HUION Wireless DRAWING TABLET (13.8″-by-8.6″) REVIEW

Good Gracious! the aperture is all over the place in this video. I’ll do better next time!!!!

FYI, I was sent this product for free to try out. But I was not paid to make any comments, they are all my own. The good and the bad. I did my best to be completely honest and I hope it helps you make a decision!

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Anne Sofie Clausen says:

Could you try firealpaca

Unicorn Gaming says:

can you do something like comparing art Programs. Like trying to find a cheap alternative to photoshop. you can use softwares like FireAlpaca, Gimp, and any other art programs. I feel like this would be a cool idea to help beginner digital artists find a good program to draw on If they Cant spend money on Photoshop!

Funphunfunphuntom says:

I think maybe you could do a tutorial on the basics of gimp

CopicNinja says:

One of the buttons on the pen is preprogrammed to be the eraser if you hold it down and draw

Kawaii Neko says:

i dont even use my wacom pens eraser. a lot of the time, my programs arnt compatible with it and choosing the eraser tool takes the same amount of time.

Manly MacAndCheese says:

Can you do a video on how to establish an art youtube channel? I want to try it and be able to create and share with the yt community ☺️☺️

Julia H.B. Arts says:

I think I would be making little sticker or tape some drawings of the different tools in photoshop to put on the hotkeys, and just use those to change between the different. Perhaps you only use a few of them though? I was really surprised you wanted the eraser! I only use ctrl+z, but I guess we are all different! I would just put my upper pen button to the pen tool, and the lower to the eraser, and it will be quick to switch between again. Anyways, Great review! Thank you for mentioning all of the things that bothered you aswell as mentioning the good suff!

guavabean aws says:

Can you do a video on different tablets?Like how long it took you to get used to draw without a screen vs with one

Mimi S. says:

My Wacom works on GIMP just fine. It might be your tablet is almost 10 years old.

Satanic Potato says:

yeah i used to use a wacom intuos which costed about $150 which had the eraser and later i got a huion tablet that costed about $80 which was like twice the size of the wacom and it took awhile to get used to but its a lot better than the wacom one.

Negative Zero Media says:

The tablet actually has 2048 {not 248) levels of pressure sensitivity haha! But great review 🙂

Milan art says:

I an just starting digital art I am 12. if gimp is free I want to try. can you show me the basics and mabey even more if you like. but I want it to be a longer thing so I can draw with you too.

Juliet Jackson says:

do you have a face reveal or are you planning on doing a face reveal

SSketchyChan says:

i told you! the tablet is sooo beatiifullll

*the tablet has feelings too*

Rosaleana Cordellia says:

Does anyone know of a tablet with hotkey’s on the right side? I’m left handed, so I was just wondering

ellie carroll says:

Could u maybe do a big video on how to use a tablet

DerpCookieCake says:

Seeing that the tablet can work from 40ft away, you should do a Distance Art Challenge! Put your laptop or computer kinda far away so u can see it but not very well and try and make an art piece. I think it would be quite unique. Is that a good idea?

Kittykazoo says:

I love being a cheapskate. Please tell me what in the world “Gimp” is.

MiknightSpeaks says:

this is my fav unboxing vid

Olivia Nelson says:

Yesssss, GIMP tutorials! Please, I would love that!

NPC Pause says:

I remember I got my first drawing tablet during my sophomore year in high school, tried to draw with it but since it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, I ended up ditching it for about …four years? went into digital last june with an old intuos, found I loved drawing in digital, and around christmas, got an intuos pro. it was weird kinda getting into using another tablet after using a tiny one for so long, but am glad I have a larger work space to work with.

On another note, yeah I’d like to see what you could teach us in GIMP because I definitely don’t really have a lot of experience with it.

Alice Wasteland says:

what I don’t know how to do in gimp: everything.

Veronica Hernandez says:

I’m pretty sure the eraser is an almost Wacom exclusive thing. In traditional art I always use a separate eraser anyway. I have a Huion and I think it’s pretty good. It’s bigger than the medium Wacom tablets and cheaper than the small ones. I’ve used a Wacom before and it wasn’t too significant of a difference. And something I have always hated about Wacom is that they have a very clearly marked active area with a different color material and all, but they cut it every smaller and you can’t use all that, only what’s in the tick marks, while my Huion, has the same marked area and I can use all of it. It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

MixieInky Eyes says:

I still have the Intuos box that my tablet came in. Does everyone do this or just a select group of people? =)

Putra Arif Prasetyo says:

did you use gimp for drawing? Btw im a fans of yours drawing 🙂

Candy SweetHeart says:

Whats in the box? – Another box
Whats in that box? – Another box
Whats in the other other box? – Another box

*Flips table*

Peridot Pocky God. says:

you can program one of the buttons on the pen to be an eraser

Shadow Art says:

I already own it. Its so far my favorite tablet that I’ve ever used. My only problem is that the surface is very soft so it scratches easily.

