindaJi says:

Hey, Jim! thanks for the review. I notice you have A LOT of UN-answered questions on this page. Do you think you could find some time to answer them as they match some of my own and it would be truly helpful.

Eileen Severa says:

This is the 2nd Nabi my father has gotten for my niece and it stopped working. Both times. Blacks out and will not work again.

kzwj says:

don’t get this for your kid, this thing is an insult to a child. Sure it comes with some educational apps, but the tablet is extremely slow and restrictive for a child’s curiosity. There are cheap android tablets that are fast, with a little research you can get apps that are educational and fun for your child on an ipad or android instead.

XTheEpicKidX says:

Nabi 2

Mike Charge says:

Amazing review

Adrian Random Adventure says:

+JimsToyReview my nabi 2 is broke it won’t charge it not the charger it is the nabi not the charger can you look up what to do thank you if you do

Matthew Setting says:

thank you so so so much I can’t thank you enough for this I subscribe and put a thumbs up

Angelica Alvarado says:

can someone tell me why my nabi doesnt have google play on it ? or chrome? but it has other google apps???? is anyone else having the same problem??

not so good ll says:

great concept but to many problems with half azz patches better off getting a real brand

Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV says:

just got this nabi 2 for my 3 year old. going to get kindle for kids for my two older boys. 8 & 9 year olds

Blue4Life - Gaming says:

I got this

Summer Rain says:

I have the Nabi 2

Rj_that_one _gamer says:

I have one

Juanieshia Griffin says:

I am getting my child a Samsung galaxy 3 lite

AgentBubbles says:

This is why I have a computer and a phone Cuz. Then my parents can mind their own business and stop internet stalking me

cassy robles says:

can you download netflix ?

AgentBubbles says:

In order to take a Nabi. Off of child mode go into settings and reset it to factory

Govinda GovindaJi says:

Thanks for the review. Honestly, this tablet does not seem or “look” as “kid friendly” as the Nabi Jr. for children in the 2-3 year old stage. And who have never used a tablet before.What do you, Jim, (or anyone here whose had either) think about that?

Adrian Random Adventure says:

+JimsToyReview my nabi 2 is broke it won’t charge it not the charger it is the nabi not the charger can you look up what to do thank you if you do

mary avila says:

is great for kids

Julia Terry says:

I install app, but I can’t find the app. can you help

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