HUION GT-185 Tablet Review (ft. Doggo)

yes I have a ball mouse

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of videos recently, new animation should be coming out soon, so look out for that, make sure to check out HUION’s website, and I’ll see you later… bye 😀

Huion’s Website:
Huion GT-185:
Amazon Link:
Music Used: Joakim Karud – Dreams


Hello there! Welcome to my YouTube channel! I’m Infamous Swoosh, I’m currently 15 and I’ve been animating since late February 2016. It’s really a blessing to see such a huge amount of supporters! Thank you all so much. If you are interested in pretty decent animations, Q&A’s, and more to come in the future, then subscribe!! Welcome! Get some popcorn, and relax…


What Equipment Do I Use?

I used a HUION Professional Pen Tablet 2048 Levels for 2 years then upgraded to the HUION GT-185

I use a Blue Snowball to record my videos, but from March 2016 – June 2017 I used a Nady SCM-1000 Studio Condenser Microphone to record my videos

What Software Do I Use?

I use Adobe Flash CS4 to animate my videos and Wondershare Filmora to edit (its not the best program so I don’t recommend it but it does its job for me)

Instagram: infamous_swoosh
Twitter: @InfamousSwoosh
VidMe: InfamousSwoosh

10k ~ 1/9/17
25k ~ 9/12/17

love y’all, ok bye.


AliMations RO says:


Bedrock Destroyer says:

#definintly not sponsored

ColeCartoons says:

Woah I have a similar carpet to you.

Merisi Bunker says:

Dude when r u gonna do ur next Q and A?

AidanDoesAnimations says:

I’m now going to save up to get that.


Stingrayswim says:

Omg I have the same caroet

world peace gaming says:

CONGRATS ON 70K u cool : )

Destined Carnelian says:

Uploaded on my b-day

Life Studios says:

1:36 snax life

Slamw_ Games says:

I want tat :/

Doctor Vibes says:

Doe socks no de wae


U no de way

Astarrs says:


KK crispy says:

You sound like psychicpebbles

TonyvToons says:

Those socks tho…

BushwhackGamez says:

R u sure that was 500 bucks cuz my 191 was 300

Lukedog Animations says:

The disk if for your computer

Gage NotPage says:

I just noticed you posted this video on my birthday


love your socks

Lindseys random Videos says:

Happy 4 year anniversary on YouTube swoosh

GreatWiz-Animations says:

Cool I have a huion sofware thing to but mine in a mouse that hooks with my PC to it’s like a Pen mouse hahaha I wanna get a drawing tablet soon tho like a Xppen 13.5

Archer Rage says:


Nick Draws stuff I guess // NDSIG says:


GooeyblueyAnimates says:

Did you record this on your phone

Emilyow :3 says:

I swear I thought the tablet was in the box still when you slamed it on the floor almost gave me a heart attack

Floof Animates says:


Triple Leafly says:

Wow,I wish I was good at digital art,I’m working on my YouTube channel and still haven’t uploaded -0-

Agent X says:

What laptop do you have?

Topher says:

with nails like that swoosh has gotta be a sexy beast


Zackary Hughes says:

The doggo

Fox Goodman says:

Nice socks

EnderDoesStuff says:

wait you use Filmora lol filmora is bad

i mean i guess it’s good for its price though

mostly water says:

Plz notice me

Shoopie says:

This is my first time watching but that meme on your sockets make me want to leave and put not interest……….not dislikeing tho I am not that mean

lareesa aneen says:

It wa sin aslae for £300 but it’s normally £375

Random Rainbows says:

Snax is not Impressed

Dave 2.8 says:

Did flash come with it

Cass Chijin says:

I thought u were gonna do that 7 day vegan challenge when lukeorsomething told u to do it liesss

Hermiteve Gaming says:

Swoosh if your reading this hi I like your videos

Mugman The Mug says:


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