A Review & Unboxing of the HUION KAMVAS GT-156HD V2 Pen Tablet Monitor. This Graphics Pen Display Art Monitor is Huion’s Portable Drawing Tablet for Digital Art as well as Drawing at a Desk. The Kamvas range has a new 8192 Pressure Levels pen. But is the HUION KAMVAS GT-156HD worth it?

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MrMydful says:

anyone else having a problem with drivers? i just installed the latest and when i plug in the tablet, the display is fine but the programs says “device disconnected” and i cant use my pen on it even tho its been charging for an hour now

Andrea Anleu says:

Pienso que las ruedas de la tableta no aportan a nada, y tiene pocos botones , lo demás, super .

Ryan "Ducky" Georgieff says:


Walter5850 says:

How’s the parallax on this one ?

Timothy Tsang says:

Hello mike, i just bought this tablet and arrived 3 days ago but im receiving some black screen flickering issue every 5mins even tho the flicks are 0.2 sec but a day long use its a lot of flicks, have you encountered this issue as all ?

Caleb Child says:

This looks like a fantastic tablet, and I’m definitely liking how it has a scroll slider on the unit itself. But I’m not sure how well it would hold up with my personal style of wanting to hold the table in my hand so I can spin it around. I simply don’t have good control of my pen when stroking horizontally, so I always spin my drawing so the direction I need to stroke will be vertical to my perspective. (I normally draw on paper with a clip board.)
I’ve tried drawing digitally with a bamboo, and it works well and I want a tablet screen, but I’ve had to replace the USB cable for my bamboo a dozen times. Part of it is because micro USB cables are a crappy design that breaks easily, but enough of it is my own dang fault that I’m worried how well one of those all-in-one cables can hold up.
Does anyone make a tablet like this where the cable can screw in like an old monitor cable? Or one that can be used as a monitor that has a swivel stand that can easily be rotated around? …and still be cheap enough that I can afford it?

Davey Reed says:

Sadly i’m returning mine.. Can’t get it to not to say “No signal” also noticed everyone doing a review doesn’t really show how to set up.. I did everything it says and I just cannot get it to connect, so.. It might just be a sign that this isn’t for me.. Huions customer support is also a joke. Glad it worked for you tho!

HUTCH says:

Hey Mikey love these reviews, i need to ask a question im looking to buy a 15″ display, im currently looking at either the gaomon 1560 or the Kamvas 156hd, in your opinion which would be the best buy?

ikudorrine says:

The screen is Rought Textured ?

Josie Holloway says:

Hi there, I have a couple questions on a few subjects that none of the review videos I’ve watched have addressed, and I’m seriously interested in buying one, but want to be sure on a few points before I do.
First off, in terms of programs used to draw, I’ve seen people use many different ones (photoshop, paint tool sai, etc) and I’m just wondering if those programs can be saved onto the tablet itself, or can only be accessed through pc? So basically I’m curious as to how it works once you’ve set up with your pc, can it function as a normal tablet and browse the internet, youtube, and such, or only use these things while it’s connected to a pc?
Secondly how does storage work with this thing? Do you store drawings and such on the tablet itself, and if so, how much space does it have? If you download programs directly onto the tablet, does it have enough space left over for drawings?
I think that’s all I’m not sure on, if anybody is able to help me out with these questions, I’d be really grateful as I’ve never owned a drawing tablet before and I really want to know as much as possible before getting one.

Motti Bembaron says:

In two reviews of this Huion the reviewers said that there is no way to adjust color and brightness. However, on Amazon page the specs show that if you press the slider for three seconds an OSD will pop up. I assume that would have brightness and color adjustment? Or not..

Earline Mcquiddy says:

do u need a computer for it?

Oozaru85 says:

The existence of this model does not make any sense to me. It costs roughly the same as the GT 191 while being much smaller. Just because it’s more portable does not justify it’s price IMO. Well, I definitely prefer the GT 191.

Steve Holt says:

This seems quite close to the XP-Pen Artist 15.6. This one is $140 more. Is it actually better?

Mario Mcmeans says:

OMFG I’m in love with your channel. This was the kind of review I was after! Very…..VERY thorough.

