HUION H430P Tablet Review | Made for osu!

So Huion let me try out their new h430p tablet. I like it.

Links down below!


Buy the Tablet here, and US viewers can use code “10FH430P” To save 10%!



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Gangorath says:

first heard about this review on racooneggs’ cs:go vid and have been patiently waiting for it. Great review Mate loved it.

PandaGamer21 says:

Your a bad osu player because you farm way to much you need to step up your game. I was playing osu for a year and half or so what. When I saw you pass me with 100000k. I was 160000k. So i farm like 5 star maps and some 4 but the reason why you got faster than me was i didn’t farm until i saw you. I stop when i hit 5 digits now doing 6 to 7 stars. It took me 4 days just to get to 5 digits. During the time i was 160000k i didnt care about rank

Nick White says:

you’re bad because you are inexperienced. keep practicing big boy maps! (and because you have the gay)

Nazo says:

Are the values for setting the area measured in inches?

MyAngelTohka says:

You’re not that bad of an osu player especially on the current rank your on tbh

edgy cunt says:

stop farming pp fag you’re 5 digit yet you’re not worth it

Jason H says:

Sounds like a TV commercial

CodeNameValex says:

Youre a bad Osu player because youre better than me and apparently I HAVE A JEALOUSY PROBLEM.

Icyr3y says:

0:48 four thousand ninety sex XD

Arisat says:

Every day you look more and more like a lizard

LEON -tezzy says:

where is link for Russia and for me ( i’m from Kazakhstan )

Jonah says:

only looked at the cons

porochu says:

smoothing can be removed with custom driver btw

Crkza says:

papyrus font lmao

Hypoc says:

being gay is what makes you bad at osu

Triaxon says:

you had to make the video two days after i got my wacom intuos ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

AJP123 says:

6 digit player getting free tablets. narrator done fucked up the game

Cookieji Fan says:

ur face looks like supremepatty

NeoSquared says:


Cameron Thomas says:

wtf i have xp pen wacom and huion drives installed at once and they dont cause any conflicts.

Otaku Page says:

It looks like a 490

MG says:


Creepiona says:

hello narrator, nice video as always 😀 but i got a question. i got an XP-pen g430, works fine so far, but seems a bit small. how long would you say i should stay with it? am 215k, 1.15k pp now. also, which tablet would you recommend for the best transition?
p.s.: keep up the great work! 🙂

ツNapstaKai! says:

No link to Brazil ;—;

Alpha_Stream says:

Narrator has a stroke on his left side so he needs a small area

Mirza Rachman says:

Inspiroy crocodile

HoangIsHereOsu says:


Nexon says:

Sell out

Its Maki says:

This tablet is by far the BEST tablet you can get for osu in my opinion. It cheap, well made, no batteries, and has many extra nibs. I spent 100+ on my wacom intuos and its been nothing but problems.

Aquivery says:

I wish i waited until i bought my h420 for this but whatever

AstroScraps the nondescript says:

hey he pronounced my name right

aa gammer. says:

big tablet big pp

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