Microsoft Surface Go Review: Good Computer, Very Bad Tablet | CNBC

Microsoft’s Surface Go starts at $399 and is a good computer if you buy the right model and accessories, but it’s not a good tablet. Most people should consider a Surface Pro, Chromebook or Apple’s iPad.

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Microsoft Surface Go Review: Good Computer, Very Bad Tablet | CNBC



Tokota Kiwi. says:

It’s worth it

Jason Criscio says:

What does the app availability have to do with the product itself that’s a pretty stupid comment

Abdulai Bah says:

Microsoft must find a way to include the keyboard in the pricing of these devices. Maybe include the keyboard and add an extra $50. Its a major turn off for many people. Hard to use it without the keyboard and that extra brings you closer to the price point of a better notebook like my T450s.

Argenys Herrera says:

You’re battery rating doesn’t match because its not tested in S mode. Full windows 10 is more demanding.

Yacheng Moua says:

cash grab review

Akunit12 says:

First viewer

Vanu Infiltrator says:

“But I got way less battery life than that just for browsing the web…”

Probably because I saw you use Chrome in the video.

Journey Turkey says:

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igor filimonof says:

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Konson Heb says:

A “kind of” honest review: for sure the iPad will work better as a tablet, after all, was born as a 100% tablet device. But not sure if Chromebooks are better for surfing the web, since the GO can work as a full Windows PC (so there`s no need for apps here). One point that should be mentioned here is the intel graphics benchmark: far superior than a bunch of Macbook Air’s (2015, 2016) and even some old surface’s (3, Pro 3, M3 and PRO4). Which means that if u need to, it will run the whole Adobe suite – maybe not smoothly – but worthy of mention.

trapped cat says:

Name 1 Windows laptop that makes a good tablet

Digitalguy says:

crap: even my surface 3 (but also pro 3 and other clones I have) work very well as a tablet. I don’t need a youtube app, web is perfect for many things, you dont need a tablet to replace the apps in you phones but to do more than your phones…

Gabriel Hernandez says:

if it wasn’t because of Microsoft, tablets would be dead by now, 2 in 1 are the future of tablets and Windows 10 Pen is as good as the iPad pencil since is supported on professional drawing/sketching software from Adobe, Autodesk, etc

drifter4training says:

are u high ? not all of users use windows app store for tasks, other utubers give better, decent detailed reviews than this sorry for a excuse slob vid,,,

richarddr1234 says:

Lol, arguments from 2015. We’ve moved on.

Lynden Eftoda says:

the pen is worth the price, good luck trying to find another device at this price point that supports over 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Dima N says:

A rep at a Microsoft store said there is a charge to upgrade to a Home version of Windows 10, I suspect she just didn’t know about the free upgrade option, but I also can’t find any official info on this, other than reviews stating it. Can anyone link or confirm?

Kim Severn says:

How long did u get just watching videos? lol

DustyRoger - Gaming says:

9th comment!!!

norkis sanchez says:

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Prajnadatta Meher says:

awsm review.a complete review.

Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini says:

It smashes the iPad Pro in productivity! So it’s a win!

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