Rauchi2011 says:

Hi Mikey. Very nice review. But now I’ve got a question. I bought this tablet, and now (after properly calibrating it) I see the projected tip of the stylus, on the drawing surface, in a different position depending on how I hold the pen. When I hold the pen the same way I calibrated it, then it’s spot on where I would expect it. When I hold the pen in a different way (tilt and angle) the projected point is slightly off. This is my first pen-dispay so I don’t know if what I’m seeing is a bug or to be expected. Is this normal and something I’ll have to get used to?

vamdolly says:

hi have you used the gt-191 if so how do the compaire id like to get the 191 but at the same time if its just biger thats not muh to make me jump the isp monitor is good but still not enough to jump for unless it has better preformance or somthing that i will notice.

Matt Kirux says:

I Love your voice Dude.

Detective09 says:

Does it require to be plugged into the wall or can also be powered by the USB alone?

Motti Bembaron says:

Hey Mikey, if you had to choose between this Huion Kamvas GT-156 V2, and the Gaomon PD1560 which one would it be? Which one has a better color rendition? Cheers and thank you for great reviews

Gwizzly Wizzly says:

I’m sold~

junglemage666 says:

Getting this for my nephew who loves to draw cartoons. He wanted one with a screen like this so he can see what he is drawing right on it. I was thinking of the wacom Cintiq but saw it is, 1,200 Canadian dollars for the 13 inch version. This tablet here is bigger and looks like it works well, what would you suggest? This one is about $500 Canadian dollars for me, so less than half the price and bigger. But will this one really suck compared to the wacom? Should I bite the bullet and pay the extra $700?

Nahkranoth says:

Hey mikeymegamega, what would you consider if you jousted this tablet against Gaomon PD1560?
Which do you think would be the best?

bomapdich says:

I do everything but the power button is orange. So there is nothing on the screen. Anyone knows what else to do?

Gamefreak1000ful says:

Hey, I wanted to ask, what is the best tablet you have used? The Gaomon PD1560, the HUION KAMAS GT-156HD, or the X-Pen Artist 16 Pro? Would really appreciate an answer!

Gaminations -GA says:

*I W A N T I T*

mikeymegamega says:

Available Here!

zecle says:

hi mikey. is it compatible with your previous huion pens ? i have like 2 of them and i wish i can use all of them for safety.

also is it possible to turn the screen off ? i won’t need it on 3ds max or premiere for example…

Brianna Andrade says:

I have a question regarding the install disk, my computer does not have a disk drive. will that be an issue?

GTS Revolution says:

Mickey, i know you said in the video that i gotta change the size resolution to 100% to fix the pen being off, but after i do that, my pen is still a bit off, a few millimeters. Was yours also a bit off and you just dealt with it?

Teofil Dobroiu says:

Hey Mikey
Very nice review… Thank you a lot for doing it.
I wanna buy a tablet but i don’t know what to take. Can you please help me out a bit?
I was locking at: – XP-Pen artist 15.6 PRO
– Artisul D16
– Gaomon pd1560
– Huion GT-156HD V2

What is your opinion? Which should i get? I’m watching vids and revs like crazy… but in the end i can’t know how it feels to draw on such devices. i wanna do concept and ilustrations. 🙂
Thank you a lot again!
You are awesome!

ImGrace says:

Is it mobile?

Sandrasartlife says:

This really helped O..O I was unsure if I should get this one or not but now I think I am more certain that I will 🙂
A friend of mine suggested it and he has it to 🙂 So I think maybe it will be good 🙂
Great review!!!!! ♥

yahiaoui fouad says:

Bonjour, j’ai brancher ma tablette graphique (une Huion gt 221 pro) à mon ordi et le son s’arrête. vous savez c’est c’est normal ou pas? car j’aurai aimé dessiné et voir des vidéo au même temps!!merci

Laura says:

Do you think this tablet would be a good choice for someone who would be printing the art? It says the color gamut is 72% NTSC. If I understand correctly, that would translate to around 80% Adobe RGB. I have heard it is better to get something in the 90% range if you are going to print art vs publish online.

graphic tablet says:

Nice job

Senryu Sama says:

@mikeymegamega Apparently, by keeping pressed the round wheel-button to the bot-left side, you can enter the settings menu.

Rene Zammit says:

because of the screen size, can you still work properly? I think it is difficult to work on a canvas of 5000px width.

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