Huion Gt Kamvas 221 Pro Review Best tablet for the price?

The Tablet:
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morgan liew says:

The panel used to be an LCD panel but now it is an IPS panel, this takes away glare, the glass feel and gives better viewing angles with better colour accuracy

John Hoppe says:

i migHt bE gEtTinG ThIs foR ChRisTmas-


sahco says:

does it work with sai?????

Salmon-ella says:

there are little gloves for the glass screens, it really helps

Leila E says:

8:36 in new York i milly rock

Heidi Powell says:

*Sees price* uhhhh… a girl can dream…

francis avenido says:

show more cat please

ColoBeans says:

there’s really good ergonomic arms for ~35 bucks USD too

Shin G says:

It’s funny how everyone mentions how Huion pens don’t have an eraser. I have a Wacom Intuos Pro, it does have an eraser, but my previous Bamboo Pen didn’t have one and I never missed it. I never use it on my Intuos either, so I really don’t see how is that a con in most cases, but maybe it’s just a pain for me only to flip the pen around every time to erase something rather than clicking on the tool and just do it, haha

dimension w says:

i love your pussy, very cute! ><

ihopeutubedies says:

What happens with these tablets they send people after they’re done reviewing them? Do they get to keep them?

chen jongdae says:

would u say this is better than the cintiq 13hd? i just bought one and im wondering if i should sell it for this ;_; the big screen is tempting

Pengi Pop says:

Awesome review!!
P.s…my cat looks just like yours

Helios says:

Seems a nice tablet the thing i want to know is how the colors are in comparison to the 191 you already try and in general … They are saturated enough ? washed out ? From the video they look washed out a little and the image not so defined a little blurry .It’s only the video ?

morgan liew says:

Omg! I thought this was gonna be like £400? It’s £900! Welp there goes my hopes and dreams… 🙁

Kristen Rasmussen says:

*Sees price* e________e

Contempl8 Tech says:

Are you working on a draw with Jazza challenge in this video?? Nice review thanks for doing it, I would love one of there tablets but I cant even afford these well priced devices.

Sercan Usta says:

can you link the tablet stand/arm, the ones I find online are very expensive

draw with paws says:

Guuuurl you getting spoiled with gifts

Michaela Clark says:

Now that holly made this, I have to get it

ashley byrum says:

whats the best most affordable alternative to photoshop? and any tutorials u know of on how to create layers. Im a skilled artist but never have done digital work i will be getting a huion drawing tablet soon and want to expand.

Kristen Baker says:


2067792332977602 says:

Does it workshop with lazy nezumi?

Taru Tail says:

I’m buying this tablet today and I’m super happy to hear people say it’s very nice. I’m not brand bias. SO i’m going to give it a go and I bet it’ll become my new baby.

d is not creative says:

expensive °^°

Amethyst93 says:

No one’s going to talk about the sexy song at the beginning?

noni neko says:

*sees price* *DED*

Utena Themes In Plain English says:

With the driver issues,
Do you think using it off a pen-supported laptop like an HP Spectre would be basically impossible?

Chastity Embick says:

*sees price tag*
*spits out drink*

psychoSHAN says:

Honestly bought this because of the large amount of good reviews it had. I played with it for two weeks and had nothing but problems. It was extremely laggy and did not work at all with Paint Tool Sai. The first day it was amazing but when I turned on my computer the next day it was just hell for me. 🙁

Djoko Triono says:

amazing work!

Ellie Fields says:

the only difference that i’ve noticed between wacom and huion products is that wacom stuff tends to last longer. it’s been a few years since I’ve used a huion tablet, so this may be different with their newer tablets, but I found that huion tablets lasted about half the time that wacom tablets would.

Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja! says:

OMG!!!! When I saw the cat hair I was like “Hah, looks like Winston my cat” and then the camera turned and I was like… “WINSTON IS THAT WHERE YOU GO EVERY DAY?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE??” no kidding, that cat looks almost exactly like my cat. Flame point siamese~!

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