Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet vs X1 Carbon Review // Which One Should You Buy?

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen) and ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) enjoy a few similarities but have some key differences. They both use Intels latest 8th Gen processors, have fantastic keyboards and are great for business. But which one makes more sense for you? Watch for the full review!

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon – http://geni.us/vNCsQ8

Lenovo X1 Carbon Review – https://youtu.be/J-DiHf-NDD8

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George M savage says:

Hi I love you you savage

ben cherian says:


Tim Pearcy says:

Nice comparison. Since I use a tablet as a daily driver, I would most likely choose the X1 Tablet. Of course mine cost a boatload less than either of the two products mentioned in this video. But it gets the job done, I edit videos, do spreadsheets, edit photos on a…wait for it, $250 Chuwi Hi12 with an Atom X5-8350. But it works great and gets an average of around 10.5 hrs battery life.

harold lau says:

Where is ash’s comment? Nice portrait of him lol

Kevin Reinartz says:

What about the x1 yoga? I have had yoga laptops before and loved it. All the features of the laptop but still a good tablet.

George Kushnir says:

“I didn’t have any latency”.

Proceeds to show very clear latency from the pen.

Kino Zomby says:

Someone needs to make a T H I C C P A D

Morten Emil Jarlhøj says:

I’m not a hater, but it has a 13 inch screen, not a 13,3 inch as you incorrectly state 5:06. The resolution is correctly enough 3000×2000, but this is NOT “exactly like the Surface Pro” as you say 2:45. You’re thinking of the Surface Book. Surface Pro has 2736×1824. Get your info right. You’re a serious channel that makes money on it’s subscribers. It took me less than one minute to check this on the Internet. So do your homework.


What is your opinion about the surface pro 4

navidler says:

what about the X1 Yoga?!?!??!?!

Zayan Khan says:

1:30 Matthew Moniz: better than Michelangelo

mmmikez says:

You’re wrong about the weight/portability. The X1 Tablet is actually HEAVIER at 1.27kg with keyboard cover attached vs the the laptop which is only 1.13kg.

If you do a lot of traveling for business, you would probably want to choose something lighter/more portable, which would be the X1 laptop instead of the tablet.

Rick Liang says:

Win 10: Bruh you have an update
Matt: Bro let me finish my video
Win 10: Nah bruh, here we go!

José Bolaños says:

Looking for a tablet? Get the FireHD 10, hands down the best $150 you are gonna spend.

DK1ng X says:

Can you try to get your hands on the asus zenfone 5 and 5z? They both have top of the line specs at a great price. Basically like the oneplus 6.

Ricardo Martinez says:

Don’t know man. I am too concerned about the mileage…

Abdulai Bah says:

Did I miss the price?

Christopher Smith says:

I agree that the laptop is always better than the ‘hybrid’ version. I was all in on the hybrid device…I bought an XPS 12 back in the day with that static terrible keyboard. After a couple days I never again used it in tablet mode. So I had a laptop with keys that didn’t move and missed a ton of strokes. Then I got a surface pro 4. Again, while a much better device than the xps 12, it was a better laptop than it was a tablet, and it wasn’t as a good a laptop as an actual laptop. The main problem is I upgrade every couple years to the newest iPad. The iPad is a better tablet in all scenarios than a hybrid device being used as a tablet. And when I wanted a laptop, I had a hybrid device which wasn’t a great laptop.

Hamad Alsayed says:

Finally! A video that’s not about smartphones.

Krishna Agarwal says:

matthew is this worse or better than the i pad pro please reply im really looking forward to buy one …

elpinto007 says:

Awesome comparison. Thanks very much Matthew. I agree that the X1carbon is definitely an awesome piece of machinery. One of the best business laptops and ultra books in general out there.
You did not mention anything about the pricing though? Is there much price difference between the two?
Would the X1 tablet replace an iPad + X1 carbon combo?

Jay Breadon says:

5:39 I’m sorry, did you say it reaches 70-80° CELSIUS? And that’s not too hot for you?

GThermopylae says:

Hey, could you compare a ThinkPad Tablet and a Surface Pro? I’m searching for a new medium-sized device like those.

A B says:

Good afternoon everyone!

BABU Mondal says:

Copy microsoft surface pro 4 copy

His Supreme Clarkson-ness says:

I want a 3:2 thinkpad with a classic keyboard. I wonder if lenovo would consider that.

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