Huawei MediaPad M5 Review – Premium Android Tablet for a Nice Price

Lisa Gade reviews the 2018 Huawei MediaPad M5 Android tablet, which is available in 8.4” and 10.8” sizes. The M5 has an IPS 2560 x 1600 display and it runs Android 8.0 with EMUI 8.0 on Huawei’s own Kirin 960 octa-core processor. We look at the 10.8” model that has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and a microSD card slot. The MediaPad M5 Pro variant has a 10.8” display that adds active pen support and ships with their M-Pen. The 8.4” tablet is $319 and the 10.8” tablet is $359. It competes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 at a lower price.
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Brice_LOL says:

Review the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4! @mobiletechreview

Carbonic Oyster says:

no headphone jack – no sale

Jesus Casillas says:

Man I am so glad she made this video! I have been contemplating buy this for a while, but now I am sure!

Oleg says:

Any tablet, which has screen size less, than 12.9″ I throw directly to garbage been. For my professional task to work with sheet music on music stand, the bigger screen size, the better (I hope one day Apple will make tablet even with bigger than 12.9″ screen size). That’s why nothing can beat Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ (2017) for me. And don’t tell me about Microsoft Surface Book with detachable screen, this B.S. has the whole kit of drawbacks in comparison. I’m talking now about real tablets (iOS and Android).

Jamar Singer says:

Might get this! I’ve been looking for a new tablet.

Arjun Kaycee says:

How often do updates come?

Anonymous says:

The finger print button does do more than just finger prints. You have to enabled it in the settings and the nav buttons go away.

TankQ says:

Good to see another android tablet. I was intending to upgrade from my iPad mini 2 because i broke the screen and iOS 11 appear to run slower on the mini2. Just fixed the screen last week and installed iOS 12. Now it’s much better. Guess I’ll hold off on another tablet for now but the price on this is interesting no doubt.

BigSCTVfan says:

Android tablets need to stay away. Amazon Fire tablets must be leaving Android in the dust by now.

salman alseedi says:

Nice T-shirt

Joe Black says:

No jack is a big deal for a tablet.
Screen is great (laminated and 16:10), speakers are excelent, some alternative for DeX etc.
Interesting tablet for media consumption, much better than my iPad Pro.
That jack thou 🙁

Khawa Bhu says:

Please don’t promote Chinese crap. Unsubscribed.

大上俊介 says:

nice T-shirt

Varun Vesuvala says:

OMG – That Shirt 😉 . Great review as always

jun1217 xb4 says:

Anther funny T-shirt. I every time enjoy as much

Vulgar Display Of Power says:

Stop complaining about 3.55mm headphone jack its the BLUETOOTH era now so live with it

Gandek says:

Which will not be supported in a few months

Timothy Baxter says:

This tablet will never get a software update, tablets are not supported starting with Android P. Don’t believe me?,look it up.

Chris Devine says:

Premium android tablet? Now those are words I haven’t heard in a long time.

apie74 says:

A tablet without a headphonejack? Even the latest iPad has one. Fail Huawei.

Minerva 206 says:

You rock Lisa! TY!

Daniel Dennis says:

Does this tablet still not play netflix in HD?

Johnny Depp says:

the fingerprint scanner does do more than scan you finger… it works as a home button, “multi task button as well”

Nnaedoziem Aririele says:

Can you review the LG stylo 4

John Cussen says:

Ah seriously Lisa…..nice T.

Marco S. says:

iPad 2018 or this one?

heygem says:

I wish we got that in my country. I ended up getting a Samsung Tab S3 late last year because I needed to replace my dying Mi Pad 1st generation.

The Tab S3 is fine, I’m using it now to watch this, but it’s so expensive. I understand it’s cause it has the fancy pen and all, but I don’t even need that.
This Huawei tablet sounds just fine for its price. But we don’t have it here.

Tianyu Chen says:

watching this on M5 10.8 right now. good tablet with quite powerful hardware and a reasonable price.

Ngọc Linh Phạm says:

Nice T-shirt

vampzim says:

I would own this right now if it had a Snapdragon 845

Gustavo Ocampo says:

Thank you LISA!!

Thea Kanani says:

I’d be so happy to see a MediaPad M5 Pro vs Galaxy Tab S3 or S4 shootout.

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