Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: Still the best tablet PC

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 is the ideal hybrid tablet. It’s a slate that can run all of the Windows apps you need, and together with its keyboard cover, it can also serve as a solid ultraportable laptop. But honestly, the same was true for last year’s Surface Pro, a machine that was mostly a spec bump from 2015’s Pro 5.This latest Surface isn’t the major redesign we’ve been waiting for, but it’s still a great option for anyone looking for a unique ultraportable PC. And at least it finally comes in black again.

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Enrique Guzman says:

The random mandatory updates that mess up my workflow is the reason I hate Microsoft.

Brandon Smith says:

Tesla at 4:26 – Nice job getting that beast in there 😉

Steve Piraino says:

I would really appreciate if I could get an advice from you guys. I mostly do emails and office works (pack office) sometime autocad. Spend a lot of time in taxi. Log in company domain when in office. The Surface 6 seems perfect fit and I love the Design. But were I live (Vietnam) the price is 1460 usd (i5/256). Now I am wondering, for similar price, should I get the Dell xps? HP spectre?Yoga 920? Thinkpad X1? I don’t know what use I could have with an USB-C…so? What you guys would you buy is price was not the major factor in the balance?

Gerard Bakker says:

Hey. What about the operating system? What Operating system does it have? Windows 10 Pro like the Surface 4 and the Surface 2017 (5) ? I think you missed a very important change. Windows 10 Home. Which is fine for most users, but a bit of kick in the teeth for those expecting Win 10 Pro and then having to pay more to upgrade….

[ koatachu ] says:

When you buy it is the keyboard and stylus included or do you have to buy them seperately?

Tom says:

I feel like the major problem here, is that Microsoft have improved this thing so minimally and have had so many different base versions, that they’re competing with themselves from a few years ago…. And losing.
I bought my top of the line Surface pro 2 a few years ago, as the pro 4 came out, for a quarter of the price and it still compares favorably with the base model SP6.
Why should I, or anyone else with a good model, older version, want to upgrade, when the price for the hardware on offer, is of so little improvement as to be negligable?
It’s the same problem with Apple. It’s like they’re run by people who are so woefully out of touch, or who are so stupid as to think that their market will sustain, without change. It’s mind boggling.

cforcalvin says:

well you don’t have to pay for the keyboard currently during pre black friday week. microsoft throws in the keyboard for 799. also costco will throw in the keyboard and the new pen for 799

Red Band says:

Just wish for more ports (thunderbolt :D? More USB?) … And maAAAYBE a more portable charger like regular tablets instead of computer chargers? I guess

Robert Christopulos says:

The Surface Go is fine for a casual user or for minimal consumption. Though it has great construction, it really lacks in power management.

Raven One says:

Microsoft not including a pen or keyboard when they price it over a 1k just sucks

Gustavo Domínguez says:

Is there drivers support for Linux? Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, something like that? I want a tablet to run Linux–I can’t on my iPads. I have a feeling the thing’s locked down to Windows.

Calixtus says:

Can games like SC2 and DotA 2 play smoothly on it? And how much does it cost?

Tim MüWi says:

Anyone else notice that he’s got the perfect last name? He’s Mr. Hardware!!

Tang Andreas Chi Hei says:

OMG Devindra from Slash Filmcast!

David van Leerdam says:

“Hardcore pc users will always prefer notebooks”. So, you’re in the future prediction business now, huh?

Trash Vlogs says:

Trust me. Get a different computer. It all breaks super easily.

josh holt says:

This guy is getting fired lol.
Whats with his ears

Where Wolves? says:

I’m looking for a laptop which can be used as a tablet and with 250 or more gb of space, and can also run games fairly well. Doom is my standard for a laptop to be able to run, in terms of gaming. Also, I would prefer it to be under 500$, though slightly more wouldn’t hurt to bad, as long as it follows my specified preferences.

Durburger says:

who else is watching this on a microsoft pro surface?

Andres Etchenique says:

Very helpful review !!

rainboz says:

Everybody says all these computers need a redesign. Like what are you expecting? A glitter coated back or what? Too much crying for nothing.

arcdruid_ says:

His face doesn’t match his voice.

Ali Alji says:

Should I buy this, 5 or 4? Help!!

Sophie Rambler says:

Can you play games on this like Hogwarts mystery or sims

cance7984 says:

Surface Pro 4 called, it wants its bezels back.

Cash Daugherty says:

Keep the design the same. I’m just happy we finally have a useable Microsoft computer, those earlier models were baaaad.

Kanivakil says:

I just got mine at Costco for $799.99 that comes with pen and keyboard; I’m just not liking it the the bezel is huge and the screen is noticeably small and more so because the large bezels accentuate it.

Manuel Cotto says:

People dont give the surface connector enough credit, it charges fast and since its magnetic it wont toss your computer if someone was to trip over it or anything like that. Most storage and devices like mouses and keyboards are still not usb c yet. it would have been nice for a display port but i dont use this on a monitor so that isnt important for me. Microsoft does need to keep improving on touch for windows though its still lacking but its ok enough for me to use and not buy a android tablet.

john luu says:

I have the surface 4, surface pro, and surface 6; all 3 are working well and I’ve used two as my daily driver for 1 year, banging dings into them all over town. Microsoft, if you are somehow reading this little comment, please FFS improve the wifi on this thing. Please.

Carmen Nooner says:

Please, stop saying that the battery can probably get you through the workday. Every reviewer worth his or her salt has the ability to run tests on several levels. I want to know what the manufacturer states as well as what the reviewer has found under moderate to heavy use. Telling me I can get through my workday, maybe, particularly since I don’t work, is useless information.

daithi bhard says:

I like the fact that it is keeping the same forum factor. I bought a surface pro 5 last weekend and didn’t want to shell out for the keyboard and instead got a sp3 model for $40 which works just as well.

David CJ says:

I wouldn’t spend my money on a surface pro, I bought the SP4 and spent more time trying to fix stuff than using it, when it’s not the display, it’s the battery, or Windows….good for portability but too many units with issues, high risk.

Kyle Cortes says:

you forgot the surface dial

Enrique Vergara says:

I strongly disagree with the redesign idea. Apple sticks to the exact same model for ages and nobody says anything about it. Microsoft got an excellent design with the surface (ahead of its time when it first came out) and they have upgraded it ever since, but why would they change it if it’s perfectly good the way it is?

Vivien D says:

I’m going to get a Microsoft surface so which one should I buy please can someone advise me? A pro or a go?

ntech says:

Thank you for a calm, clear and straight to the point review. You have great personality.

Tigerex966 says:

It was very Vague:
Great video editing though.
So which did he like better the surface laptop 2 or the surface pro 6?

clouds5 says:

Why can’t we have a quad-core tablet with USB-C thunderbolt support for eGPU? That would solve all my problems and allow me to have one device for all my computing needs on the go and at home. Maybe next year? 😀

Ryan Toomey says:

STILL NO USB-C! WTF Microsoft! This is 2018. Microsoft needs to get with the times. Macbooks have had USB-C for years now. Also, why still the weird 2736 x 1824 non-standard resolution, they should have switched to a more common 3840 x 2160 resolution?

Alexi Galka says:

friends, with all this sun flares and too much closeups … crap video.

LifewithSarah says:

What’s the difference between the i5 and the i7?

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