Huion H640P Graphics Tablet | UNBOXING & REVIEW | Tablet Review

My first time using a tablet from Huion! These tablets are well-known around the digital art community for being high in quality and affordable. In this video I will take you through my first impressions and overall opinions ^w^

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Tools Used

I used a free digital art program called Medibang Paint Pro to do most of the drawing, and then exported the file to Photoshop CC to make the final colour adjustments. If you’re ever on the look out for a really awesome and easy to use digital art program I really highly recommend Medibang! It features a ton of awesome brushes and supports a lot of the basic features that digital artists need *u* I’ll have a link down below to their website!

Medibang Paint Pro:
Photoshop CC:
Recording software:
Wacom Mobile Studio Pro:



How long did this take?
It varies! If it’s a five minute long video, then between 3 to 4 hours. If its between 7-10 minutes, it was probably a bigger piece which can take anywhere between 10-15 hours.

Where did you get that fur textured brush?

Where did you get the flat brush?
That one’s from the Medibang cloud (click the little cloud shaped button with the arrow at the bottom of box with the list of brushes). There you will find all the additional brushes made by Medibang – plenty of gems to download and test out.

Where did you get all these brushes and textures from?
They’re from a mix of stuff! Some of them are made by other artists and you can easily find them just by typing in ‘medibang brushes’ or ‘firealpaca brushes’ into Google. Some are brushes that I made myself. Some are actually Photoshop brushes! You can import most Photoshop brushes into Medibang by downloading an ABR Viewer. Since most Photoshop brushes are in the .abr format, you can use the program to view all of them and convert them into .png files. Once you’ve done that just click and drag the brush image into the Medibang brush list and you’ll have a new brush to play with!

You can find most of the brushes I have just by doing a Google search. Please give this a try before asking me for specific brushes! I really don’t have the time to answer all the questions I get 🙂


Wolfy says:


NeønUmbreøn says:

Oh my god your voice is pretty!

Aaliyah J says:

How have you not have changed your nibs xD Lucky

Warrior_392 says:

Holy crap your voice is so lovely! ;w;

kitse_xiii says:

How is it a month after?

Iago Ravelli says:

Wow! Such a cool voice. I am anxious for your question answering video! You are awesome, your art is awesome. S2!!

fri 502 says:


I’m going to ask for one for my birthday 😀

Marlowe Dacayan says:

how can I change my setting for those who are left handed?

jonnyboy0007 says:

such beauty

Louise Mattelaer says:

I have been looking at Huion tablets recently so your review came just on time!

Savfk - Music says:

Hey thanks so much for using my music as soundtrack! Glad you liked it :), awesome video you did here.. Good luck and all the best 🙂

Pauli Play says:

I’m from Germany and I love your videos

Zombie Anims wannabe -_- says:

the way you said *ooh* was very seducing

Loach Fish says:

wowo your art is so good, and this is no exception

Purple Demon says:

oh, i was about to buy this tablet, thanks for the reveiw 😀 (though in the end i bought xp-pen deco 1)

Geek Squad says:

Can it be switched into left handed?

Lentil Soupp says:

Why is every digital artist getting dis!

andrei marie says:

How long did it take for the tablet to be deliverd to you?

Cerystal Gaming says:

Your review was good, but by the video I understand you aren’t accustomed to talk to a camara because your voice doesn’t sound genuine sometimes. But you have a lot of potential :³ Keep it up!

Kittyquack Art says:

Congrats on the tablet :0

sebastian michaelis says:

XD I’ve never changed nibs either my tablet usually breaks before I ever get close. ;-; I have to buy my 3rd tablet due to a cat…again. Swear she looks for my tablets then scratches them as hard as she can. I’m glad to see you did a review on this tablet, I’ve contemplated getting one since wacom is expensive and I really can’t do another $100 scratch pad XD

Jasmin Rathje says:

Uhhh tablets hope you never stop making videos and i hope you made more tuturials! 🙂

WaterrFall says:

Oh hEy that’s the tablet I’m gettinG :,D thank you so much for doing this, I really wanted to see more reviews of this tablet.

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