Huion WH1409 Tablet Review + How to Install and Settings

This is the type of tablet I recommend for people getting their first drawing tablet and for artists who travel. Links to the Huion “Giano” below.

Price: $159
Drawing Area: 13.8 x 8.6’’ (350 x 220mm)
Shortcut Keys: 12

► Huion WH1409 ◄


Installation Drivers:

► Music ◄
“Abstract Beat” by DL Sounds (
“Hope” by Cyberwave Orchestra
“Jazz Comedy” by

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Lunia's Dream says:

I still can’t have a drawing tablet, but i like watching reviews in ones.

s speedpaint says:

I have a small starter tablet from huion.. I love it

Awesome Giratina says:

How many times did you miss said huion

40-Watermelonz says:

I would love it if you did a giveaway! The only time I got a tablet was because it was my friends old bamboo one, and I got it this year!
I loved this review and your videos help me so much with my art. <3

x cutie paw animate x says:

I want it :’D why life

Ender Cable says:

We got a simple wolf here… OR the other thing which is full human with a bag of the real Scribbles on her head. Plus, is that the one who started a web comic with a confusing ending making another cameo I see? What is wrong with me?

Lps Ocean Dragon says:

I use huion tablets, I didn’t need to install anything XD

Flynn says:

I’m not an artist, I don’t draw, but I find it interesting to see how you work. I’m a bit baffled that the driver requires administrator privileges to define advanced keyboard shortcuts and doesn’t have per-application settings. What are the possible settings for what a button press should trigger? I assume there’s at least the possibility to emulate a key press or mouse click. If it also offers to run a command instead, it may be possible to emulate the per-application presets.

skipper lovey says:

I got this tablet for chistmas i told me mum that i wanted a drawing the line sensitivity is amazing.and the slick movement of the pen is extremely satisfing, unfortunately i have lost the tip of the pen.

Sorptomber says:

I got this exact tablet mid-january of this year. For the first few weeks I found the tablet really hard to use, it’s not something you want to get if you’re not good with computers. The drivers aren’t the best (although that’s just classic Huion – great hardware, awful software.) I had a lot of trouble with SAI but managed to fix it after discovering the run as admin rule. The cursor also gets uncentred alot in SAI aswell, although it can be fixed by clicking on the taskbar, but it’s only a temporary fix. I’m having a bit of trouble with toonboom but I think it could just be damage to the tablet, it worked fine before. I found that the USB isn’t great either, my computer doesn’t detect it unless its inserted in a very certain way, so I just keep it plugged in all the time. The tablet would be much better for someone who doesn’t draw full time, as charging the pen can get in the way of your workflow. The pen charging cable is really short, not ideal to work with, although I only ever have to charge for a couple hours every 3 months or so (take note: I only draw for a couple hours a day, at best. You might be charging it more often if you draw for longer periods of time.) It’s the perfect tablet for someone who doesn’t depend on constant drawing as a source of income and who also knows their way around computers.

Alex Gen.V5 says:

*click* noice

Dusk The Cat says:

I have very good experiences with this tablet. I got it and set it up immediately and was instantly happy with the results. I definitely would like to program the keys for controlz and controlt so i can undo and select layers, as well as pressure sensitivity but I’m unsure how to do so with windows 10.

Loki Blanding says:

Can it run crysis

FrostySpirit says:

Wow, I might get that one now! I have a small Wacom.

Wes Dobermann says:

Are there any tablets that don’t cost the price of a house you suggest?

PersonWithaCoffeeProblem says:

I use a Huion tablet. But its an older one that isn’t wireless.

Ronwe TheFallen says:

I happen to have a Turcom tablet (Huion clone), and I think the reason for the charging is because wacom and huion interface with the pen in different ways. If I were to guess, I’d say that it’s likely that Wacom uses a transiever and a chip set built to run on really low voltage, and Huion uses a much cheaper and simpler transmitter solution.

And for those of you who are afraid of the cheap tablets because of them using batteries, let me just say that I’ve had mine for 3 years now, and I’m still using the original AAA battery that came in the box… and the power button was jammed shut the entire time.

Pillowhead Animations says:

soooooo u install it with the wacom drivers still installed on your computer ? that part confused me lol

RagingRedPanda says:

I have one of those Huion tablets. It’s my first drawing tablet, I got it for Christmas and I’m still happy that I haven’t broke it or mess up the buttons. But the tablet pen has a few cracks because almost all of my floors are hard floors so yeah, small plastic pen meets tile floor or wooden floor. But it still works nonetheless.

Sonic Genesis says:

I use the Huion gt 190. Its very similar to this one.

a says:

6:15 Huion pens need to be charged, wired or wireless.

Flophawk says:

You should do a Scribble Kibble for Gwain Saga.

Mimikyu Gaming says:

Here’s a recommendation for an animation to review glitchtale by camilia cueavus

Rocky Harmony says:

I unfortunately have had a bad experience with Huion, It worked fine at first, then just quit functioning properly. For some strange reason the driver would refuse to work with my computer ( I use Windows )
No matter which version of driver I used, I would hit the problem of The driver causing the tablet to not operate ( wouldn’t draw at all ) I would have to run the tablet without the driver, but this causes me to lose all the desired functions and hot keys. And the Tablet had a terrible lag too ( Tablet would not register the pen until a sec later causing a straight line, then what your drawing ) ( couldnt find a solution )
I tried everything I could think of, including help directly from Huion support. Still doesnt work, so I gave up, and got my original tablet repaired.

Dont know if i will give it a try again or not. ( Too late to ship it back )

Justin Mcgovern says:

Dangit. Im gonna need to save up my money.

Gamerwolffey says:

I honestly might buy this when I get my own computer

Emily The Kittydog AnImAtIoNs says:

Im going to get a drawing tablet but i didn’t know witch one but this video is helping me chose

Tromino says:

What percent of what you said in this video were things Huion told you to say? :p

J John says:

Would you recommend this over an Intuos draw, and does it work on Mac?

UniqueSKD says:

I thought Crowne’s wolf was adorable before. Then she added a bow to it in the thumbnail and now I want her as a pet.

The wolf, I mean. Not the person behind the wolf…unless that’s a weird fetish of hers.

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