Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 2nd Gen Review

Lisa Gade reviews the second generation Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet, a 12” Windows tablet with included keyboard and pen (Wacom AES). This refresh keeps the same design and basic specs, but refreshes the internals to Intel’s 7th gen Kaby Lake. It has a 3:2 aspect ratio IPS 2160 x 1440 display, Intel Core i5-Y and Core i7-Y 4.5 watt dual core CPUs (the latest iteration on the Intel Core m processor line), 8 or 16GB LPDDR3 RAM and an SSD. The tablet’s unique features are modular accessories that snap on the bottom— extended battery, more ports, a projector and more. The price starts at $1,449 and the X1 Tablet competes with the Microsoft Surface Pro, Acer Switch 5, Dell Latitude 5285 and Samsung Galaxy Book 12.
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Southern Illinoisan says:

T470p review please!!! 😀

Joseph Supnet says:

Yes! Another Lenovo Tablet! Thanks for the review 🙂

Ali C says:

Horrible design flaw! I don’t want my tablet flipping over like that all the time…no thanks. I stick with the surface pro 3

Kiyoshi Matsutsuyu says:

You wrote “2650×1440,” but that isn’t 3:2? What’s the true res?

Dillon Leyden says:

The new Core “M” i5 and i7s are much better than the Skylake units according to Geekbench.

Chris Devine says:

They sell Pro Pen and Pro Pen accessories

mh somor says:

what Microphone do u use?

Samuel L. Mingo says:

I think “core m” became a dirty word, and they had to re-brand it for marketing.

Jason Ding says:

Ugly piece of crap

S Bullock says:

Love the shirt

PikolUploader says:


Zoomat4 says:

Wtf ? This hinge seems like the worst idea ever. oO

joko49perez says:

uhh, I think I’ll stay with my x220t. Seems like ok competition to the surface pro with that sexy trackpoint, tho.

Szymon Nowak says:

WTF, Lenovo 2017 ??? like Casio 1998…

Gary Walker says:

The quickest and easiest fix that’d make a big improvement for any customer that Lenovo could make to all of its Thinkpads is simply to calibrate the display before packaging it.

Mike S says:

X1 Yoga 2017 review please.

handquake says:

Ooooh….been waiting for this. Bestest, Prettiest, Reviewer Who Would Bash A Burglar.

Nan Qin says:

I think the design of this tablet must have some serious flaw. It has the same size and weight as the Surface Pro, its screen is smaller (12 vs 12.3 inch, also with much lower resolution) and processor is weaker (core m vs core i), yet the battery life is so much shorter than the Surface Pro. Normally the reason to sacrifice screen and processor is to get longer battery life, but how could it has much shorter battery life? I don’t know how this tablet could compete with the Surface Pro.

Victor Noel Cory Paz says:

I found this review “Humerus” 🙂

Jonathan Weaver says:

Not sure how it took me so long to find this channel, but glad I did. I am more of a desktop person myself – curious what people would suggest for my brother who is on the prowl for a laptop? He is on the road 4-5 days/week for work, and looking for something that can do light gaming, and doesn’t look ridiculous.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Ben A says:

If I am going to spend that kind money on a tablet I might as well get a Surface Pro. Lenovo used to be affordable, not anymore.

昨夜西风 says:

360p squad!!!!

James Orlando says:

I have a bug crawling inside my laptop screen. My rage is intense.

Bowen Liu says:

Not a long video, still 13 minutes long. Great video though, well worth the false advertising :P!

nah says:

..I wish the mobilestudio 16 just had a keyboard case, lenovo is a solid brand tho

UseYourBrain says:

And again – nice tablet, but the runtime ruins it. I am really looking forward to the review of the Eve V.

The Pussy Diaries says:

Me and my friends disliked this video. I liked my comment 😀

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