Huion Tablet Review! (Unboxing + Speedpaint)

Some of the folks from Huion recently sent me one of their tablets to try out – things didn’t go exactly as planned, but I had a lot of fun with it in the end!

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Harley Oleson says:

I’m super excited to see you got a chance to review this. I keep looking through reviews, this is the tablet I’ve had my heart set on and this just makes me feel even better. Going to be getting it in just two more weeks, I’m so excited!

blank face says:

Hey Alex, quick question – do your seasonal OC’s have names, and if so, what are they?

Sebastian Ramos says:

i hate u

Yasmin Najeeb says:

I use an Inspiroy 640 and it’s really nice for the cost!

Maxton says:

100,000 THOUSAND SUBS!!!!!!!!! OMGGGG!!!!!!

AwesomestDork says:

Alex it has been awesome seeing your channel and art grow. If anyone has earned this it is definitely you my guy! I have come to consider you one of my favorite artist and I hope you continue to grow as an artist and to be given these incredible opportunities! Cheers mate!! ♥

e_mira_ld says:

Also!!! Congrats on 100k and I love your pfp update! I hadn’t noticed it before lol

tododeku 123 says:

beautiful art

Lighting Master says:

I’ve been looking for a drawing tablet and this one is nice af but I’m brok af so imma start savin up for it

AN Game says:

30fps (

Jullya says:

Wow!! You reached 100,000 just a little awhile ago!! Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see more from your channel!

Ender Drawing says:

Got I love your videos and your voice

Nikolay Georgiev says:

(: do more videos plz

Airis Young says:

Yaaas alex do all those reviews and speedpaints xD

Charlotte H says:

What drawing program do you use? Or does the tablet come with its own?

Aubrey Does Art says:

Im distracted by the beautiful Qrow print on the wall…….is that a sign that says “carry on my wayward son”!?!?

This person From lala says:

Your hands are great

Larrieu says:

Amazing! <3

Kai Alive says:

F*ck I love Bubble Tea <3
Love your art man, the colours are so nice and bright.
I love your style. Is that all your art on your wall?

Cameron Wheeler says:

Is it bad that I love you so much?

Dapple Drawings says:

Ah I absolutely adore this character! I wish I could adopt her!

sweetcat2452 says:

I would love to get this
Nibs for days

Oh no a crack

Great it works!

kimisea says:

I love this video and your artwork is adorable! Just wondering what display tablet you currently use? I currently use an intuos small and I’m debating whether or not to get a cintiq 13in or a huion 22in; I’ve been led to believe Wacom is a better quality in general but if the huion is a good substitute then I’d like to get the bigger (and cheaper!) tablet.

If anyone else can help me out I’d appreciate it!

Ronyea Richardson says:

i mess watching your videos you drawing god

Sophia S. says:

I love your Hufflepuff shirt

Jotaro Kujo says:


tingsforfun says:

Do I spot a hufflepuff?

ANIME tions says:

I have a Tooya Master, awesome small tablet with great responsiveness !

Mỹ Nguyễn says:

Too dark cant see shit

Ballistic Bunny says:

I absolutely love your style! I really look up to you with your style, and I really hope to get better with my style.

Keep up the videos please uwu

Spazzparrotchair Yeet says:

Your art style is adorable! It’s really fun watch you draw. Can’t wait to see more of your videos. ❤

Wizaster says:

“30 degrees” *faint sobbing from Southwest US

Raven Feather says:

Amazing review! I couldn’t help but notice the little carry on my wayward son thing in the background! Nice

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