Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus Review | the best $300 tablet

Review: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus
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00:58 Design
02:39 Display
03:50 Sound
05:03 Performance
07:19 Battery
08:42 Software
09:47 Conclusion

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Mattia Girardi says:

great review, as always!!! really!
just a note, at the performance “chapter” i think it’s better to show more chrome’s tab open so we can see any refresh (if there are, obviusly) when you switch from one tab to another tab. that’s all 😉
a question, i don’ t understand if with the setting is possible improve the battery drain? for me the stand by battery life is important because one day i use tablet intensely but i can leave it for 2 days and then take it back, do you know what i mean?
last thing, you have also tested Asus Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500m), which would you buy? (I hope nougat arrives for both)
thanks in advance and really compliments!

Piotr Adamczycki says:

You are talking about Dolby atmos and superb quality of sound, but you are avoiding topic of equalizer which is unfunctional..

Alexandre Colas-Jeffery says:

Hey Damir, what do you think is going on between these two versions of the product?



100$ difference and the only spec difference is the Bluetooth 4.0 on the 399$ version. Is this normal? Which should I choose?

The Dream Maker says:

+Damir Franc Thank you Damir, great review! I sold my iPad 3, bought a Hybrid and went back to store to change for this one. Great tablet, super clear display, excellent ebook reader, good performance, great battery life, super fast… Best money/value option in my opinion. I bought the iPad 3 when it came out, for 650€, but at that time it was the only tablet with retina display, great resolution. I only bought it to read books, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. But now was getting very slow in web browsing, so it was time to go. This Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 plus really is a great deal, and you convinced me to get one. Lenovo, give this man a Yoga! 😉

Moomin74 says:

Did you notice any audio synchronization problems? I have read a few reviews suggesting youtube, netflix etc… are sometimes out of sync.

Vernal Scott says:

I just got the Yoga 2 10.1 Windows 10 version. It was an Amazon warehouse deal for just £89. Wow!!!

Oliver Harrison says:

Thanks very much for this – great review! In Canada, this is only $40 more than the Tab A (no pen) 10 and $70 less than the Asus Zenpad 3s 10. I ordered this based on your comments re: which one you prefer, can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m going to be using it predominantly for drawing and media.

DailyHS - Funny Hearthstone Moments says:

I just realized that my tablet’s screen is so washed out in comparison to yours.. luckily enabling the smart side bar and selecting “game” gives the screen more saturation which makes it ok in my case, still totally worth the money though

Mizzoumike000 says:

Is this nougat

Thomas Haimerl says:

Very clear and realistic review, i can confirm all reports in the review as somebody who use this tablet already 3 months.
And thanks, Damir for the informations about gestures, i had it disactivated but from now on using it.

Frade Silva says:

Hello Damir,
I did not understand the problem/solution regarding battery drain. Can you please explain again?

mojo2418 says:

Thoughts vs the zenpad 3s Z100m I think it was called. I occasionally use speakers usually just Bluetooth. Thoughts?

Jamiur Rahman Choudhury says:

I’m using a nvidia shield tab. should I buy this lenevo tab to replace?

Sam says:

Hey Damir thank you for the review, it was very helpful. I still have a couple of questions left though. In the video I see a short part about gaming where the games are being played without the screen being touched. Do you know if its possible to play games on this tablet with a wireless (or wired) controller? And if yes which controller would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

Huawei Honor 8 - Nutzer says:

hey Damir, i know that the gaming performance is Bad due to the high resolution of 2k, however, basic games like Hearthstone should run fine since its just a card game right?

Moomin74 says:

The 652 is the same chipset in the LG G5SE

Jon Komatsu says:

This Lenovo may finally get me into the market for a tablet. I have been on the fence whether nto get one, vs. using an old laptop or my phone, but this model sounds solid. Great review, thanks!

Richard Salinas says:

Split view feature? Or mini windows in the screen (as Tab 3 Pro)? (sry, my english is bad)

Seif Eddine B says:

I still think that Samsung tab A 2016 has no real contender with its price and good performance, I have an LTE model with a sim card in use and I still can get 11 to 12 hours screen on time with heavy use

Tom Michael says:

Hey Damir, your videos are great. Have you ever reviewed an Apple product like the iPad? I would also be curious to hear your opinion of the Airpods.
Thanks, Tom in Germany

bruce nathanson says:

36,001st subscriber here 🙂

Zartan says:

I love the Yoga Tab tablets, are they going to make a Windows 10 version?

Daniel Begimher says:

Can you please give your thoughts about which tablet is better?
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus Or Asus ZenPad 3S 10?
It’s hard to choice…

Maria P. says:

Hallo, Damir, you make good reviews and you’re honest, that makes your videos great! One question though, would you say this tablet is good for reading? I’m in college and I need a tablet with which I can comfortably read for long periods of time. Because I also need access to Dropbox, my emails and some other things, I’m not interested in buying an E-reader. Would you recommend this tablet or do you have any other suggestions? Danke dir! 🙂

Thomas Haimerl says:

New Update – battery drain problem resolved

Valeriu Iosub says:

So…..Asus Zenpad 3s 10, or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 or Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 then?

PowerQueryAnalyst says:

I bought this tab few weeks ago. Only issue I have so far is it’s microphone doesn’t have noise cancelation. Which sucks for people on other end of Skype call

allenallenallen333 says:

There is a software update today that fixed the standby battery drain problem.

Padre says:

It seems as though the 2k screen resolution definitely affects the performance. I have seen phones with snapdragon 625s that play games definitely smoother than this tablet.

Bill de Iturrondo says:

I had the 8 inch tab 2. It was a wonderful tablet. There was just one design flaw. it had a full glass front with no bezel. This was way too easy to break. A small drop when I first got it cracked the screen. I got a replacement and was very careful for a long time. But eventually the new one’s screen cracked also. However, while I had it I loved it. It’s the perfect media consumption tablet​. And the tremendous battery life was so great.
Has the new one changed…
Is there a now a bezel?
Did they switch to a more durable glass (ie Gorilla Glass)?
I’m currently considering jumping in again and getting either this or the Android Yoga Book. but I’m waiting to see if they make a new version of the Yoga Book with USB-c and the new Andromeda O/S.

Seif Eddine B says:

I still think that Samsung tab A 2016 has no real contender with its price and good performance, I have an LTE model with a sim card in use and I still can get 11 to 12 hours screen on time with heavy use

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