Huawei MediaPad M5 10 Review: The Best Android Tablet In 2018?

Huawei MediaPad M5 10 at Amazon:
Written review:

As you can see in my Huawei MediaPad M5 10 review, it is one of the best Android tablets available. Its highlights are a premium body, a fast Kirin 960s processor, a high-resolution 10.8-inch screen and a great battery life. However, the MediaPad M5 10 is lacking a standard headphone jack. And the EMUI 8.0 on top of Android 8.0 Oreo is heavily customized.

Well, what do you think of the Huawei MediaPad M5 10? Is it the best tablet of the year?

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Jericho Pedronio says:

Can u review the 8 inch ver?

Mattia Girardi says:

Great review!
I have a question, is it true that Netflix doesn’t work in FHD ? i’ ve read some comments about it on amazon . it
Thanks in advance

EK123 says:

My 2016 tablet is still better ( M5 -10 = *TRIGGERED* )

Henro-meh™ says:

Please I wish to know the keyboard you use on your tablet. I like it

Dipendra Tiwari says:

How much is the 8.4 inch being sold for in Deutschland?

geegoflex 1 says:

I want this tablet,i can’t wait for it to come state side

Dimitris Georgakopoulos says:

Nice bluetooth keyboard! Which one is it?

P K says:

PSA: The Huawei Mediapad 5 does not have widevine level 1 (only level 3), therefore you are not able to stream Netflix, Amazon etc. in HD. I’m surprised you don’t mention this??? As far as i’m aware, it’s not something you can fix yourself either, since it can only be installed by an authorized PC aka. Huawei has to do it. You mentioned Netflix, so you MUST have had this issue?

Reddit thread:

Henro-meh™ says:

And please , do sometimes review the accessories you use. Thanks

Maitrik Patel says:

Have you tried taking notes using the stylus

Dean Debono says:

Can’t stream HD movies. Major con.

Henry I says:

Excellent review, thank you ! 🙂

siowly says:

No headphone jack……………………………….. -.-

King Of Kings says:

Android tablets need to bring that 120 FPS screen like the iPad Pro
It makes me wanna jump to iOS because of it

DavidekMedvidek says:

Nice! ✌

Claudio Costerni says:

Go also outside, go to test the display visibility under direct sunlight.
This is a must, the missing test by almost all reviewers!

dmitry manzano says:

Nice review, please help. I’ve bought Asus transformer 3 t305ca 8-256 gb core m3 proc. Before that I was using Tab S2 9.7(didn’t like 6.5 hour battery life). Windows 10 feels very complicated for now and its hard operaring by hands only. I can return Asus to the shop on this weekend and return money. I’m thinking to buy Tab s3 now, the price is ok and Huawei m5 is not avalible here yet. I understand that everyones type of using the tablet differs but what is better overall for media consumption and what would you choose?

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