Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus Android Tablet with 4G LTE Review – Under $230

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00:20 – Sponsored by Puls lon.tv/puls
01:10 – Hardware overview
01:13 – Price
01:21 – Display
01:39 – Processor
02:17 – OS
02:20 – Weight
02:24 – Battery life
02:39 – Sim / SD Card tray
02:58 – Compatible carriers
03:30 – LTE performance (AT&T / FreedomPop)
03:50 – speakers
04:15 – Ports
04:36 – Fingerprint reader & multi user access
05:41 – Cameras
06:09 – Performance
06:34 – Gaming
06:38 – Gaming: Minecraft
06:51 – Gaming: Grand Theft Auto Vice City
07:12 – 3DMark: Slingshot Benchmark
07:50 – Build quality

I am pleased with the value for the price here. While it does not best the reining graphical performance champion Nvidia K1, it does have a comparable CPU score. That means it should adequately handle most of the Android apps thrown at it.

Added benefits are the 4G / LTE support with wide carrier compatibility, finger print reader, and really nice IPS display. There’s just nothing to really complain about here.

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yassin sherif says:

I have this tablet and I hate it. I recommend anyone who is considering it to get the huawei mediapad m3 lite 8 instead. The 2GB of RAM here is way too low and is barely usable for even the slightest bit of multitasking, and it has performance issues that all correlate to the lack of RAM.

BernardPY says:

I have had My Tab 4 Plus 8 for a few days now. Everything is running fine. After all apps have updated themselves, plus a system update, I deleted a number of apps I would not be needing, mainly the Microsoft Office trialware and Skype.

Having not installed any new app of my own yet, there is already 8.75 GB of storage used out of the 16 GB… Tight…

One annoyance is that the tablet keeps asking for a Sim card each time it boots up. I’m planning to use it on Wi-Fi only. After searching for a way to do away with this notification, it appears there is none that doesn’t require the system to be rooted.

EDIT: After more searching, I found a workaround to do away with the No Sim Card Notification. I put the tablet in Airplane mode, then re-enables Wi-Fi and Location. This disables LTE and the No Sim Card Notification.

TechWizTime says:

I absolutely love my Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus. Coming from iPad, I’ve never had high hopes for Android tablets, but the processor and screen are top notch!

Bryan Escober says:

Wish they’d just add $10 to the price and give us a mini HDMI out port its super useful

bbgarnett says:

keep up the great work

Han Siang Ng says:

I bought it from Amazon at 199 and later realised it is the 2GB configuration and not the glass back version. But the asia configuration with more ram costs more, so i guess it is fair. 3 issues from me. 1) The scroll sensitivity is reduced (it requires more flick) and 2) The power button seems loosely fit. The actual pressure point is at the dead center. It seems like the springy or spongey material at the sides of the button have dissapeared or something. 3) No option to swap the back and menu navigation buttons eventhough it is soft key. And not much developement on custom roms…

KahneFan.#5@FarmersIns says:

Hey Lon, what was the fix on that computer that you and your associate producer was building?? I never saw a follow-up video on that? Thanks.

John Squarez says:

Could you reccomend a non-sheild tegra tablet for a similar price

wenksification says:

i think you only have the regular tab 4 8 inches. not the 4 plus variant. i believe the plus variant has 64gb built in plus 4gb of ram/16gb memory plus 3gb ram. im currently using my lenovo tab 3 8 plus. it has 16gb plus 3gb ram. i love how lenovo makes these affordable tablets. only if nvidia shield was still on production, i would have bought that for sure.

Yacheng Moua says:

Been a while since I’ve seen a decent budget android tablet. Looks like a promising one

Ryan Brown says:

My Nvidia K1 is only getting 3hrs of video playback. I need a replacement. I’ll use moonlight to stream my PC.

photolabguy says:

My Nexus 7 from 2013 is still alive and kicking. It still does what I need it to do.

corduroy99 says:

meh, too pricey!

DaGamerAlan Xbox One says:

Hey Lon or if he can’t respond what would you guys recommend for uploading to youtube I only have 200$ and its for Xbox and I only have a MacBook Pro for the software?

