MY #1 BUDGET DIGITAL TABLET! – Huion Inspiroy H950P Review

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AMAZON and more: (Tilt firmware instructions below)

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The tilt induction function is a upgraded function of the device. If you order the H950P from our official online shop, you will receive the upgraded model so that you can use this function directly. If you order it from other channels like Amazon, or if you have already owned one H950P, you can send your serial number, order number and your OS version to and they will send you a firmware upgrade package. Follow their guidelines
to install it and then you can also use the tilt induction function.

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GunShot says:

Quick question, does it have rotation?

Spykidc Gaming says:

Jazza says H correctly, I don’t get how people pronounce it any other way.

Tyler Haynie says:

This is on my wishlist… I mean ORDER list

Abhirut Meherishi says:

Jazza how to resolve huion pressure sensitivity issue in adobe applications?

Frederik Brændstrup says:

Love the way you say “H”

SnowCat says:

Coupon code doesn’t work on Huion or Amazon website. Just tried and both say it’s invalid code. I copy and pasted from the description box, and manually typed it. Still did not take it.

Spykidc Gaming says:

You are perfect as you are

Camille I says:


leonor ramos says:

You talk a lot stop

Katie Jackson says:

Now I am not picking on people that say “Zed” instead of “Zee” But, do you say, “ZEDbra”? NO
you say, “ZEEbra” soo wgo even made “Zed”? I is pointless to have both of them.. -_-

little artist says:

Hache ache

Yaoilover Studio says:

I used the Trust TB 7300 for about 1½ years now, it’s really old so nobody will even know what I’m talking about probably.
I loved using it! I got it from my mom who used it before and even got it second handed.
But the pen broke and now my nip has used up and getting extra parts is almost impossible because it’s so old.
That’s why I decided to get a new one, I’m used to the large size, the spinny-things(?) at the upper edges which are so helpful and the fact that the buttons ( if you can call them that ) are on the upper end so my hands have free movement on both sides.
This is the tablet:
If anyone could recommended me something similar and somewhat affordable with those requirements, I’d be more than thankful!

Garrickat says:


Blue Raven says:

Do not buy anything from huion! They delayed my order 3 times and and tried to make me pay 50 dollars on 3 weeks shipping and now that I tried to cancel my ordered before they even shipped it they want to charge me 8% to cancel my order. Don’t buy anything from them

elias says:

I say h not aech

Rexie R says:

Q. My pad won’t update with the tilt. It sticks on “Waiting for device….”

Marc Tang says:

Review the Kamvas Pro 13!

James Rohr says:

Is this compatible with krita?

KING K.S says:

I say H like that too

TKBarts says:

That how I say H

I thought everyone said it like that.

Gina says:

You’re amazing Jazza! I finally convinced my parents to buy me a drawing tablet and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you for giving me a boost towards my dream as a digital artist.

Spykidc Gaming says:

You be you Jazza

Imperfectly Laura says:

Does anyone else get an error when trying to visit Huion’s official site? I keep getting an error that the server’s IP address cannot be found.

Vainyks says:


Isabelle Huggins says:

Im coming to meet you at vid con aus Im so excited

Anuj Bidwai says:

Q. Which one is better to buy huion-h950p or wacom intuios….? I’m going to start digital art using tablet.. Can any one help me out.!

Brady Weed says:

Felix Felicius
“Fee-lix Fa-lish-us”

Dragonskull34 says:


emohalodemon91 says:

I say ‘H’ the exact same way you do lol

Oddly Ring The Bel says:

needo i like the control Z little joke

Brain_Stok says:

Hello, does this tablet have a sensitivity to tilt the pen?

Nathalie Fernandez says:

I am planning to buy a drawing tablet before I go to school, so thanks for the recommendation.
: )

Dylan Zayas says:

Jazza, I just decided for a H950P tablet because of your recommendation. Thanks! However I would to know if you know something more about the tilt firmware update. I’ve ordered the tablet from Amazon but I cannot use the tilt function. I just need to contact Huion to ask for support? And that’s it?

slippery soap says:

I have a back Hache

Fritz von D'zatrit says:

Uuuhhhh,does he still cares about his wallet?

Tired of eating says:

Hey I bought this tablet and its amazing and all… But I can’t get it to work. I followed the instructions and even tried older driver versions but the pressure sensitivity just isn’t working. When I install the current driver I cant even use the Menu-Thing properly. Am I missing something obvious? (btw Im using Manga Studio 5, could it be that it isnt compatible with this program?) pls help(ಥ﹏ಥ)

THA Hero says:

This or Wacom intuos Pro (Medium) I need one and I dont know what to choose from I will use it to make Animations

muffin gaming says:

my tablet was only 30 dollors and its huion and its so reliable and good!!!

Go Tips says:

So do you prefer adobe illustrator or photoshop when drawing not as far as editing?

Kayleigh says:

I pronounce it “Heych” as well. Anyway, it’s a really cool tablet. I may have to check it out.

Goobster says:

I was hot off the heels of an XP pen tablet breaking when i saw this video, so i gave this tablet a try and it’s been great so far!

Valent Lau says:

It’s initially good, but mine broke after 2 months. Support gave me run around for 6 months, then told me warranty is over and buy a new one.

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