Anonymous says:

Is Gimp a good software?

Ian Thompson says:

My experience with Huion is the pressure sensitivity jumps quite quickly from light to heavy. H610 Pro

KatHarpy says:

ive been using a 50$ monoprice tablet my whole life so i wouldnt know how nice an eraser tip is

princessxiaou says:

I was so excited to see this in my feed because I’ve been interested in Huion tablets for a while! Currently I’ve been using a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet handed down from my sister and it’s still doing me well.

I used to use the eraser side a lot too until it actually started hurting my hand too much. I make too many mistakes when I draw so I switched between the pen and eraser sides like 5 times in probably less than a second for most of my drawings and it really started to hurt my hand lol so I ended up changing one of my side buttons to an eraser which was much more convenient for me.

After a while I ended up replacing my eraser button for the eyedropper so I resorted to having my left hand on the keyboard at all times for that handy dandy ctrl+z. With that said I really lit up when I saw all those hotkey buttons on the side! That looks like heaven to me! Honestly, stretching five fingers out on several keys and having your keyboard on the desk and your tablet plugged in and resting on your knees because there’s no room isn’t the most ideal drawing position. So really, I’m just like drooling at those hotkeys!

This tablet looks pretty great especially for a beginner and especially for the price! I’m in no need for a new tablet right now, if I was to get one I’d want an upgrade and check out some of their tablets which have the screens you can draw on (I really want one) but if my tablet ever breaks and I need a cheap, upgraded replacement, this seems like a pretty great option.

Kela B says:

I’m seriously considering buying this bad boy now, thank you Waffles :3

BubbleGum_Plays Channel says:

Could you make a video using it?
I really want to know how it works…
(I want to buy one of this too…. Maybe)

Skyquin says:

I don’t have the eraser tip on my Wacom tablet pen, I just set the lower button as the eraser. I think that it functions better. I don’t think I’d be able to work having to flip the pen over all the time

Insanity says:

Not the biggest tablet in the world. Mines 19 by 20 inches.

Miifan says:

My wacom tablet didn’t have an eraser tip. At least I never found it.. Although is fair to say it did take me over a year to find the extra pen tips so maybe it’s somewhere in the box and I just never knew it.

AngelCAKE5 says:

do you think you can do a basic tutorial on gimp?

Livid Evil says:

not trying to brag or anything but that isn’t the biggest tablet because even my drawing display (with screen) is 15 inches

Lumino Draws says:

My Wacom was really cheap.
I bought it at Best Buy for 65 dollars, brand new, and I’ve had it for 2 years. It works perfectly.

daisy says:

I actually thought this was a display tablet at first.. lol xD

however I am in the market for a new tablet and this one looks really cool?? the one I was gonna originally get was a Wacom Intuos small I think but it turns out its like half the size of my Wacom Bamboo medium and a size down was not something I was wanting – u -;

thank you for doing a review on it !! Reviews are really fun and there super nice for finding tablets that you may not have seen

Greta Navickaitė says:

One of the reasons why I wouldn’t buy it, because hard keys are on the left side and I am left-handed. I am 100% sure, that I would press them so often while drawing.

Even with Wacom, I use Ctrl+Z and I feel like an idiot when I have to cross hands just to press the keys.

But I really like the design of Huion tablet

SunnyFoxxComments says:

Can you do a tutorial on Krita one day? I’ve been using it but I also have some trouble using it. Krita is free by the way! When I first figured it out I thought it was going to be horrible. I thought that paint tool said was the best thing to use but it turns out I like Krita a WHOLE bunch more!

MiknightSpeaks says:

you can set the button to be an eraser!

floanna says:

I feel like this tablet isn’t for left handed people tho… 🙁

JustAnotherEntity97 says:

The erasers on the wacom pens never work with the programs I use to draw, so it’s not a super big deal for me.

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