Lenovo Miix 320 Review – $199 Detachable Tablet / Laptop 2 in 1

Buy it at Newegg – http://lon.tv/7tfwx (affiliate link) – Lenovo’s new budget tablet 2 in 1 sports a great keyboard dock and is powered by an Atom Cherry Trail Processor. See more tablets: http://lon.tv/tablets and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s – index below:

00:36 – Hardware overview
00:38 – Pricing and Specifications
00:48 – Display and resolution options
01:21 – Build quality
01:28 – Tablet weight
01:40 – Keyboard dock
02:10 – Trackpad
02:39 – Strength of tablet to keyboard base connection
03:02 – Total weight
03:08 – Battery life
03:24 – Ports
03:39 – USB-C port
04:07 – HDMI output
04:31 – Keyboard dock USB ports
04:49 – MicroSD card slot
05:18 – Performance: YouTube / Netflix video watching
05:44 – Performance: Web browsing
06:35 – BrowserBench.org Speedometer test
07:09 – Performance: Microsoft Office / Word
07:30 – Gaming: Minecraft & Recomendations
08:18 – 3DMark Cloudgate benchmark test
08:41 – Thermals
09:10 – Kodi and high bitrate media
11:02 – No luck on Linux / alternative OS’s

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Overall I’m quite pleased with what Lenovo has put together for $200. Typically detachable devices like these have lousy keyboards and other compromises. This one seems to be well built and has a great keyboard for its overall form factor.

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Lu G. says:

Sir +Lon.TV, any comment on how well this holds up for doing MS Office Word and PPT?

Saurabh Shastri says:

i want ask question , which laptop is best from lenovo mixx 320 & acer switch one 10E.
you also make comparison video .

Jed says:

COD is available too? Malaysia?

Michael Shelby says:

cool video. Well done! Thumbs up!

Yamon Bo says:

Hi Lon, I’m a college student and I need to purchase a budget laptop and I’m currently deciding between ASUS E200Ha and Lenovo Miix 320. I’m mostly going to be using the laptop to surf the web and write papers on Google Chrome or Microsoft Word. Could you suggest which one would be a better option? Thanks.

Michael Josias says:

there’s an LTE version right?

Pramit Mazumdar says:

MIIX 310 version has a Nano SIM Card slot. Does this upgraded model of MIIX 320 also has a NANO SIM Card slot which supports LTE ?

Daniel Witzel says:

Update Linux: does not finish booting, but does goto ubuntu USB boot menu at least. Win10 USB says bios cant boot off USB. To try it anyway goto start menu and type reset this PC, then pick advanced startup. On reboot it will give options for USB DVD etc. Even on a DVD it says boot failed so kinda curious what one would do if you needed to reinstall windows. And yes i tried GPT scheme for UEFI, same result just, ubuntu freezes and win10 freezes at the win10 logo even after 10mins.

Double_0_NN_53 says:

My question does it run minecraft well?

LegendaryTRajendar says:

This is an upgraded version of Lenovo Miix 310, it would have been good if they changed processor to Atom x7

Kodi Boy says:

Will this run riblox for my daughter?

J says:

Very good review. Subscribing now. But I hope eventually you will change your background.

MaxAwesomeness GB says:

Can you upgrade the RAM? I’d rather buy a $200 laptop and upgrade it.

Vishnu Srinivas says:

nice review ..does it support External hard drive ? witch usb port support Hard drive in this laptop?

rd1980sy says:

I have one, it is so frustrating slow and counter productive.

Mansoor A says:

Hey, any idea about the Linux compatibility of this tablet?

maxlol0 says:

To enter the BIOS you need to press and hold the power and volume up at the same time while it is switched off.

Mike Stoddart says:

Another excellent video – subscribed.

gforse daniel says:

I like the long reviews , get more detail that way . I got the tablet thinking it was android.:( . I’m not a fan of windows 10 . I installed minecraft but it wouldn’t do controls like a tablet but it did load . I was going to return it tomorrow till u reminded me of steam for the light games thanks. I believe I will give it another go . Great video review

Apiz Mello says:

can u draw with this laptop?

MrOnlyforcommenting says:

i brought this computer for $300 in my country. whoever plans to buy this , i can only recommnend if you just doing light browsing ( like watching youtube, reading news ) and just doing emails. the processor is abit slow but it still gets the job done. the keyboard is a little cramp and small and definitely not for long typing. battery life is just ok , about 6 hrs+ . but for its price point , definitely a good deal.

coca806 says:

Does it have an AUX ?!???!??!?!?

Devin Main says:

Can this Lenovo miix 320 run cs go?

nvoima says:

I just got this. I like the keyboard . It is better than what many other similar devices have. I like many basic entry level full size keyboards. Not great but get’s the job done. The feeling of the keyboard is similar on this small device. Key’s have less travel which feels slightly odd at first though. Compared to other convertibles I don’t feel the keyboard is holding you back that much doing things. Exception number keys on top are a bit too small. Writing a novel on this would be fair enough.

The hinge feel a bit wobbly but this is a detachable. I don’t see any obvious failure point.
touchpad feels run of the mill.

Amrit Singh says:

can you please provide comparison between hp pavilion x2 and lenovo miix 320

root8ble says:

does remix os work fine on it?

Awesome Gamer 945 says:

Great video

Yosuke Rechain says:

I like, but in my country would be expensive from $ 200, the lenovo miix 310 version costs $ 300 (Rp 3jt). and miix may be $ 350- $ 450.

Daniel Krammer says:

Does it have build in GPS?

Yasmin Neri says:

How can you pop open the micro sd slot??

Jim Washington says:

Gorilla glass?

ZacKaryScOreS says:

Can I have my A/C adapter plug in at all times like most people do with a laptop when I’m using it or would you recommend me having the A/C adapter plug off?

Kamil Fitri says:

this lenovo miix 320 vs HP pavillion X2.. which one will you recommend? I’m looking for one, doing office work.. your reply really will make my day..

fretboardrunner says:

Great, great review! Only thing I missed is the speakers. How do they compare to other tablets? I assume since they are front-facing they’ll do quite well.

Jody Waters says:

Can you please let me know if this will handle a digital pen. Meaning it is a Touch-screen Digitizer display screen. I need it to use a pen. I have asked Lenovo and they can’t tell me. VERY FRUSTRATING. Thanks so much for your help.

mhs vz says:

Thanks for an excellent review.

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