Huion GT-191 Tablet Review + Speedpaint!

Hiya everyone! I got sponsored by the lovely people at Huion to review their tablets! I was super excited to take this opportunity so thank you! And big thank you for Jester for helping me with the video! You can check out his gaming channel here:

For the speedpaint, I ended up drawing my In a Heartbeat Au, so hope you enjoy watching the process for it!

Charms are coming! I’m just waiting on the final small product I need and they’re good to be sold and shipped out, so again, keep an eye out for the announcement! I’m super happy with how they came out so I can’t wait for you guys to see them!



Who are these guys? They are my ocs! Their names are Dario (brown-haired dude/ogre) and Garrett (blond-haired dude), two boys you can check out on my tumblr blog linked below!

Are they your personas? I apparently get this confusion a lot (maybe because its common for youtube animators to animate their personas?) BUT no they are not! They are original characters that I created and are in no way related to me.

Are they both boys? Yup! Both boys in a relationship!

What programs do you use to make this? Paint Studio Sai for the art, Sony Vegas for the editing, and OBS for the recording!

What about you? I’m Skaroy! He/him please!

How do I submit fanart? Visit my tumblr blog linked below and either submit it, link it in an ask, or @ my blog or twitter!

My tumblr blog:
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My twitter: @_Skaroy_


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Scribble Squeee says:


lillystar gaming says:

Who are the characters personally cuz I don’t know there story why they are together and plz answer

Incinaroar inferno says:

Hey can you do the nova date meme PLLEEEAAASSEE

Jenny Gonzalez says:

i got this tablet for Christmas. but no buttons

Lucia Roldan says:

Where can i dowload your paint tool sai?

Easel Animations says:

Two dudes,gay characters…. Do I got a hint on being gay???:3

_Cookies_ :3 says:

Pls come back;-;

Monica Nelson says:

Skaroys a guy?? I thought he was a girl XD BUT HIM AS A GUY IS SOO CUTE!!!!

Koby GreatHearted says:

Don’t be shy, go out and show the world who you are!

Ekaterina Цатурова says:

I like your characters and art

Irene Garcia says:


Antonella Morales says:

Hola yo hablo español y siguió estas animaciones alguien mas?
No? Ok :'(

lucky Roseartist says:

Hello I just wanted to warn you that there is a person who is reporting all animators and I found you and I just wanted to warn you and I’m a new subscriber so please be safe!!!! Thank you if you do see this!

Yumi Gorgi says:

Um.. Are you feel not good? I hope you dont die, lol. Довольно много людей уже сходят с ума, ибо видео не выходят.

Lina mel says:

Pause at 7:47
(Bi flag colors)
Color Symbolism, I think
What Color Symbolism does, is give a mood to a type of setting.
This technique is used in Movies,Cartoons, and in the form of Art and other Medias.
This just might be an art thing ,me being an artist myself uses this technique
But people if your reading this, you just learned something new about color!

Blue Ember says:

guess im getting one in that case ^^’

Angelic Schuyler says:

*aww it’s okay to be shy* love your art

Doodle 15 says:

Watch out someone named toxikai is ruining meme animator channels please make all the meme videos private watch out for toxikai spread the word!!

rianna okumura says:

Shit, I don’t speak very good english then I didn’t understand almost anything but the drawing is amazing, you’re fantastic cartoonist (I don’t know if I write everything right, sorry 🙁 )

Venus Inkling Girl says:

Good job for the speedpaint I love the comics and all of the characters keep up the amazing work

My Name's Pinkie says:

The beggining scared me ;^;

FaekinArtistIssues :3 says:

It’s ok to be shy! ;3

Dark-cyber chan says:

buuuuuuuuut anyways, loved the speedpaint, reminded me of the short film ”In a Heartbeat”, although pretty sure that was the intention lol, and is it just me or all the animators now are getting this tablet, first Captain jellyroll, now u, who next? lol anyways, i just met ur channel via the boys meme, I SHIP DAREGARE SO HARD! and….thats pretty much about it xd. welp, keepup amazing job, ur artsyle, preacious, god bless u * – *

Chugaku Dakê says:

Bonjour j’adore vraiment ce que tu fait c’est juste magnifique du talent pur bordel ! je voulais vraiment savoir si tu avais fait une école pour dessiner aussi bien ou des études particulière ? Sinon j’adore ce que tu fait c’est juste magnifique merci !

soup lady says:

Happy birthday Darren!

eve the weirdo says:


FireyFennekin says:

Just a personal opinion (not meant to offend Huion or their reputation because they are really nice and patient with customers), I do not like my Huion tablet (Kamvas GT-156HD V2) because the colors are off, the screen’s graphics go all wack while I am using it, it randomly turns off if I tap or adjust the cord, the cord that came with it will not allow the display to show, and doesn’t work the way it should for what I paid for. Keep in mind that I’ve only had it for 4 months and haven’t used it much in that time period because of those issues. I’ve considered writing them an email about it for a while, trying my hardest to try to fix it on my own without having to bother them about it and I may very soon. Anyways, sorry for the rant.

hola k ase says:

Your face!!!!

Sasha :D says:

Am i the only one who realized this was an in a heartbeat speedpaint (but with different characters)?

ItzYaJetSmith says:

Dear Skaroy,
Please private your videos. Someone named Toxikai (MaskedPunk), is trying to terminate all the people in the animation meme community. He is using his Discord friends (over 100) to help get rid of us. Now, it’s pretty bad if you have 1 or 2 strikes already. If you do already, you MUST private your videos. Because the group will keep reporting your videos to terminate you. Birdie, had got 2 strikes, then she got reported alot more, and boom. She was gone. She made a warning on her discord so that everyone could see. So next up was Sleepykinq. He got a threat. And he immediately privated his videos and spread the word. Others like Scootaloo loves Sans, lil Beast, etc, have done this.

Ignacio Asensi says:

grate video

bonbon 808 says:

Go here cause u are an animator u will understand

Álmá Szérekenök says:

homopropaganda!!!!!!!! 11

Freddy pesadilla says:

(Gritos internos )

Owlmel :3 says:

Why u don’t post vid anymore?

Daeneira Boivin says:

skaroy is the blonde and the guy talking now is the brunette……YAAAAAAAAAS

Игорь Новикоа says:

а ты кто любоаник её

C says:

What happened to your boys meme?

Ana Lau says:

Hi! I have a question; is this just a monitor? Like, do you need a laptop or computer to use it? Or can you just use it anywhere?

Geeky Mikee :D says:


Unipanda Animates says:

I don’t have this exact tablet but I do have a huion tablet and it’s really good

Jbunnyhop_JH says:

I never watch speedpaints but I watch this one so you guys are special my heart

Linn says:

Skaroy not real?!?;-;-;-;

Kayde Darwin says:


Supa kitte says:

watch this

keep all your videos private untill the situation calms down

elle says:

I love u ure so talented

zBon_ yN4rdyBrKs says:

Do you paint my speed please?

pineapple bros says:

Wait who is Darren and who is Garret?

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