Hugh Dinwiddie says:

A good review and right up your alley, Lon. I noticed on Amazon the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10″ tablet is only $15 more if folks want a larger version. It’s too bad that nobody seems to have an interest in making- truly up-to-date nice Android tablets these days. Phones have gotten so big, it seems to have hurt the tablet market. Laptops have reduced in size/weight/price to encroach on tablets as well.

Jorge Garcia says:

It’s remarkable to me how both Google and Apple REFUSE to make the one product that most NORMAL people want…yet Microsoft, the one company that NOBODY wants to make it, is more than willing to produce it, but can’t due to their own software limitations (App gap). Normal people just want A LAPTOP THAT WORKS LIKE THEIR SMARTPHONE DOES. That’s why MS threw out Windows RT (too little, too late, too wrong) and will someday return to that well (again, in vain) with their project Andromeda. All Google had to do was make a skin of Android that translates somewhat well into a laptop form factor, and they would have scored big. ChromeOS is a BETTER idea, mind you, but not what normal people want. They don’t want to learn a new interface, and they want something that pretty much runs all the apps on their smartphone. Samsung knows this, which is why they created DeX, but so far have FAILED to release any DeX laptops or desktops, which I feel is criminal in 2018. Apple also refuses to integrate iOS into a decent laptop experience. Of course they no doubt have toyed with the idea, but they are more concerned with selling separate pieces of hardware than convergence for the consumer’s benefit. I feel that an Android-based laptop is long overdue. Like Samsung, smaller outfits like Jide an Sentio have already done the hard part of “windowizing” Android, so where are the actual products that run desktop-ish Android?????????????

subagon says:

Could I take the SIMM card out of my Verizon iPhone and use it in this device, then put it back in my iPhone when finished?

Charlie Charlie says:

Can you tell me where I can buy a new Nvidia K1? I want one but I can’t find it anywhere. Otherwise I wonder if it it a bit futile to compare this to a supposedly discontinued product.

Jay K says:

By going off just a glance at the first couple seconds of this video, I could have bet good money that this was a video from 10+ years ago.. Then I looked at the info and.. Waaaat 2018!!? dood update your background props!

Otherwise nice and informative review, all of yours are really

texasdee slinglead says:

That might be the best ATT signal in america

BernardPY says:

Here in North America, both the Tab 4 and Tab 4 Plus have the same 2GB/16 GB memory setup, which is unfortunate, as the 3/32 and 4/64 are available in other parts of the world. Lenovo must have been aiming for a specific price point. (like $199, which they missed!) The Tab 4 is considered entry-level, and the Tab 4 Plus must be viewed as midrange in the current market.

Lon undoubtedly has the Plus model, as evidenced by the upgraded specs compared to the base Tab 4: Snapdragon 625, 8 megapixels rear camera, higher-resolution display, AC Wi-Fi, USB-C connector. In addition, the Plus is slighly smaller and noticeably thinner than the base Tab 4. The base Tab 4 also doesn’t have LTE.

Despite my reservations about memory size, I have this exact same Tab 4 Plus 8 on order, and its supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

ravagingwolverine says:

I looked up the MSM8953. It came up, to my surprise, as the popular Snapdragon 625. I don’t recall it pointed out in the video and thought it was worth noting. It’s a good mainstream mobile processor with very nice single-core scores for A53 cores. Seems like a good choice for a tablet like this.

D B says:

2gb of RAM is a no go. I have the LG Gpad X 8.0 with 2gb of RAM. Don’t see any need to buy this one if it’s still at 2gb of RAM. Great review though, as always.

Lon.TV says:

To those asking: this is definitely the Tab 4 8 Plus. Different regions have different configurations – it looks like here in the USA we’re getting the 16 GB storage / 2GB RAM at the entry price point for the Plus. Also the processor is also known as the Snapdragon 625.


So Mr. Lon. I got the Lenovo P8 a number of months ago for a young friend. It’s been pretty flawless accept for ONE ANNOYING ISSUE they’ve yet to fix. What I want to know is if this Lenovo tablet does it too: when you update a lot of apps in Google Play Store, does it do as expected or take half of forever?

Jacob Lanning says:

I wish there were more tablets with non-software buttons, I view those as an extension of the bezel because 80% of the time they never go away.

Nico Broce says:

Has anyone in here tried the Lenovo Tab 4 7 Essential? Does it support split-screen mode?

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