Huawei MediaPad M5 8 Review: The Best 8-inch Tablet In 2018

Huawei MediaPad M5 8 at Amazon:

My written review:

As you can see in my Huawei MediaPad M5 8 review, it is the best 8-inch Android tablet currently available in 2018. Thanks to its high-resolution display, powerful hardware and nice design, it has no real competitors right now. That’s kind of sad, but that’s how it is.

In benchmarks like Geenbench and AnTuTu it gets the best result of any Android tablet I reviewed. Games like Asphalt Xtreme and Players Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile run smoothly on the Huawei MediaPad M5 8. It is great for watching YouTube and Netflix too, but also to read E Books.

What do you think about the Huawei MediaPad M5 8?

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João Cardoso says:

I’m looking to buy this one or the 10 inch. In your opinion. Which one should I buy?

jonah travisano says:

Thanks for doing… I’ll be waiting for the one with 64 gb of storage…

Khairil Ashraf samsudin says:

Ipad mini or huawei?

Brad Lewin says:

Got my m5 8.4 wifi only. When using Bluetooth wifi goes down to around 3mbs or less, making streaming video unusable. Call to huaweii tech support resulted in a don’t use them at the same time because this device only has one antenna. If that is true, this is a ridiculous design flaw. I see people posting about this on xda. Anyone have the same experience or even better a solution?


i not understand a fucking word you saying… listening you is a real torture !!!

Andi Bowen says:

Is it worth the upgrade from the Mdeiapad m3 Lite?

Rastislav Kaššák says:

Hi, what kind of keyboard are you using in this review?

Carlo de Guzman says:

i dont understand why they took away the audio jack. its gonna be a problem when watching, battery becomes low, and u want to use ur wired earbuds.. i hear ppl saying something about bluetooth, but yeah they last 3-4 hours at most. ur screwed if u forget to charge them for next time. its a hassle. Ill bitch less when bluetooth earbuds lasts up to 12 hours.

Francesco Varrato says:

Watching this review from my Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4 with a wireless headset 🙂 This tablet is a joy to use and I imagine that the M5 will be, too. Of course I’m not updating, but I feel like I can recommend it to anyone who wants a wonderful little beast for media and little productivity. Btw, the lack of 3.5 mm jack is a bummer.

Bijay Sardar says:

Gund maray huwai sala 24hajar m kon leya be……. tera ma chodu bosri wala

Christopher Ramirez says:

I don’t get it, it’s supposed to be better than the last one in terms of gaming but based on your video I’ve been watching it and it’s still running into the dead and Ros below 30fps. Damn, that’s disappointing. Nothing good can really come from Mali gpu huh. These are modern gpu’s now it’s supposed to be atleast at 30fps now. The Lenovo p8 is even better than or Amazon fire hd10 and the hd10 only has mediatek CPU yet it’s still better than this in terms of gaming.

Matt McCullough says:

The biggest problem with the M3 was it didn’t support 5ghz wifi at 802.11ac in the United States. Did Huawei fix the problem with the M5?

Evenmixer says:

Thanks for the review. Do you think I must switch my Teclast T8 to this Mediapad ?
The battery life of my T8 is disappointing but I must add almost 150€ to get this model….
EMUI feels awkward

CherryLunatic says:

India?wht bout it? Is it coming?…I need a tab…I think I might go with the lenovo tab 4 8 plus..

Rui Martins says:

Mine arrives in two days,it cost me 335€ on Amazon, I took this one in replacement for my nvidia shield k1 that died one month ago, can’t wait to have it…

Abinash Rabha says:

Awesome!! Thanks a lot for the review!!

Tony Kwame Amankwah says:

Hi, could you do a comparison between the lenovo tab 7 essential and the huawei mediapad t3 7 inch tablet. I want to know because im thinking of buy either of them. I would totally appreciate your own opinion. Thank You MyNextTablet

ralph terjung says:

Lern englisch ore speak German that is horrible

Martin Lynch says:

Agreed with your findings, bought one and bar a few oddities very pleased with it. Well presented.

free to watch says:

Can i move my apps to sd?
I like to buy a tab hehe

Radek Kupczyk says:

What keyboard do you use for this tablet in the movie?

Nick Kouris says:

Nice review mate. I just bought one.

phoenixkmn says:

Great review, thanks a lot.
I am going to buy a tablet and my main concern is screen quality and weight, as I use it as a pdf reader. While white balance of M5 can be adjusted, I read in other reviews that even after doing this, there will still be blue tint on the screen, which will be very annoying for reading pdf files. Also those reviews say that contrast ratio of M5 is not great, again very important for pdf readers. Could you help me with this concern, and also let me know which of these tablets you recommend as a pdf reader: M5, Tab S3, Ipad, or Asus Zenpad 3S. Thanks again.

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