Huion GT-221 PRO: Digital Tablet Review!

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Renee Fuqua says:

Wow I wish I had the time to draw that lol

Wrath HD says:

Snapping the CD was stressful

leonardo says:

ehm… i still waiting for a cintiq alternative under 200$

ThePackAlpha says:

I replaced a nib. It was in a graphic design lab on a lab tablit

13:10 Films says:

Jazza you were a major factor in me stepping out of my comfort zone from live narrative video and starting an animated web series. Taught myself to draw and everything. Thank you for your commitment and perseverance.

McKenzie Dunwald says:

I’m considering upgrading from my screen-less Wacom Intuos 4 to something like this. I was watching other Huion reviews and, on one of the models, the reviewer mentioned that the resolution was not that great. How does the resolution compare, in your opinion, to Wacom (with screens) products?

AidGuin The Penguin says:

00:21 – 00:35 when you know you’ve used all the puns and you’ve hit pin rock bottom

Techno Wear says:

improve your tags jazza your seo score is 31.1/100

Just No. says:

Is it just me that i think Jazza is like Gordon Ramsey, but instead good at cooking, he’s a pro at art, They kinda look and talk the same.

Yake Strickland says:

I still just want a Wacom mobile pro Cause I’m not gonna carry around both a tablet and a laptop that’s just a pain

Death zone says:

You betrayed Wacom

Zombiekiller Skills says:

I love puns

Nuno Sousa says:

Question Time:
Shoul I get Huion GT-221 PRO or Wacom-Cintiq-13HD?

Hana Song says:

I’m using a Wacom intuos tablet and some of the spare nibs are different so I’m pretty used to changing them.

Diet Cheesecake says:

How many tablets do you have now? At least 8 right?

AJ Reed says:

tag yourself im sexy smudge guard.

Utena Themes In Plain English says:

I was really skeptical of Huion at first, thinking they might be just another knockoff-brand with products that functioned but not great.
But over the course of 2017 I came around to appreciate what they’re doing. I bought a GT-191 KAMVAS (a large expense but nothing I couldn’t save for) and have been very happy with it. The quality is there – it doesn’t feel like a Wacom knockoff that’s going to break in a year. It feels like a real, quality tablet!

I’m glad because now you don’t have to be a professional or insanely rich to justify buying a $2000 Cintiq – hobbiests or people who just want to dip their toes into digital art can realistically save and try a Huion screen tablet.

Wacom will probably remain the industry giant that it is, and will be THE cutting edge for those who need the best-of-the-best. But Huion can reasonably get you 85% of the way for WAY less. Do you really need to pay $1500 more for that last 15%? Unless you’re working for a massive professional studio, I don’t think so.

Deeep1994 says:

the coupon code is allready not working for amazon it seems. anyone got a clue why?

DriftinGorillaz says:

No Linux support? Too bad that I like to work mostly using Linux 🙁

Rock Draws says:

I’ve had this for a few months and I never realised there is a pen holder spot

Kevin Sandoval says:

5:28 best part

Ali Mohammad says:

jazza please stop the roll of being a white girl

My Lord says:

800 dollars seem a little bit to much and 5% off doesn’t seem much of a difference.

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