Lenovo Smart Tab P10 Review – Alexa Enabled Tablet with Dock

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/k13y4 (affiliate link) – Lenovo teamed up with Amazon to deliver an Alexa enabled Android tablet. But the Alexa functions are very disconnected from the underlying Google Android apps and functions. See more tablets: http://lon.tv/tablets and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:54 – Hardware and Price. M10 vs. P10
01:41 – CPU
02:12 – RAM
02:13 – Storage
02:18 – Display
02:32 – Weight
02:45 – Speakers and Sound
02:55 – Fingerprint Sensor
03:05 – USB-C Port
03:33 – Micro SD Slot
03:44 – Glass Back
04:18 – Camera
04:26 – Docking Station and Speakers
05:39 – Amazon Alexa Functionality
09:20 – Google Assistant
09:57 – Tablet performance
10:55 – Gaming: Goat Simulator
11:37 – 3dMark Slingshot Test
12:20 – Final Thoughts

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Dale Marcell says:

Good review. Nice combination. For the tablet. You can get a non-slip vinyl cover that just goes on just like a screen protector. Not sure of the name but I’m sure if you goggle it you will find it. Had the same problem with my iPad mini.

Because it’s just a tape like product will work great with the dock.

Vadym Marchenko says:

Would be great if it was Google assistant dock.

Nickolas Medina says:

Good to see new Android tablets coming out, but would probably go for the m10 and save a few bucks without the dock

astyfoo says:

When they have the version of this that uses Google Assistant in dock mode I’ll be all over it.

Lamar Doss says:

Is this the only one recently with a glass back? Interesting choice. And a surprise there isn’t wireless charging.

Harlock2day says:

My fav tablets are Huawei M5 Pro and Samsung S4. The Lenovo looks good but
I would want to see another review. Price is a factor though.

B P says:

Alexa and all “always listening” is a terrifying invasion of privacy. People need to wake up.

Honosuseri says:

FYI the P10 has a brighter display and larger battery than the M10 model. I think the camera is better too iirc but tablet cameras are always poor. I think it’s worth the extra money for the P10.

Here in the UK you can buy them without the Dock. The 32GB M10 costs the same as a Fire HD10. I’d rather have the android os than fire os. Amazon have a habit of “blocking” useful apps (e.g kodi and HD homerun)

Peluchinan says:

Android tablets are rare this days.

Paul Perkins says:

Alexa really demonstrates the Dark Side of Amazon. They are really shameless about trying to make Alexa an inescapable Amazon-only virtual shopping mall, and their voice tech is still not really as good as Google’s. What Android version is on this device? If you pop the tab into the base and THEN use the screen to take it out of Alexa mode, will it stay in Android mode and let you use it like a Google Home device?

AssCrown says:

Thank you very much for your review! Knowing how slippery the back casing is and that putting a 3rd party protective case on that tablet would most likely be incompatible when it is docked is very informative! I actually bought a screen protector and carbon fiber skin for the P10 and based on your review I will at least apply the screen protector but not the skin for the glass casing so it won’t interfere the dock connections.

You stated performance wise it is not as fast as other tablets, is it slower than the current 9.7 inch iPad? In regards to touchscreen responsiveness, launching of applications, running multiple apps?

AJ Good says:

Thanks for covering this, Lon, though it’s so odd that manufacturers don’t make more higher-end Android tablets. It’s so sad.

DeAndre Wilson says:

Honestly buying an Android tablet nowadays is just asking for trouble. Maybe cheap ones good for kids, but no adult should be buying these things for general purpose. Just get an iPad or Apple Home/Echo Show. You’ll get a much better user experience.

Alan Arrowsmith says:

Can you remove the Alexa and/or change the assistant to something else like Google or Bixby on either of these models?

flukom says:

I wonder if amazon is subsidizing the cost of the dock in this package or consumers are paying for it

UK BB says:

Don’t trust Lenovo.

Bane Bergan says:

Seems like it would be an excellent tablet… if not for that crappy Amazon software.

Mordecai Walfish says:

Closed captioning: “Hey everybody it’s Line Syphon” . Got a kick out of that =)

George Senda says:

I hope you realize that any Amazon device will not let you go directly into You Tube. On the Echo Show you have to go to Google, then Firefox then You Tube.
The consumer should not have to deal with Amazon’s fight with Google.
Amazon’s OS is proprietary and sucks.
Also having to scroll up all the time instead of having apps on the screen is a pain in the ass.
This is why I also have an Ipad.
I have a Fire tablet as well but it is horrible.
Tried to add an sd card and its cheap door broke when I opened it.
I did videos on it and only managed to publish them to You Tube by using Amazon photos and I was only able to do that once I bought an Echo show.
There was no easy way to upload them to my Imac or transfer them to it and then to You Tube.
If it had not been given to me as a gift, I would never have bought one.

Carmen Nooner says:

I have the Lenovo Tab A 10″ and had the Yoga 10″ previously. I found both tablets to be a bit sluggish and wait time to boot up seemed longer than the Samsung line of tablets. When Amazon released its 10″ Fire with hands free Alexa feature, I purchased it at a good price, bought a sturdy cover for it that stands nicely in my kitchen, and enjoy the fact that I can get recipes or watch videos from my Prime account at any time while working in the kitchen. Also connecting to Bluetooth comes in handy for me as well, so I can’t justify buying this confused device by Lenovo when Amazon’s 10″ tablet with a sturdy cover works wonderfully and is probably less costly.

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