Lenovo P8 Tablet ( Tab3 8 Plus ) Review – 8″ Android Tablet With IPS Display

Buy one at Gearbest – http://lon.tv/zf0ga (affiliate link) – This import Lenovo tablet offers a decent Android experience but is not as powerful as the Nvidia K1. See more tablets: http://lon.tv/tablets and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s — Index below:

00:11 – Pricing
00:31 – Hardware overview
01:07 – Display quality
01:18 – System specs
01:26 – SD card slot / tray
01:47 – Weight
02:08 – Ports
02:24 – Speakers
02:56 – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
03:05 – Notification light
03:25 – Camera quality
03:50 – Android version
04:45 – Performance: Web browsing
05:35 – Gaming: Minecraft
05:58 – Gaming: GTA Vice City
06:34 – Benchmark: 3DMark slingshot test
07:59 – Conclusion and final thoughts

For $150 (the cost of the white version right now on Gearbest) this is not a bad deal. I am a bit spoiled by the now discontinued Nvidia K1 tablet that offered much faster graphics performance for around the same price. This tablet doesn’t come close to matching the K1’s performance but few tablets do at the moment.

Another issue here is that it’s still running Android 6. I do not know if it will see an upgrade to 7.

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Michael Aranda says:

Lenovo smartphones and tablets are amazing quality.

malk loka says:

hi I want to buy Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio user

Heath Brown says:

Good luck getting it from Gearbest in a timely manner or at all. I ordered mine and a month later it still wasn’t sent. They kept pushing the date back. When I ordered the tablet it showed in stock and would reach me in like 5 days. A month later they kept pushing the date back and I cancelled my order. No thanks to Gearbest.

ZombieBitesAgain says:

3rd nice job and review lon

charlesplane says:

When are the new RCA tablets & laptops coming out? I saw the RCA Horizon 17 and I want it reviewed… but I don’t think its out.


It’s with great relief this MADE THE CUT. (It’s a gift arriving for a friend any day now.) 🙂

SUPERSS90 says:

Awesome review like always.

Lon.TV says:

A few viewers have pointed out that Lenovo currently has a Tab 4 here in the USA. That one costs $229 with similar specs but only 2 GB of RAM vs. the 3 in this one. The newer tablet does have Android 7.1, however.

You can find the Tab 4 here: http://lon.tv/xzpyd (affiliate link). At the moment the white Tab 3 tablet I linked to above at Gearbest costs $80 less.

There’s also a 10″ Tab 4 that costs less but it’s larger. As I always say, if it’s smaller it’s more expensive! :).

Darth Bane says:

I still have my K1 tablet, thanks for recommending it back in 2014-2015 time frame. is there anything out there that is as good or better than it?

codemancjackson says:

can you run the icestorm 3dmark benchmark and tell me the score. please and thank you in advance.

昨夜西风 says:

Lets be real. Android tablets just suck so bad. If you are willing to spend 200 dollars, chances are adding another 100 bucks you can literally get an iPad 2017.

Johann Sebastian Bach says:

Totally first

NathanBrutal says:

Not bad!! I love 8 inch tablet for my medium sized hands so I can type and reach my thumbs all the way across the screen.

dope cool says:

Why Would I Get This Over The Nvidia Shield Tablet.

azuretriedge3 says:

Hey Lon random question, where does the little tune you use in the opening come from? Is it self created?

Justin Frost says:

can it run Galaxy on Fire 3

Neurobio Boy says:

I do not understand why they charge 50 bucks more for the blue color!

young mouss says:

16gb in 2017?seriously?

Simon Worthington says:

Only $188 Australian at gearbest right now. Just ordered can’t wait to get it.

Rage Zapper says:

This is wrong 🙁 the Lenovo tab 4 10 is the latest model available. Why help gear best sell these old device?

Gregg H says:

Why would in anyone in the US buy this over the Tab 4 8 Plus that’s meant to be sold in the US, comes with Android 7.1 and sells for $199?

Pdthecliche says:

The non plus model (plastic 720p) has android 7 and is about 100 i think? Id basically the same I believe.

Razvan Fodor says:

This would be an awesome tablet for the price if it would have Nougat. Not being able to use split screen on a tablet is not cool at all.

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