Huion Kamvas GT-191 · Tablet Review · Better Than The iPad Pro??

Here’s my review of this big drawing tablet where I’ll be answering some of the comments brought up in the unboxing. Check out this tablet for yourself here;

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Heather Rose Frear says:

the big Wacom 27qhd is really good as well

dimension w says:

Here is my Huion gt-220 and a quick drawing of you, oh and my beautiful dell 29inch in the bg ;-P

Isabella Cortez says:

Do you think you could possibly do a review and drawing of the iPad Pro and procreate?

Janiya says:

I currently have a surface pro 4(it’s cracked, I cri) but it over heats really fast but I think that comes with getting it when it comes out(did I mention that I can’t get anything for Mr birthday or Christmas for the next 3 years) but I want a larger screen. If I save up I might can get it


I wouldn’t mind seeing more reviews you have this really cool aesthetic that you can go anywhere with and I vibe with it

Yelida Hierro Art says:

Excellent review. I would love to try out the iPad pro since I’ve always been curious about digital art just to play around. Like you, I don’t think I’d ever leave traditional media behind but it’d be fun to try. I actually have a older Wacom tablet that was gifted to me years ago but I never really got around to use it properly, I think a touch screen would suit me much better.

Ella Ditchfield says:

Hi, with the ipad and pencil, can you lean on the screen with your hand whilst using it? Thank you x

Kamogai says:

Kind of odd I’ve never charged my apple pen like that. Did yours come with the adaptor where you can use it with a normal apple charger?

Oswin Altava says:

I got that other Huion tablet briefly featured at 2:37 last Christmas and I’m still very much a beginner, in a few years this looks like a good option! I did consider getting a tablet with a screen but the prices were far too expensive, this one is in a good price range and seems great!

Lisa Ellen Art says:

I love Huion, I have a GT220 myself. They make better display tablets now though but I’m still happy with and swear-by my GT220! Nice review Minnie, I love watching reviews on other Huion models for interests sake 🙂

Ayda says:

Your videos are always so relaxing to watch and honestly, I’m a little tempted to try out the Huion despite having the iPad (that screen size is gorgeous)

Out of topic though, regarding procreate, how do you regularly blend colours in procreate? I’m struggling to mix two colours like yellow and blue without overlapping one another (I like to mix colours).

ahdleem says:


weirdchick216 says:

I want a tablet but I need something I can use on the go. I read you can install programs like Coral on the Surface Pro (3 and 4) so I’m leaning towards that. This is nice to have at home though.

DJ990J says:

Ugh, I need this!! I have the same Huion Tablet pro. Great video 😀

alexia nd says:

I found out that the Apple Pencil does not need to charge that way. The package that it comes in provides an extra nib and and an adapter to connect the pencil and an iPad charger. My mind was blown when I found that the little rectangle thing was for that purpose. Just wanted to tell you and anyone scrolling through the comments that! Love your videos by the way 🙂

Sofia Jones says:

The charge of huions are incredible I’ve only charged mine twice over the span of a year. And that wasnt even till it was dully charged.

구아바 says:

Ive tried huion graphic tablet that looked something like this, after I connected it to my laptop, i couldn’t hear any music from the laptop. is this common? Or did I just get a bad tablet or Do i need to set something on the laptop?

kitty hodgkin says:

been waiting for this yay

SS Canvass says:

I was so waiting for this review…i have a wacom cintiq, but although its pricey its really amazing. I never tried huion but it seems like a very affordable option.. btw i filmed my first digital painting if you wanna check it out

Lauren Cashman says:

here for more tech reviews, minnie just saying

Elissa Ann Torres says:

Great video! I love how you did demonstrations as you were talking about the pen features for each device.

I have a 13 inch iPad Pro that I got about a year ago. I use it for random doodles and hand lettering. Personally, I prefer it because it’s small and I can doodle anywhere I want. Although the idea of having this new device is intriguing I always prefer to do my best art outside or laying on my couch.

Thank you for sharing with us!

Michelle Shean says:

has the storage space on the ipad ever been a problem? I need a new drawing device for university but if i were to buy a display i would need to get a computer too. its enticing to have an ipad which is essentially both devices in one but im worried it wont handle the load of being both an art device and a school device

Venice Art says:

I lovee my ipad pro i make all my designs on it for t shirt designs

ColoBeans says:

I’d recommend the tablet for people who do most of their work at home and something like the ipad for people who are outside a LOT mainly cuz of it’s multitasking ability

degrassigirl432 says:

I really want a screen tablet but I worry because I always use too much pressure when drawing but when you showed the screen protector, it made me realize that there are those kinds of options. Thanks for the video. It was very informative and I love how nice your voice is.

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