I Got a New Tablet! (Huion GT 220 V2 Review)


Big thanks to Huion for sending me this amazing Tablet!
Also there should be a normal animation out soon!

Store & More Info: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZIBK50

Drawing Glove: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Professional-Free-Size-Artist-Sketch-Drawing-Two-Finger-Glove-for-Graphic-Tablet-/152518962652?hash=item2382d6addc:g:i-wAAOSwWiBY-Y9x

Check Out Danny: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTTCnubETcqZRahhYWbshg

My Other Videos!

How NOT to Workout (feat. 8BitLiam): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne946NORHrU

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Summer Camp (feat. Tabbes):

Shopping With Friends:

School Plays (feat. The Sea Rabbit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbMNiDtS3ng&t=10s

What I use to draw: Huion GT220V2

What app I use to draw: Fire Alpaca

What Mic I have: Rode NT-usb

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allnewpanda mcpe says:

you Indian?

Ghosty ToonZ says:

Good for you

Kool Kid Aidan says:

I feel like I saw that drawing at the end somewhere… just a bit different…

Finny Makes Animations says:


5quishyMC says:

You need to edit what I use to draw in the about section in your channel

Rocketmonster77 says:

Do u remember me

Snoring Munchlax says:


Melissa Pankey - Original Channel says:

I just got a huion tablet for my bday 🙂

Sid Animates says:

Ahhhhhhh Nice Tablet Dude, I am thinking of getting one!
*looks at his money*
After 100 years!

CloudToons says:


TheMightyPancake says:

THANK YOU! I’ve been wondering what tablet I should get since I’m finally getting my own computer

Jake L. says:


Janna Pizza says:

I expect more videos and comics now?

PlayerWolf Dope says:

I only have a huion h610 pro

Reality GamerZ says:

Nice fancy drawing monitor! Looking forward to seeing more videos with the new tablet!

Mr. Know it all says:

That sweater is itchy……………………………

2ninjaboys says:

MeAndMyself: and you can get this tablet for like half off, then what you can buy for other tablets, and this one is REALLY good

Me: let’s see this awesome tablet on amazon! 😀
*sees price*


ThatGuyWhoCantSing says:

Dang, that’s pretty nice. Maybe you can draw almost as well as Danny Doodles now. (Oh snap, counter-burn attack!) XD

Nerdity says:


Jade C. says:

Would you rather fart glitter or burp glitter?


*Hand reveal..*

Gaming And More says:

300th like!

The BearKorok says:

I rember u since Atimations drew u on his love stream

Dapper Croc says:


BillyButBetter says:

Dat is one smexy looking tablet. I need to upgrade from my potato tablet. Im gonna dm u some questions about it. Please don’t ignore me, i’m scared of being alone.

K_M_S Animations says:

Oh I have HUION too

Chicken Nuggets says:

Saving money for this I NEED THIS

Skarpantre says:

The purple lighting is so sick! 😀

Ima Jenius says:

not like the drawing on the box nor is the drawing a box

Mello Chello says:

It’s not cheap! It’s $800!

chalk says:

wow alot of ppl are getting theses huion tablets

13JackDiamond says:

Your true form? That isn’t even your final form! (haha).

Kirishima Kun says:

it may sound silly but honestly your hands are very nice

8-bit Animations says:

MeandMyself Just Got an Upgrade

James Animations says:

How Much Is This Talbet?

Jake Snake Drawing says:

Dang I use Wacom but that huion looks fresh

Danny Doodles says:

Oohhhh fancy drawing tablet! Wait… How dare you insult my cable plugging in brain power! Haha

Steven Kim says:

Omg, I’m getting this!! I check the prices, it’s so affordable.

The Boy says:

Woah his animations are getting really realistic good job mah dood

Geek Toons says:

i love this tablet, i have been using for for my animations and for school work on top of that

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