Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 Inch Tablet Review

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Focusrite 2i2

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Audio Technica ATR2100
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Asus UX501


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Manfrotto Pixie Evo
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Rafael Toro says:

The biggest problem I see with all products running android is that often you end using a product that is not updated and becomes obsolete quickly. Thats the reason I continue using apple products although they are overpriced and difficult to service or repair.

Mike theJedi says:

My only concern is updates, Apple is golden for 4/5 years and nothing android tablet seems to compare. Your thoughts bud?

Ed Cruzat says:

Great review! Can it play Netflix hd and YouTube at 1440p 60 fps? Some reports say it can’t.

Social Commentary Channel says:

Watching on OnePlus 5t

Southern Illinoisan says:

Nice Tablet!! I have a 10″ Sony Xperia from a few years ago. Still going strong(except for Android) and I like the fact I can dunk it in a fish tank with the power ON. However looking back at my purchase I regret that it cost as much as a Ipad and it has Android. My hardware on my tablet will be good, but the stale unsupported Android will always be a burden.

I feel that this 8″ is the right size, sure I got a 10″, but if the 8″ is lighter, I would get this. Load Kiwi on it and have Wikipedia offline!

Kamil Kuchta says:

Dears, Does anyone play on this tablet in some demanding 3D games? I bought that M5 8.4 and when I play War Robots (the game which Bruce showed), my tablet is hot after 10 minutes and very very hot after 15 miuntes of playing. I have to finish the match and take a pause because it is so unplesent to hold it in hands. I’m not sure if shoud I return it?

alberto gorin says:

with a renew of mi T mobile subscription for internet with usb stick years ago with a netbook its now tablets and its samsung galaxy 4 and now the A.this tablet is a very nice tablet.but i pref they put the 2 speakers for when you holding in landscape mode you might blocking the speakers.and nice pictures with the camara

Dot Pepe says:

nice vid

Landon Praught says:

Hi Bruce
Thanks for the video on the tablet it looks like a good one to try out thank you for sharing.
I also wanted to thank you for all you do .

view52 says:

Good review Bruce,keep um comin!

CYMetro1985 says:

I have a Android phone and its better than the iPhone!

Sylvester Stevenson says:

What about the m5 LTE?


I like the tablet and its features. Great presentation!

Joe Jackson says:

Nice tablet Bruce, Huawei is a big seller here in South East Asia..

Gemini body shop Body and Paint says:

brilliant video uncle frugal I use the p10 plus great phone I think ill go for one

MATH says:

ever thought about 3d printing? They are so cheap these days.

Joe Hrdina says:

Would be helpful to compare it to a frugal option to show what paying more really gets you.

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