Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen Review

Lisa Gade reviews the 2018 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen. with a 13” display and included keyboard that turns this Windows 10 tablet into a mainstream Ultrabook. The X1 Tablet is available with Intel 8th gen Core i5 and i7 15 watt quad core CPUs, up to 16GB RAM and an M.2 NVMe SSD. The keyboard connects via a pogo pin magnetic connector, and it has a traditional ThinkPad layout and feel, right down to the TrackPoint. Like Microsoft Surface Pro with which it competes, it has a kickstand, optional LTE 4G, and a 3:2 aspect ratio display (3000 x 2000 IPS with Gorilla Glass 4) that supports touch and the included Wacom AES ThinkPad Pen Pro with 4,096 pressure levels. Pricing starts around $1,279.
** Get it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2MmMT9G


RoyAl Martínez says:

Can you try it with a EGPU? How would perform? And Which similar products would compare?

Аркадий Урбановский says:

кашолка очень смешная…))))))

Cojoc MC says:


Andreas Hoever says:

How well does it run Ubuntu?

Western Gents United says:

Another Quality Review

Johan Nilsson says:

Thank god they changed the kickstand. The old one that folded the other way is horrible, I have that version at work and I MUCH preffer the kickstand on my Surface Pro at home.

AOaliornek says:

Great video and review on the X1 Thinkpad! I thought about getting this. However, I will wait until the price drops to a more budget friendly cost. I wish it had a smaller brick charger and a screen for edge to edge. The processor I would like to a i7+ with 6-cores inside too.

My question to you is can you show a video on how well it would do gaming like say with a Razer Core V2 rig?
Please and thank you 🙂

Hamed Jabarian says:

Long delay but finally appeared

F L I T Z says:

I keep watching tita lisa’s reviews even though I don’t have money to buy these expensive gadgets. It just makes me happy, and what I do like most about her reviews is she has a broad knowledge with the pen digitizers, unlike the other reviewers, who just say that the laptop has a pen then proceed and nothing else about it. I’m a digital artist wannabe so that’s why.

ali khazravi says:

A Wacom with battery!!!!!

Alex Santos says:

I would love to see that tablet with an external GPU running games

MyUTF4 says:

Lenovo tablet?

kevin says:

Thank you

Helen says:

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Frederick Miller says:

If I hadn’t just purchased a Yoga 920 – this would have been my new tablet. I love the camera on the back – why? – I’m an art teacher and would love to have the ability to take photos of my student work quickly and easily. (BTW – I LOVE my Yoga – this just is a better fit for my weird workflow) – thanks for a wonderful review.

Justin Og says:

Excellent review. My only gripe was the video its self was very quiet.

Rabigh Kangleon says:

But design wise. It’s a no no for me.

Sam D'Cruz says:

Nice review lisa. I bought a surface book 2 and am very happy with it (apart from the crappy timeout on the backlit keyboard AND the low quality finish which chips off pretty easily). Just watched this as i still love thinkpads and u are very enjoyable to watch 🙂

Nick Evgeniev says:

is it oversized tablet or handicapped laptop? just struggling to understand lenovo :(( review is superb as always

David G says:

Is the really aggressive on this model? The t480 and t580 has an issue where the fan is just too aggressive.

U Kelly says:

Hi Lisa Can you please review ThinkPad X380 Yoga. Thank you

jun1217 xb4 says:

Lisa, I always enjoy to see your T-shirts. You have a nice collection of T-shirts.

Drg8n says:

Thanks for comparing it against the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. Exactly what I was hoping for! Great review!

Legendarior says:

All well but that battery… I would prefer a slighly thicker but with a 55 or 60 WHr battery in there… I cry… and that jitter…
Great Review as usual, I am spoiled with quality reviews from the queen xD

Josue Hernandez says:

thank you so much Lisa…idk why but I finally have confidence now to buy this product after your review…other reviews did not go so in depth like you you. thank you for taking the time for making this video.

Info Planet says:

how was battery life? looks great but if it doesn’t have at least 10+ hours I will pass. Hope they can get a keyboard battery pack like the surface book to extend it to surface book levels which is really good 🙂

Trond Aasland says:

Glad to see you get your hands on this, I’ve been interested in seeing how it compares ever since they first announced it. Perhaps a bit unnecessary given the relative lack of upgradeability, but I really wish you’d shown the internals given that the rear cover is removable.

Other than that, thanks for another great review!

Vasu Sharma says:

Hey great review! Could you review the yoga 730 15″ or a smackdown between with the yoga 730 15″ and the Spectre x360 15″ with AMD Vega. Both are 2 n 1’s, have pen support, and the yoga has a gtx 1050.

启强洪 says:

Good tab

Kenny G says:

Great review Lisa. Many thanks

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